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Brexit: The Impact on PSI-Pay Leading UK FinTech Company

PSI-Pay, one of the leading financial technology companies in the European Union and one of the principal partners of MasterCard, is poised to make a significant difference in the coming future for financial payment processing technologies.

What sets PSI Pay apart from its competitors in the financial technology industry is its devotion towards utilizing innovative technologies within the payment processing industry. An example of this is the recent partnership between PSI Pay and the wearable technology company, Kerv, in their efforts to create a wearable contactless payment ring which is scheduled to be released on the global market within the next year. PSI-Pay offers a whole range of both physical and virtual products which can go above and beyond the markets and a flexible in regards to the needs of the client.

With offerings of not only prepaid cards but debit cards contactless payment programs, they have travel prepaid MasterCard’s, general-purpose reloadable prepaid MasterCard’s corporate gift and incentive cards business MasterCard’s government prepaid solutions as well as virtual applications they can meet the needs of any potential client. With the product range as diverse as this what sets PSI Pay apart from competitors is their ability to meet the needs of any client in any situation regardless of external factors.

The recent announcement of Britain exiting the European Union and what has been dubbed Brexit has caused a great deal of confusion about the health of the financial industry within the European Union for the coming years. There is no need to worry as PSI Pay has stated that they have planned for the possibility of an occurrence such as this. Bill Davies managing director for PSI Pay has reassured clients that whatever their views are on the outcome they have a defined solution that will allow stability for business partners. In fact, the company has formulated a strategy however they are unable to reveal the full nature of their plans as the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union is still in negotiations. As of now, business will continue as usual, and there should be no immediate negative consequences. With an ability to meet the ever-changing needs of the financial technology industry business clients should rest assured that PSI Pay is able to adapt to the constantly changing climate of business within the European Union and will continue to be able to offer the world-class service that clients have come to expect from this company.

About PSI-Pay: www.duedil.com/company/gb/05899168/psi-pay-ltd