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Brexit: The Impact on PSI-Pay Leading UK FinTech Company

PSI-Pay, one of the leading financial technology companies in the European Union and one of the principal partners of MasterCard, is poised to make a significant difference in the coming future for financial payment processing technologies.

What sets PSI Pay apart from its competitors in the financial technology industry is its devotion towards utilizing innovative technologies within the payment processing industry. An example of this is the recent partnership between PSI Pay and the wearable technology company, Kerv, in their efforts to create a wearable contactless payment ring which is scheduled to be released on the global market within the next year. PSI-Pay offers a whole range of both physical and virtual products which can go above and beyond the markets and a flexible in regards to the needs of the client.

With offerings of not only prepaid cards but debit cards contactless payment programs, they have travel prepaid MasterCard’s, general-purpose reloadable prepaid MasterCard’s corporate gift and incentive cards business MasterCard’s government prepaid solutions as well as virtual applications they can meet the needs of any potential client. With the product range as diverse as this what sets PSI Pay apart from competitors is their ability to meet the needs of any client in any situation regardless of external factors.

The recent announcement of Britain exiting the European Union and what has been dubbed Brexit has caused a great deal of confusion about the health of the financial industry within the European Union for the coming years. There is no need to worry as PSI Pay has stated that they have planned for the possibility of an occurrence such as this. Bill Davies managing director for PSI Pay has reassured clients that whatever their views are on the outcome they have a defined solution that will allow stability for business partners. In fact, the company has formulated a strategy however they are unable to reveal the full nature of their plans as the departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union is still in negotiations. As of now, business will continue as usual, and there should be no immediate negative consequences. With an ability to meet the ever-changing needs of the financial technology industry business clients should rest assured that PSI Pay is able to adapt to the constantly changing climate of business within the European Union and will continue to be able to offer the world-class service that clients have come to expect from this company.

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GoBuyside is a Trailblazer

After being in the finance industry for a significant time, Arjun Kapur had learned what the industry was lacking and what was present in abundance. He noted the deficiency of talent in the alternative investment world. There was also no particular perspective on how to make things efficient for business persons. Mr. Kapur could not help but notice the overall lack of transparency and adequate information in the industry. He is a person who believes in coming up with solutions. These problems became the bases that helped him build a platform that is powered by technology and one that will always outshine the conventional models of recruiting workers. GoBuyside was therefore born in the year 2010. The company took time and other resources to get to its current status. As at the moment, GoBuyside is known across the globe as the leader in the buy-side talent community.

GoBuyside is a modern day recruitment platform. It works closely with other financial organizations such as private equity firms, advisory platforms, fortune 500 companies as well as hedge funds. In some instances, the 21st-century company works with investment managers. GoBuyside has its headquarters in New York City, but it does not restrict its services to this region. It goes across a broad scope of geographical areas. GoBuyside prides in having a team that is not only well trained but one that has an exceptional capability of sourcing and screening the best candidate for a job. The entire GoBuyside fraternity is composed of individuals with vast professional experience and outstanding education credentials. These virtues help to place the company ahead of its competitors as it strengthens the bond between the business and the market that requires GoBuyside’s services. The company also has a well anchored technological patent that helps it to get some of the top ranking candidates.

At least 500 clients have so far bestowed all their human capital needs to GoBuyside. The company is confident that as time goes by, its clientele base will be over 10,000. This will be made possible by the organization’s dedication on expanding its talent networks in more than 500 cities across the world. GoBuyside team members are focused on delivering the organization’s short-term and long-term goals. Working with a team that is self-motivated only makes work more comfortable. Clients that have worked with GoBuyside have nothing but good sentiments regarding the international company. Its services are available in over 16 countries including United Arab Emirates, Singapore, United Kingdom, China, Switzerland, Colombia, and Mexico among others. Besides ranking high, GoBuyside has a remarkable social media presence. It has very active Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn accounts. All the accounts help in marketing and sharing information with followers.


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Dick Devos – article recap

Urban centers like Grand Rapids can thrive on the vibrant culture that comes with the development of entertainment, sports, and convention destinations. There have been examples of how not to do it such as when the City of Detroit put its NFL stadium and NBA franchise arenas far from the urban core. The idea of locating these highly visible and high traffic destinations in the downtown business district yields tremendous benefits.


Dick DeVos insisted on bringing development to downtown Grand Rapid. He planted a seed that grew into an oak. He spurred the formation of a group of business leaders called Grand Action. This inspired group became the movers that led to the construction of Van Andel Arena. Later, the Grand Action group helped with the development of the DeVos Place Convention Center, the DeVos Performance Hall, and the Grand Rapids City Market. Dick DeVos’ vision now stands as part of the remarkable Grand Rapids skyline.


