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JD.com Is Helping Bookstores Improve Their Sales

JD.com is an online shopping platform led by their genius Chief Executive Officer, Richard Liu Qiangdong. JD.com is now collaborating and corroborating with a lot of their investors to be able to step up their game and be a more successful company – with the excellent track record of JD.com as an online shopping platform, they have attracted a lot of giant companies as their investors — companies like: Google, Tencent, and Walmart have been entrusting their funds and company assets to JD.com. Online shopping has attracted a lot of consumers simply because of the convenience and comfort of being able to browse and shop at the comfort of your own home.

JD.com knows the struggle of losing a part of your market in your brick and mortar stores because JD.com also had history on having brick and mortar stores and heavily relying on the influx of people in their stores and relying on human interaction in order to sell your products. Because of the advancement of technology today, and the widening of the avid fan base of online shopping some brick and mortar stores have been losing their market because of the convenience of online shopping. One of the main companies that have been losing sales are bookstores. Bookstores also heavily rely on human traffic to sell their products.

And JD.com, as a successful online shopping platform is collaborating with bookstores to help them out send and spread their products to a wider market to save their sales. JD.com has taken it onto themselves to help Chinese-ran businesses and ultimately help China to boost up the economy. This makes JD.com not only a business, but a compassionate and a helpful one. Businesses are not only competition – but can also be allies into uplifting each other up. I mean, if you are a business concerning remotes, and you know someone who distributes cameras, why not collaborate and help each other out. While you are not direct competitors, you can use each others platforms as a way of selling your products to a wider market and a wider audience. So why not collaborate and help each other out right?

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Freedom Checks: Are They Our Saviour?

Investment has always been a risky undertaking. One can end up making a good profit or losing all their savings. Today with the number of scams on the internet it is likely that people are not ready to try new things as most of the times they are scams. Freedom Checks a new investment by Matt Badiali has been viewed with suspicion considering it promises high returns with very little work. Unlike most investment opportunities advertised online this one is genuine and legal. Matt Badiali is a geologist who combines his education and his knowledge of finance to help ordinary people make investments with good returns.

The United States has been working on reducing its dependence on foreign oil and the Fracking boom has made it possible for oil as well as gas to be produced in the country. So, local companies are likely to see increased profits in a few years. Investing in Freedom Checks means that one could benefit from a share in these profits. Matt Badiali research shows that there is a possibility of 39,832% profit for investors meaning that if one invests one thousand dollars they stand to make more than three hundred thousand. These high numbers are why the Freedom Checks may appear like a scam to the unenlightened few.

Master Limited Partnerships are companies that give up to 90% of their earning from the production of oil and gas to their investors. Certain companies give them to employees and distribute checks which are what Matt Badiali has chosen to name Freedom Checks. In the United States today there are 568 firms that issue checks to the investor either quarterly or monthly. They work a lot like dividends and are not taxed even when selling them returns are not taxed using the rates used for income but those used for capital gains which are lower. Freedom Checks are a great investment and Matt Badiali has made a lot of money investing in them.

About Matt Badiali

Matt has a bachelor’s degree in GeoScience from Penn State University and a masters degree in Earth Science from the Florida Atlantic University.