The Excellent Leadership of Tony Petrello

Leadership comes with responsibility. It is the leader’s role in any establishment to lead his followers towards the achievement of their set goals and objectives. Tony Petrello is one of the respected leaders and has worked at Nabors Industries for over five years now.

Tony Petrello has served as the President and also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the firm. He graduated with a J.D. degree from Harvard Law School, a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science degree in Mathematics from the Yale University. He has spanned an unusually successful career that has undergone positive transition and overhaul with the firm. He started out as the Chief Operating Officer of the company and made his way up the ladder to the company’s Deputy Chairman, a post that he held for a short duration before promotion and learn more about Tony.

Tony Petrello’s career had started way back having worked with Baker and McKenzie Law Firm as a Managing Partner who majored in corporate taxes. He has also held directorship positions with various organizations like the Stewart & Stevenson, Texas Children’s Hospital, and

Tony Petrello has worked jointly with his wife to steer developments of a neurological research center at Texas Children’s Hospital. They have committed seven million dollars towards the establishment of this world-class research endeavor. Their actions were prompted by the fact that the institution had worked round the clock to ensure that their daughter, Cerena, was making improvements over time.Tony’s daughter was born prematurely, and she developed cerebral palsy at a tender age and read full article.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft Property
Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft Property

Jason Halpern is an accomplished man when it comes to the business industry. He is a man who has worked effortlessly to see his business become a success. He specializes in the area of real estate where he has dedicated most of his time in. Halpern knew all about real estate at a tender age. He is the managing partner of JMH Development. He has an experience of 50 years in the company. He has seen the success of many real estate buildings because he has highly contributed to their development. Furthermore Halpern also has great skills which have helped the company accomplish so much. The company has buildings in Westchester and New York City. The organization is among the best real estate firms in the US.

Jason Halpern: with Production
Jason Halpern: with Production

JMH Development stands out because its real estate work is on historical buildings and as a result it has always been unique. The organization has also maintained a good working policy with different cities. The historical buildings are not just historic but they indicate a particular meaning thus being more attractive. Moreover, the company has a business transaction with different cities for instance Brooklyn and Williamsburg. These historical buildings are comfortable extraordinary and prosperous, those seeking such buildings should consult JMH Development to get the unique property.

Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard
Jason Halpern with Model, Milana and Richard

As also a philanthropist Jason Halpern has also helped make the world a better place. He is a member of various charitable companies. The Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center is one of the organizations that he is involved in. he has also helped the Westchester Medical Fraternity by supplying the equipment they need for surgery. These tools assist so much especially in the medical process as a result the lives of patients are improved. Furthermore, he is among the people supporting the water project in Ethiopia and Nepal. This water project got $20,000 after completing each transaction. This project is a big deal because the lies of the people at these regions have changed for the better especially the children. In a nutshell, Jason Halpern has succeeded in every way; his business as well as helping people become better.

The Success Story of EOS lip balm

The Chapstick has been the only preferred lip balm on the supermarket or drug store for more than a century. The cylindrical tube of the lip balm has an active ingredient listed on the packaging. For those who wanted the wild feel, they mostly preferred the mint or cherry flavor. This however, changed 7 years ago when EOS lip balm launched their product and it started selling everywhere. The lip balm could be found at Target and Walmart and it was talked about by beauty editors on Allure and Cosmo. With different flavors such as grape fruit and honeydew, the EOS lip balm quickly became a hit. For more details, click on

Celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera were seen using the EOS lip balms. This made the lip balm to become even popular, check this on EOS which means Evolution of Smooth, made its appearance in many fashion and beauty magazines. The lip balm company is now worth $250 million and it is the 2nd best-selling lip balm in the nation. Although EOS lip balm has not being in the market for a long time, it has outdone many other lip balms. Currently, the company sells more than one million units every week.  For more of EOS lip balm, check this!