Dick DeVos saw that opportunity in Grand Rapids, and he made sure that the new additions to its sports and hospitality capacity were placed in the heart of the City. Grand Rapids is Dick DeVos’ hometown, and he has used his knowledge, connections, and experience to help the City make the best possible decision to locate the new sports and hospitality venue in downtown.


The City’s skyline and the menu of business and entertainment options grow with each substantial addition. Like Detroit, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles, Grand Rapids has a more vibrant downtown because it has combined a great destination with expansion; it was in large part due to Mr. DeVos’ foresight.


The DeVos marriage is a bond between two people and a bond with a shared vision for public good. They have placed themselves in the public eye and the center of conservative Republican politics in Michigan and across the US. They do not shy away from exerting their strong beliefs in principles of individual opportunity in education, labor, and business.


They also have not shied away from using their economic power for the public good. Dick DeVos promoted critical care and medical research focus in Grand Rapids through Children’s hospital expansion in the Spectrum complex, and the Michigan State University’s Medical School Grand Rapids Campus.


The list of their achievements is impressive. They include contributions to the establishment and growth of charter schools that offer families a choice for their children’s education. They have involved their strong will and powerful ideas into urban development in Grand Rapids and many vital areas across Michigan.


It is never easy to change public attitudes, and government policies often follow popular choices. The DeVos determination to share their acquired wisdom and to make improvements in which they believe has persisted despite disagreement. In some ways, their determination seems stronger when facing the challenge of promoting change. Learn more:

NuoDB SQL Database is Transforming the Systematics of Clouding in the Servers

NuoDB is an established business that was initiated in 2008 by Barry S. Morris and Jim Starkey. They are profoundly innovative in providing elastic SQL Database, using this database allows the consumer to avoid any hassles or give and take within usage. Compare to other databases that are pertaining to the traditional foundation, NuoDB SQL database is expanded in the cloud. NuoDB SQL database has been constructed to avoid any hiccups along the processing of the servers , it also performs faster when an addition of an server has been inputted.

Recently of this year, NuoDB has become affiliated with CauseSquare , the company became the leading database server for this association. . With its diversity the SQL database is different from the rest, it can retrieve multiple servers in the data without implementing new machines or tools NuoDB SQL database is evolutionary and has be formatted to present reliability without the interruption of any discrepancies in the data.

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Making The Right Healthcare Choices For Asia: Highland Capital

Highland Capital, a private equity firm in Dallas, Texas has recently provided the means for South Korea to improve their healthcare. The need for more stable healthcare and a willingness to combine expertise across the US, North America and Asia is the driving force behind the financial support. The realization that marketing forces and demographics have changed in recent years is another incentive to provide coordinated support.

The focus, particularly in the Asia healthcare marketplace is on value-based reimbursement models. Some of these models reflect the unique culture of the Korean people and their unique healthcare needs. Other models reflect a combination of what works for the demographic and what doesn’t work.

Highland Capital investors will get opportunities to streamline healthcare services and work alongside South Korea’s National Pension Service (NPS) to meet objectives. The partnership will benefit the healthcare companies in South Korea and incorporate best practices. It will also investment returns for individual investors in this middle market.

The new fund is the first healthcare oriented fund to be launched by Highland Capital Management Korea Ltd, an affiliate of Highland Capital Management Ltd. It is important to note that the increased interest in the healthcare sector has only been realized in Asia in the past two years. This increased interest is one of the many reasons why Highland Capital has decided to invest in this market.

Highland Capital’s track record in healthcare and its commitment to providing financial support is what attracted South Korea’s NPS to the project. This project fund will benefit healthcare industries throughout North America and Asia.

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Highland Capital: The Alternative Investment Management Group

Based out of Dallas, Texas, the Highland Capital Management firm is an alternative investment advisory company that specializes in hedge funds, mutual funds and distressed investment funds, as well as other financial investment accounts. The company is independently owned and has been up and running for over 20 years. There are more than 100 employees who work as credit and equity managers in the firm.

The company was started in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada, and besides having its headquarters in Dallas, it also has offices in New York, as well as Singapore, Seoul, and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Highland Capital has assets totaling over $15 billion, and the company manages the Highland Credit Strategy Fund, which is on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). It also manages many other types of closed-end funds.

Co-founder and president of the firm, James Dondero, graduated from the University of Virginia with high honors and has over 30 years of experience in the business. He is the Chairman of Nex Bank, and a board member of American Banknote, as well as MGM Studios. His business partner, Mark Okada, who is the other founder of the company, graduated from the University of California, where he received a B.A. in Economics and Psychology. Okada is a regular contributor on business and finance networks, such as Bloomberg TV and CNBC.

