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Paul Mampilly Predicts Dow 50,000

Paul Mampilly is one of the most highly rated stock analysts on Wall Street. Paul, who has an MBA from Fordham University, began his career with Deutsche Bank. Paul’s twenty years of successful experience looking at stocks and forecasting their trajectories gives him nothing but credibility with investors. Mr. Mampilly has been a portfolio and fund manager to an impressive list of institutional clients. If you regularly watch television shows such as CNBC, Fox Business or Bloomberg television, you may have glimpsed his advice.

These days Paul Mampilly no longer works on Wall Street per se. He is now making his talents available to individual investors as the senior editor of Banyan Hill’s Profits Unlimited newsletter. Through the newsletter, Mr. Mampilly calls attention to stocks which are poised to shoot up in value due to anticipated developments in technology.

He intends to direct his readers to the next big thing. The next Amazon or Google is out there today according to Mr. Mampilly. He asserts this belief with confidence based on certain parallels between today and the early 80’s when the personal computer changed our lives. In that instance, it was the baby boom generation which embraced all the productivity enhancements which sprung from the PC. That is what propelled the Dow from 2,000 to well above 15,000 over a short period.

Nowadays it is the internet and the coming internet of things (IoT) which will lead the way according to Paul Mampilly. He predicts that the millennials will be the generation which will open up whole new industries in the IoT supply chain. Many of the businesses that will benefit are here already while others are about to be born over the next few years. Getting in early on the ground floor is the key. Paul Mampilly predicts the Dow will achieve levels above 50,000 in the next couple of decades. With that objective, Banyan Hill’s “Profits Unlimited” newsletter is a resource which can be of great benefit to investors who are seeking long-term growth.

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