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Securus Technologies Connects Everyone To The Forms They Need

Securus Technologies has a vision for more than just the communication that they offer. They have a lot of people using their video calling system today, and they have just as many people using their ConnectUS system for forms. We had to use the ConnectUs system for forms when we found out what was going on with our client, and it prevented us from filing motions in court.

There is an official form that can be used for any kind of grievance that an inmate or their representative has, and I accessed the form online in seconds. We already use Securus to talk to the people that we represent, and now we are using their forms software to submit forms almost every day. It is so much easier to do this using their system, and I got almost an immediate response to the form I sent in. I had a very productive conversation with the warden about this, and then we both moved on from that.

I have another client who is in the same jail that asked me to make a special request for food because he is an orthodox Jew, and I made the request in seconds online as he asked me about it. I set his mind at ease by making the request, and then I made sure that I was going to have a chance to talk him through the process of getting a response. Securus speed everything up for us because it helped him not sit and wait for an answer.

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I like using Securus because it seems like they are always coming out with something new. That is something that I appreciate because they are going to keep making things easier for me, and I think that our office will be more efficient. There is a lot of efficiency gained in just one computer program online.