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Wengie’s Eyeglasses Hack

One of the first things that you notice about a person is their face. Therefore, it is important to really make a great impression, if you are wearing glasses. You’ve probably noticed that some people wear glasses that simply do not suit their face. To others, it is perfectly clear that the glasses are the wrong size, shape, or design. However, the wearer does not have a clue that the eyeglasses are cramping their style. In this video, popular YouTube beauty guru, Wengie, shares her secrets to selecting the perfect pair of eyeglasses.


Wengie’s Eyeglass Hack

Do you wear glasses. Well, you will probably want to view this video several times before you select your next pair of glasses. Wengie has a very cool way of describing the process of matching your face shape to the proper eyeglass frame. She goes through the usual face shapes, oval, square, round, triangular, and more. She also discusses the way the eyeglasses should sit on the face. Certainly, the tips included in the video are perfectly suitable to anyone that is looking for information on buying the perfect sunglasses to match their face shape too. Wengie also shares a few makeup tips that are designed for girls that wear glasses. This video should provide a lot of very insightful and useful information for anyone that wears glasses.



Wengie has set a new all time high record. She has well over two million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Wengie covers just about everything that is beauty connected on her YouTube channel. For example, Wengie covers her favorite ,makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, everyday routine tutorials, DIY tutorials, Fashion tutorials, Skincare tutorials and much more. Wengie admits that she is totally obsessed with fashion and beauty. She loves exploring the aisle at beauty supply shops and discovering new things for her followers on YouTube. In addition, she believes that she shares a bond with the people that watch her videos. She believes that they are her online family. Therefore, she only wants to provide the best experience for them on her YouTube channel.