The Inventor Of The Blockchain Debit Card

How many of all the tech-savvy people in the world have heard of Serge Christian Pierre Belamant? Not too many. How many of the average people have heard of him? Even fewer. Serge Belamant successfully managed to stay in the shade of fame even though he is the person holding the patent to blockchain debit cards. Mr Belamant was born in France, lived in South-Africa during his youth, and is now based in the United Kingdom.Serge Belamant is the founder of Net1 Technologies and has invented a blockchain debit card. It is a so-called smart card, that uses distributed ledgers that work both online and offline. It is the only card technology in the business world that allows a card to be used without any communication to a centralized computer.

When used offline, the card transaction is recorded with an offline device that runs on battery. Net1 Technologies, being the company holding the patent, store all the transactions on a computer, acting a central database. Wherever EMV cards are accepted, the blockchain debit card is accepted too.The year 1995 is a significant year in the history of Net1 Technologies. Serge Belamant got an agreement with Visa to develop a new application for the card system, called Chip Offline Pre-authorised Card, abbreviated to COPAC. Because of this, Mr. Belamant was compared to Henry Ford by the famous journalist Stafford Thomas.The blockchain debit card is used worldwide by three million people but is, not surprisingly, growing fast.

As quickly as the company is moving, it will be able to buy back all the public shares within five years from now. It can be surprising to some that a company with such a fast growth is lead by someone with the academic background of Serge Belamant, who left his studies after two years. He was a student of engineering, before changing his course to computer science and mathematics. Mr. Belamant quit these subjects too and moved on to courses in information systems.Net1 Technologies signed important deals in African countries as well as Russia. The biggest achievement was perhaps entering the NASDAQ stock market in 2005. Serge Belamant was the Chairman and CEO of Net1 until 2017.

Deirdre Baggot Feels Strongly About Encouraging Health Care Providers To Adopt Bundled Payments:

Deirdre Baggot is a professional strategist for the healthcare industry as well as holding several academic degrees including her PhD. She is particularly notable for her expertise that relates to the topic of payments in the healthcare industry. Since she began her professional career in 1997 as a resource coordinator at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, she has worked in a number of different aspects of the healthcare industry, both as a practitioner and on the administrative side of the business. Deirdre Baggot has made a particularly dramatic impact on the healthcare field in regard to a topic that she calls bundled payments and she has also been a featured guest on numerous occassions on National Public Radio. A major goal of the bundled payment strategy is to take care of a number of the issues that have arisen in regard to how payments are handled in the healthcare field. Learn more on

The decision on whether or not to move forward with the new Bundled Payments for Care Improvement that has been put forward by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has been a major topic on the minds of administrative staff and doctors at hospitals and health systems. Deirdre is at the forefront of this issue and has had quite a lot to say about what healthcare providers need to know in terms of finding success in the area of bundled payments. Deirdre is an avid advocate for bundled payments and she counsels that providers should just give this a go. Providers who have gone this route already have had a great amount of success with it and the overall patient’s outcomes have been great. This is coupled with reduced costs. Deirdre Baggot also counsels that it is critical that bundles are carefully selected. Following these suggestions can help healthcare providers to attain early successes in the implementation of the bundled payment system.


The New Managing Director of Madison Street Capital

In August 2018 Madison Street Capital announced that they were getting a new managing director to handle its markets team. The prestigious firm placed Lawrence Alioto in this role where he will provide advice to clients in the technology sector on corporate finance transactions and M&A. The company says that with the advance in technology there is a need to have someone with a strong technology background in their team. This is where Lawrence comes in because he has the knowledge and unique expertise needed to deal with the demands of Madison Street capital customers.


Alioto started his career from the ground up where he worked at Chicago Mercantile Exchange and later he worked as a representative at PaineWebber in San Francisco. In the 1990s, he shifted to private equity finance and business development where he worked with two different technology companies in California. Alioto brings in years of experience and expertise in business development, finance, government affairs and corporate development where he has been involved both domestically and internationally. Lawrence says that he is very excited about his new position in Madison Street Capital as it the company presents an opportunity to grow it to a significant technology industry innovator.