EOS also looks into expanding to the international lip care market and hopes to increase its worth to $2 billion by the year 2020. The lip balm line specializes in natural and organic products. The cost of a single EOS lip balm is approximately$3. EOS has a huge social media presence with 1.8 million followers on Instagram and approximately 7 million Facebook followers. The lip balm brand has been able to partner with other big player on the industry. The marketing strategy employed by EOS has paid off and the lip balm is now a household product. The shape of the lip balm container suits the modern woman.  Follow EOS lip balm at their page.

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Todd Lubar Has A Passion For The Real Estate Profession

The real estate market is similar to investment markets in a variety of ways. One of the ways that the two markets are similar concerns how the markets are affected by conditions in the country where the markets perform on a daily basis. If there are financial issues or other issues that are causing economic problems in the country, the issues could impact how people behave and the economy can be affected.

These situations can cause the real estate market to go up or down in price and value. If the situations are negative, it will usually cause real estate prices and values to go down. On the other hand, positive situations can cause the prices and values to go up. Many financial problems occurred in the United States around the mid to late 2000s that caused serious economy problems for the entire country.

Almost every aspect of the country was affected in a negative way. Stock markets went down significantly. Many jobs were lost during the time period. Also, the real estate industry was hurt severely. The value of real estate went down in record numbers all across the country. One of the cities that felt the effect of the real estate property values going down was the city of Baltimore, Maryland.

In an article on Patch, the city of Baltimore went through a tough time for many years after the financial problems started to be repaired and the economy became better. It took years for the real estate property values to climb back close to the values before the financial problems happened in the mid to late 2000s.

The real estate industry as a whole was hurt badly because of the financial problems that occurred. A lot of real estate companies and companies related to the operations of the real estate industry closed down. As all of this was occurring, Todd Lubar who is a local businessman in the Baltimore area was working hard to make his new real estate firm a success. Todd Lubar was able to make it through the financial problems that impacted the entire country during the time period.

Todd Lubar’s firm specializes in helping people acquire real estate loans. In particular, Todd Lubar likes to help people who have trouble getting real estate loans through normal financial channels. More details can be found on his LinkedIn account.

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Capital Needs

In the world of capital management, a lot of people are starting to think many years down the road. If you are excited about some of the changes that are starting to take place in your life and business, Jim Tananbaum is a great person to work with. He has a plan for the future for you and he is ready and willing to make sure that other people can follow in his footsteps. Over the years, he has proven that he is going to help other people with their capital needs. Whether it is for personal investing or starting business, he has a plan for you that is going to be easy to work with.

Jim Tananbaum
From the time he was young, Jim Tananbaum has always wanted to work in the world of business. While he was in college, he fell in love with finance and what it can do for others if they have a firm plan in place for the future. Not only that, but you can start to see all of the great ways that you can make a positive impact on others by helping with their finances. Starting a company is a huge decision for a lot of people, and you need to have a plan before you decide to jump in with both feet. A lot of people are excited about the work that he is doing in his life and his business in order to add value to others and what Jim Tananbaum knows.

Capital in Business
If you want to manage your capital more efficiently in business, Jim Tananbaum is the person that you should work with. A lot of people think that running a business is all about being busy and working with your products and services that are required to succeed at a high level. Over time, Jim Tananbaum is the type of person who can help you in a variety of ways. With the changes that are going on in his life and business, he wants to help you learn how to manage your capital effectively. Over time, he has proven that he is excited about helping others in their company and Jim’s lacrosse camp.

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Jason Hope: The Technology Entrepreneur

Jason Hope acquired his MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business, a finance degree from Arizona State University leading him to be one of the most known entrepreneurs with a clear understanding of hi-tech, he has gained acceptability as a skilled futurist.

Jason has however engaged himself in supporting his local education programs where he supports students who are less fortune for he believes that education is the best reward he can offer in the community. Jason Hope also focused on scientific research on his community where he has lived to make sure they acknowledge his efforts for he grew up in Tempe, Arizona.

