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Direct Selling Can Be Tough But Traveling Vineyard Is Easy

So you decided that you wanted to go into business for yourself and figured that the best way to be your own boss was to take part in one of the many direct sales programs that are so popular with so many aspiring entrepreneurs. After some research, you decided on the one that you thought was best and gave it a shot. Ok, so that didn’t work out too well, right? So, you decided to try another one, and you did a bit better, but you also started to learn that this is harder than you thought. Hey, what if you tried another one, that didn’t require so much time and commitment, then you could still have a nice side income but you would be running yourself into the ground, right? But then, with the less work load, you also found that you made a lot less money.

So now that you have tried selling kitchen gadgets, lingerie’s, men’s underwear, socks & dress shirts, home décor, holiday items, makeup, steaks, and who knows what else, you are probably fed up with the whole concept and ready to just go back to the daily drudgery of the nine to five rat race, correct. Before you do, you need to hear something important. Direct selling doesn’t have to be a battle for survival, at least it doesn’t have to be if you have the right program. You need a program that lets you connect with people in a way that is fun, engaging, and offers them something that they not only would be buying anyway, but that they actually love to buy. With that being said, it’s time for you to consider Traveling Vineyard.

You may be thinking, “forget it, I’m done, just hand me my necktie, sock garters, pressed shirt, and briefcase, I give up!” But before you surrender, know that the problems you have been experiencing, and the lack of success you have had, has nothing to do with you. In fact, it’s just the opposite, it has to do with the programs that you have been working. They all have the same fundamental flaw in their design. They are all based on a concept that was created back in the 60s with brands like Avon, Tupperware, and AmWay. They all require you to use the hard sell to pressure your friends and family to regularly buy products from you that they may not need, or even want. However, Traveling Vineyard is different.

Traveling Vineyard was started in the Napa Valley by folks who wanted to make a little extra money by sharing their passion for wine with people who may not like wine, or who may not get to explore the world of wine as easily as they would like. The idea behind it was that most people who think they don’t like wine have never really had the chance to experience good wine in the right way. From that idea the belief developed that if someone was given a chance to try a great wine in an educative and relaxed environment that they would see how wonderful wine really is. Next grew the idea that those who were already wine lover can be exposed to a whole new range of wines for all over. These would be fabulous wines they may not have heard of, or had the chance to try yet.

Now that the concept has taken off, with hundreds of wine guides all over the country holding tasting parties every week, it has proven to be an idea whose time had come. So why is Traveling Vineyard going to be better for you than selling food containers, men’s boxershorts & shirts, women’s intimates, or household cleaners and toothpaste? The simple answer is that wine, when it is good and it is presented right to a wine lover, referred to as a wine explorer, will basically sell itself.

The online training and support system for Traveling Vineyard makes it easy for you to learn everything you need to know to put on a perfect tasting party. This information includes things such as what foods to serve with the wines, what music pairs well with the wines and guests, conversation starter idea, and of course all of the intimate little details that you will need to share about the wines themselves. After you get set up, all you need to do is share invites to those people in your life who love wine, are interested in trying wine, or who you meet through your everyday life and who are intrigued at the idea of getting together with new friends over a glass. There is no pressure, no sales pitches to push, and most importantly, nothing more than food, friends, fun and of course great wine.

If you are tired of the humdrum hamster wheel of other selling programs, don’t give up, accept that it’s not you, it’s them, and give something new a try. Traveling Vineyard is about sharing the joy of relaxation with the world, and giving a relaxed business opportunity to its associates. So, relax and have a glass…of success.

Exploring Wine Distribution And Production With UKV PLC

The production and development of wine varieties can be traced centuries back and despite the fact there are many other types of soft drinks, wine has retained its value and place in the market. It is the uniqueness and quality of wine that keeps it alive even after other products were born.

Wine is a highly marketable product and depending on the variety one produces, there are vast markets that are located in different regions across the world. UKV PLC has been working in the wine industry for many years and their support has allowed producers and distributors to seamlessly get the product to the market.

Facilitating distribution
UKV PLC is known as a reliable provider of distribution channels that are designed to offer easy access to the market. The company works with brokers situated in various regions and the role of these brokers is to facilitate speedy movement of wine to the target market. UKV PLC ensures the wine delivered is offered after research is conducted to understand the section of the market that prefers such a taste. This eliminates the possibility of having to keep the wine for a long time before it gets sold off, so UKV PLC offers fast channels that are ideal for both small and established producers and distributors.

Offering unique storage facilities
Storage is another factor about wine that cannot be overlooked. The way the product is stored matters a lot and defines its finality. UKV PLC has been enabling easy storage and distribution of the product and the company is among those that have helped to build the industry by ensuring companies get the product to the market in the best state possible. Through the storage mechanisms of UKV PLC, one is assured the wine quality cannot be compromised by parameters like heating, which can be controlled using the right facilities.