The company is equipped with the right experience, knowledge and extensive relationships that help navigate the middle market investment banking industry with ease. The international banking firm devotes its resources to excellence, leadership, integrity, and service in their task of providing financial advisory services, expertise in mergers and acquisitions and value to both public and private hospitals. These services are geared towards helping their clients to succeed in reaching their goals and objectives even in the global markets. The firm says that the core component for achieving global growth is to focus their efforts on the emerging markets. The Madison Street Capital reputation has stretched far earning them the trust of their clients all over the world.

Madison Street Capital received an award for the Debt Financing Deal of the Year. The competition had over 650 participants that were all some of the leading in the industry, but Madison Street was able to emerge at the top standing up way above the rest. This goes to show just how active the company is in its business.


Madison Street Capital makes use of methodologies that portrays great expertise and tremendous experience in entire areas of corporate finance that incorporates market pricing and due diligent, mergers and acquisitions, valuation, specialized financings, design and application of alternative exit tactics. Madison Street Capital have helped their clients in many of the industry verticals to achieve their goal on time. Their success is mainly attributed to their vast experience and comprehension in areas corporate leadership and corporate finance.


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Shervin Pishevar predicts 6,000-point drop in the Dow Jones

Within the world of high technology, one named stands above all others. Shervin Pishevar has been involved in the tech space since the late 1990s. He has personally founded a number of highly successful tech startups, including Ionside, WebOS and Social Gaming Network. He’s also the CEO and founder of Sherpa Capital, one of the most important venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. Sherpa Capital has been behind the formation of some of the top names in tech today, including Uber, Airbnb and Virgin Hyperloop.

When Shervin Pishevar is not busy running his technological empire, he often finds time to address his more than 100,000 Twitter followers. His Twitter feed is filled with insightful analysis on everything ranging from the role of tech monopolies to the ways in which central banking policies can affect the overall economy.

Recently, Shervin Pishevar has taken up the issue of heavy-handed central banking interventions. He says that a generalized asset bubble has formed. Shervin Pishevar believes that in the coming months and years, there’s going to be a serious correction in the equity markets as well as a matching crash in both real estate and bonds. Shervin Pishevar says that the quantitative easing programs that the central bank has followed over the last 10 years have led to so much easy credit and excess money supply that a generalized acid bubble has been inflated that rivals anything that the country has ever seen in the past.

Specifically, Pishevar predicts there will be a 6,000-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. He believes that this may happen as early as 2019 but that it could also occur as late as 2025. But he says that he is almost certain that such a correction will eventually materialize when the central bank decides to begin raising benchmark interest rates and winding down its balance sheet back towards normal historic levels.

He says that there may not be any traditional safe havens for investors to park their money in when this asset winddown of the central bank begins to occur. Shervin Pishevar recommends that investors hold cryptocurrencies, gold and currencies outside of the U.S. dollar.

Clayton Hutson: A Professional Production Manager and Sound Engineer

Every performance artist needs the help from a live entertainment solutions provider, and these companies assure their client that their shows would be memorable for those who will be attending it. Clayton Hutson is an American businessman who owns a live entertainment solutions firm. He has been working with some of the most famous names in the music industry, leading all of the technical aspects of their shows and putting them to life. He took up theater design when he was still in knowledge, giving him a considerable amount of knowledge on how the stage should look whenever a live performance is conducted. Initially, he worked for private firms who provide the same services, but he later realized that he could earn more money if he will be establishing a live entertainment solutions business himself.

Clayton Hutson carefully studied how a live entertainment solutions business worked. He took down notes from his previous companies and decided to create his strategy on how he can gain his first clients and impress them with his skills. Initially, he started with small-time musicians, but as his network grew, he managed to gain access to artists who are popular, like Pink, and Guns’n’Roses. His skills in being the production manager and the sound engineer gained praises from his clients, and most of them are satisfied with the services he provided. Clayton Hutson believes that he should be giving everything that he got, and wait for his clients to return the favor by recommending him to their networks, increasing his market.

Today, he has a massive contact list of almost everyone in the music scene. He is also the first choice whenever a nationwide tour is being considered for an artist, because of his experiences in working with different people who make a grand production possible. Clayton Hutson believes that for someone to succeed in his chosen path, he or she should practice extreme discipline, just like what he is doing every time a client pays for his services. He rehearses his crew and teaches them what to do once they arrived at the location. He is also fond of using a CAD program that helps him design the stage and the overall production.

Clayton Hutson stated that there are a lot of things that he needed to develop in his company. He revealed that the next thing he wanted to do with his shows would be the inclusion of acts that create a wow factor, making it more enjoyable for the audience.