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In Jason Hope has played a role in supporting and even donating up to $500,000 which made the contribution support in eradicating diseases which cause early death by providing the best cure. Alzheimer’s, heart and lung diseases interfere with body functions, where traditionally they have been treated, but Jason with SENS company are ready to diminish the disease.

Learn more about Jason Hope here.

In SENS have equipped their laboratory with the best equipment to do research leading to eradicate glycation end products in human tissues. Jason Hope has spared time to innovate technology, backing researchers to cougar and provide the best to the community and be there for his people.


NTC Launches a New Standard Performance Training Package Contribution

About NTC


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc, NTC, is a privately-owned document-processing and leading residential mortgage industry, research service provider agency in Palm Harbor, FL.NTC is also a significant provider of post-closing services for the nation’s largest investors and financial institutions. NTC supplies its mortgage lending services to investors across the United States.


The company is ranked among the top ten residential mortgage service providers in the country. The company’s contributions are responsible for the recent expansion in the local community residential mortgage industry. The company is also known as the most fast-growing businesses in American. Throughout its history, the company has been acknowledged five times by the Tampa Bay Times Top 100 Workplace Designation.


Standard Performance Training Package Offering


On September 28, 2016, Nationwide Title Clearing confirmed the establishment of a new innovative service intended to supply comprehensive training on the basics of residential mortgage finance. After several years of development, the new service presents the best standard performance training package for investors, lenders, and mortgage services.


This couple of day training program will be delivered to client locations or at the NTC Training Center located in Palm Harbor, FL or Dallas, TX.Dave LaRose is the company’s Technical Excellence President; and was crucial in the development of this new service. The company has experience of 30 years; Dave is NTC’s quality and training resident expert. He says that,

“The training they offer makes people understand what they are teaching no matter where they are in the life cycle of the loan. When they know what everything means, It is hard to make mistakes.”


Dave LaRose also says that technical excellence presents the company with actual perfection standards and that the training is planned to make the residential mortgage lending industry evident and reasonable to the investors. Furthermore, the new service will clearly explain why all the NTC’s production process is crucial in maintaining the US land records honesty in County level.


NTC Opens a New Data Center Office in Dallas, Texas


NTC announced the opening of a new agency in Dallas, Texas. This new office will feature a new data center that will host Scotty McEntire, NTC’s Chief Information Security Officer. John Hillman the NTC CEO pronounced that the new Dallas facility would allow the company to react promptly to customer needs with the staff remaining fully operational and without any loss of data.



Emily McClure Lends Her Voice to a Product’s Value

We all live in a time when the opinion of a single person can have a profound influence on the success or failure of a particular product. And when manufacturers make profound claims about their products then consumers must sound off with their experiences using that product.

This was the case when a multi-purpose shampoo, WEN, claimed to have a hair care product that did it all. It cleans, conditions, repairs, and leaves hair looking great. Chaz Dean, the inventor of the product, is an experienced hair stylist and has produced products for women to clean, condition and repair their hair for decades. He has long been a proponent of using organic products on hair follicles and has long advised women against using harmful detergents on their hair.

Chaz Dean ( is a professional and committed to helping women maintain their hair. But when extreme claims are made, then extreme proof is required. Enter Emily McClure a hair stylist and blogger who, incidentally, has fine unmanageable hair. She endeavored to provide the proof of Dean’s product claims. She did it by using herself as the test subject and spent a week using and testing Wen by Chaz. She provided photos and a daily log of her progress or lack of progress. Read her seven-day examination of Wen By Chaz in Bustle here.

Today in this world filled with social media, there is a need for personal endorsements of products. Consumers have long been held under control by advertisers who would spend great amounts of money to promote a product that they know does not provide satisfactory results. But when a woman like Emily McClure speaks up and provides extreme proof, people stop and listen to what she has to say.

To learn more about the Chaz Dean brand, visit the company’s website at and the official Facebook page.