The Formation and Rise of the EDM Band Called the Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers is an American Electronic Dance Music Band that comprises of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart. Alex Pall was born and raised in New York where he went to the university and worked in an art gallery while doing part-time DJing. On the other hand, Andrew Taggart was born in Maine and attended the Syracuse University while working at Interscope Records as an intern and a DJ on the side. In the year 2009, Adam Alpert, the manager to Alex Pall decided to form a band with Alex Pall and his close friend Rhett Bixler. Due to their closeness, the band did not take off, Bixler quit after a very short time. While at Interscope Records, Andrew heard that Adam Alpert was looking for a replacement for Bixler and decided to leave Maine and move to New York. Adam was impressed with his work, so he introduced him to Alex Pall and the two have been making music together ever since.

The rise of the Chainsmokers in the music industry

In the year 2012, when the band was just starting out, the two got the chance to work with indie bands for which they made music. They collaborated with India’s Priyanka Chopra on two singles that did so well. However, it was until the year 2014, when the two released their debut single called Selfie that they were introduced to the world as the Chainsmokers. According to the band, Selfie was their breakthrough. After the release of Selfie, they got the chance to do their first live show as an opening act for the Timeflies. That same year, they released Kanye and Let You Go which also did remarkably on the charts. These singles caught the attention of Disrupt Records, a unit of the Sony Music Entertainment which then signed the band.

In the year 2015, the band released Roses which received platinum certification in several countries and was a huge success commercially for the band. Other songs like Don’t Let Me Down and Closer also made it big. The band eventually released their debut album in April 2017 and the album got a platinum certification in less than a year.

CEO Robert Deignan seeks pathways to improve client relationships through efficient service

Robert Deignan assures the success of his company by carefully evaluating the numbers, keeping meetings short, carving out time for creativity, and keeping business simple. As Co-Founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services, he believes in keeping customers happy by building trusting, lasting relationships.

ATS Digital Services, an in-house technical support agency, thrives on providing remote digital software solutions for its customers. Whether its troubleshooting mobile devices, protecting desktops and laptops from malware, enforcing operating system security or configuring optimal network connections, the company takes the stress and frustration out of resolving technological issues.

ATS is the brainchild of Robert Deignan’s former experience at an anti-malware software firm. It was there where he learned the efficacy of using remote services to enhance product capabilities, and utilizing strategies to help keep tech equipment running as efficiently as possible. With over 10 years experience in the software marketplace, ATS has assembled a range of functional and operational processes that satisfy without compromising customer confidence. The company is dedicated to resolving the digital needs of both home, and business based system users.

For Robert Deignan, strategic plans, support policies, and personalized communication initiatives are constantly revolving and evolving in his mind. Successful methods have grown out of valuable interpersonal consultancy, as well as workday downtime, and vacational outings. The mastermind nature of partner perspectives aid in keeping idea implementation practical, and timely. Determinations are made upon careful analysis of numbers, cases, and circumstances.

Mr. Deignan also relies on making intuitive, gut based decisions regarding whether something seems right or wrong. In his experience, ignoring such feelings can lead to both doubt, and regret.

Choosing the right investor-partner is a critical aspect of business for Deignan. More important than just raising money, these relationships should also be about exchange of ideas, networks, and influence.

What Makes Organo Gold’s Coffee Exceptional from the typical Coffee?

The world coffee production in the year 2009 and 2010 came to about 125.2 million bags as per the statistics of National Coffee Association. This made coffee the second most consumed beverage all over the world after water. As a result of these numbers, a Canadian firm Organo Gold company makes use of these facts by offering multilevel marketing structure to those coffee sellers who want to promote their coffee. It is important to understand that Organo Gold does not use retail stores or coffeehouses to offer their products. What happens is that distributors come to purchase the products from the company and through their efforts; the distributors sell the products to earn a 50% commission.