Working In Recruitment With Julie Zuckerberg

Women are taking over the human resources industry. Women are not only working in human resources, they are leading in executive roles. These women are working with their teams, in an effort to bring the best people to their company. There is one woman in particular that works in human resources recruiting that has the responsibility of finding and hiring the brightest minds. This woman has a long resume in executive recruiting and she has the knowledge to make her company a success. This woman is Julie Zuckerberg. Julie Zuckerberg is the Executive Recruitment Lead and Talent Acquisition Leader at New York based Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank is a financial and banking services company that was founded in Germany. Deutsche Bank currently employs 101,000 people. Julie Zuckerberg’s job at Deutsche Bank is to coach and counsel executive recruitment groups within the company. She is also responsible for the hiring process of MD level individuals, which includes the salary negotiations. Julie Zuckerberg’s job as Executive Recruitment Lead gives her several additional responsibilities including, business and client management. In addition to Julie Zuckerberg’s current position, she was also the Executive Recruiter of Talent Acquisition and the Vice President of Deutsche Bank. Her role at the bank is to recruit the top talent of the world. It is Deutsche Bank’s mission to have intelligent, diverse talent working within their company and its the job of Julie Zuckerberg to make that happen.


Julie Zuckerberg began her career at Hudson, where is was the Director of Candidate Placement. Her role as Director of Candidate Placement varied. She was responsible for recruiting attorneys, case managers, and other individuals for the company. Ms. Zuckerberg also supported the paralegals and the staff. When she was recruiting individuals for a position at Hudson she would discuss the job position, outline their future salary and benefits. She was also responsible for discussing potential promotions with current employees. Julie Zuckerberg has also work for Citi Global Consumer Bank in the field of recruitment. Her other past position also includes working for an insurance company based in New York City.


While Julie Zuckerberg loves her work, she also enjoys doing other things. Her many hobbies include experiencing fine art and gourmet food. Ms. Zuckerberg has also taken up photography. These hobbies are very relaxing and fun and may serve as a great distraction from her busy work life. Her colleagues are all aware of the dedication Julie Zuckerberg shows daily in the office. With this dedication, she has lead her team with grace and tenacity.


Jose Borghi’s Achievements in Advertising

Jose Borghi is the founder of the Mullen Lowe advertising agency. He is regarded as one of the most influential advertisers in the industry. Jose is the brain behind popular campaigns such as Mammals of Parmalat, which portrayed children dressed like stuffed animals. While in high school, Jose Borghi was not sure about what to pursue in college. However, the idea of advertising struck him when he was invited by his sister to watch a performance at the Castro Neves Theatre that included the exhibitions of commercial VTS, which were awarded in Cannes. He had no idea that one day he would become a Cannes award winner.

Jose Borghi was born in PresidentePrudente. He enrolled in PUS University where he studied advertising and propaganda. His career started in 1989 at the Standard Ogilvy Agency. Later, he worked for other agencies such as FCB, Leo Burnett and DM9/DDB, before establishing his own firms, BorghiErhAgency and Erh Ray. The two firms started from scratch without the aid of an investor. He was challenged to work even hard to achieve success. In 2006, Lowe acquired BorghiErh to become Borghi Lowe. The company had much impact in both the domestic and international markets. Recently, Borghi Lowe merged with Lowe & Partners and the Mullen Group to become Mullen Lowe advertising agency where Jose serves as co-CEO alongside Andre Gomes.

Jose Borghi is also a marathon athlete who has the ability to thrive even in adverse conditions. This is because he strongly believes that nothing can be handed to him unless he works for it. He is credited for different achievements like the review concepts by fiat, and Carlinhos for the Down Syndrome Association as well advertisements for Honda and other award winning companies. Some of the companies that he has worked for are Unilever, Globo, America on Line, Asia Motors, and coral paints. Jose Borghi is a recipient of 7 London Festival Awards, 10 The One Show Awards, 15 April Advertising Awards and 14 Cannes Lions.

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