The firm blends gourmet coffee beans Ganoderma lucidium which is a traditional Asian herb which is best known  to control cholesterol. The herb which is also known as reishi is known to contain antiviral qualities which make the Organo Gold coffee healthier than the typical coffee. Apart from the coffee, the company also produces Ganoderma blended green tea, Ganoderma-infused latte blend; Ganoderma blended hot chocolate as well as Ganoderma supplements. According Business for Home which is a multilevel marketing news website Organo Gold raised revenues of about $35 million worldwide in 2010 alone. This is after the sales of its products to the U.S, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Peru, Philippines, Canada and Jamaica.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua who is a veteran when it comes to the network marketing industry. Mr. Chua together with co-founder Shane Morand works in harmony where Morand is in charge of the company’s direct selling boards. The firm works with a Scientific Advisory Board with Dr. Irma Prado as its chief medical consultant. Li Ye is the founder and heads the Organo Gold’s partner company. Dr. Li Xiaoyu is the one who certifies the organic ingredients that are put in the coffee. The firm has operational offices both in Canada and the United States.

Whitney Wolfe- The Pioneer in American Entrepreneur

Whitney Wolfe Herd originated from Salt Lake City, Utah where she was born. She schooled at Southern Methodist University where he achieved International Studies degree. After she completed her education, she began to serve in Hatch Labs. Whitney Wolfe was initially hired to be engaged in the Cardify app. unfortunately, this job did not last since the project was terminated. Whitney moved on and got involved with an online dating app, Tinder App. In her tenure with Tinder App, she gained tremendous achievement and became the Vice President of the Tinder marketing department. Later on, she left the firm in 2014. Connect with Whitney Wolfe by visiting her linkedin account.

In 2016, Whitney Wolfe Herd then decided to launch the Bumble dating application. This dating platform has gained support and recognition. In 2018, it has more than 35 million subscribers in more than 160 nations. Whitney has been featured as one of the most influential figures by Times Magazine in the top 100 most influential people of Times Magazine. Bumble online dating app merely started as a friend finding project for its subscribers. Whitney incorporated Bumble Bizz in to enhance networking in professional men and women. Bumble app was established for the sake of women. It was meant for women empowerment. This was initiated by making all apps interactions activation and execution to be done by women. In 2018, this app has a net worth of 1 billion US Dollars and has experienced more than 500 million inquiries by women.

The workforce of Bumble app is more than 85 percent women. This firm provides flexible hours to its major female workforce, holistic wellness benefits, therapy sessions, as well as providing a personal place for the nursing mothers with the execution of progressive policies being put in place. On 10th July, Whitney Wolfe was incorporated as Imagine Entertainment Board Member by Ron Howard who serves as the chairman and Brian Grazer. Grazer has a feeling that Whitney Wolfe is likely to bring an outstanding and unique perspective to the Imagine Entertainment board of directors.

Whitney ultimate goals are to set females tone in the current dating world. She is an expert in providing a platform that involves the daily requirements in conjunction with women working situations. This is meant to give female staff joy, creativity, and productivity that they need for maximum performance in their jobs.

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Wes Edens, a financial expert, a successful businessman and a co-founder of Fortress Investment Group

Wes Edens is an American national. Wesley was welcomed into the world in 1961, October 30th. Many people recognise him as a family man. He is married to one wife and has four lovely children. His youngest daughter is called Mallory. He likes to emulate the dad especially in the field of business. Wes Edens resides in New York together with his family.

Academic wise, Edens is well educated as his qualifications speak for him. He joined the University of Oregon. He enrolled, pursued and graduated with a bachelor’s of Science in Finance and business administration. Wes Edens graduated in 1984. After finalising his University studies, he never immediately searched for a job vacancy. Three years later, he chose to start his career. He was fortunate to land a job at Lehman Brothers firm in 1987.

He served at Lehman brother’s organisation for seven years. He worked as a managing director and partner. He held the positions till the year 1993. Edens quit Lehman brothers and joined BlackRock’s. At this moment, the firm was still a private entity. He offered the same services at BlackRock’s. He was made the managing director and a partner of the firm.

After three years at the firm, he decided to quit and pursue something different. Wes Edens career has been faced with several milestones. The two companies gave Wes Edens the necessary experience that he needed to thrive in the financial industry. While still working for the two institutions, Wes got the opportunity to meet and mingle with his senior financial experts in the industry. These social interactions served as a bonus to him. He got to understand how the market functions. This was enough to give him the confidence he needed to face the milestone that was ahead of him. To know more about him click here.

He joined Fortress Investment Group in March 2002. Since then, he has been involved in most of the Organisations success. Edens was the brains behind the purchase Springleaf shares back in August 2010. He bought the shares for $125 million. This greatly assisted the Fortress Investment group to be the major shareholder of the corporate services.

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