The leaders of this firm, along with their employees, have been impressive when it comes to the innovative strategies they’ve used for managing investments over the years, and the founders continuously make many philanthropic contributions by giving around $3 million to charity every year through what is known as The Dallas Foundation, and by supporting veterans’ issues, as well as healthcare and education in the Dallas area.

Highland Capital Management is by far one of the biggest alternative credit management companies in the country. Having over 30 years of experience in the business, the founders are seen as the pioneers of it. Their low-cost alternative strategies for managing credit investments is only one of the reasons why they are still seeing strong growth after being in this business for a little over 20 years.

Mighty Fortress International Loves God and His People

Highway Highlights presented a list of Minnesota’s most beautiful churches. Included were the following three.

Located in New Trier is the Church of St. Mary’s. The original church was founded by German Catholic immigrants in 1856 and built of logs. In 1864 it was replaced by a stone building. The current church was designed by George J. Ries, in 1909, and is a fine example of French Beaux-Arts architecture.

The red-roofed Assumption Chapel in Cold Spring has a different sort of history. In 1873, a grasshopper infestation struck. After four years, Minnesota governor declared a day of prayer and Mary was asked to intercede to rid them of the locust. The locusts left the next day and a wooden chapel was begun to honor Mary. Demolished by a tornado in 1894, the current chapel, also known as grasshopper chapel was reconstructed in 1951. Local quarries provided the granite used to build the Gothic-style building.

In Little Falls, the Episcopal Church of Our Savior began as a mission church in 1858 by Bishop Henry Whipple. The current church was designed by Chicago’s John B. Sutcliffe in 1903. Architecturally, it combines Tudor and Gothic styles, utilizing local fieldstone for the lower part and half-timbered stucco on the upper part, with a fieldstone corner bell tower.

Mighty Fortress International is purposely welcoming with a “come as you are” attitude that is loving and accepting of diversity.

MFI is not a ritualistic, stiff-necked atmosphere or service. The worship is focused on God and His gifts. In worship, it is believed God blesses, inspires and spiritually awakens. Through music and worship, God is welcomed among the congregation.

Mighty Fortress International is a church that targets the need to know Christ, to create close ties with others, to understand Bible principles and how to live them out in a functional manner.

Bishop Thomas R. Williams has 30 years ministry experience. As founder and president of MFI, Williams seeks to proclaim God’s Word and share prophetic teachings. A graduate of Bethel University and Seminary in St. Paul, he is married with three children.

James Dondero Helps Construct The Dallas Zoo Hippo Sanctuary

Donations from Highland Capital leader James Dondero are among those responsible for the opening of a new hippo habitat at the Dallas Zoo that has opened to allow the return of hippos to the zoo for the first time in 15 years. The Dallas Zoo has not been home to any hippo, but those who remember the last hippo to be at the zoo and have asked President Greg Hudson to bring the animals back to Dallas, which has now happened with the aid of donors providing $14 million for a habitat to be constructed.

James Dondero and his Highland Capital company have been at the heart of the project at Dallas Zoo that has taken a number of years to complete as the safety and health concerns over the water and land based habitat. Costing an estimated $14 million to complete, the two acre Simmons Hippo Post includes a 120,000-gallon water tank with a large viewing area to allow visitors to the zoo the chance to witness these giant animals in their natural state swimming before a large viewing window.

The Harold Simmons Foundation provided the largest donation of around $5 million and saw the name of the founder of the Foundation giving his name to the Simmons Hippo Post. In the buildup to the construction of the Hippo Post the Highland Capital leader provided around $1 million in donations towards developing the hippo habitat at the Dallas Zoo, which is just the latest in a long line of community-based projects James Dondero and his Highland Capital employees have backed; the Highland Capital brand has been praised by Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings for taking a stance to push forward the many community-based projects that are taking place in Dallas to build a better lifestyle for the people of the city.


NTC Launches a New Standard Performance Training Package Contribution

About NTC


Nationwide Title Clearing, Inc, NTC, is a privately-owned document-processing and leading residential mortgage industry, research service provider agency in Palm Harbor, FL.NTC is also a significant provider of post-closing services for the nation’s largest investors and financial institutions. NTC supplies its mortgage lending services to investors across the United States.


The company is ranked among the top ten residential mortgage service providers in the country. The company’s contributions are responsible for the recent expansion in the local community residential mortgage industry. The company is also known as the most fast-growing businesses in American. Throughout its history, the company has been acknowledged five times by the Tampa Bay Times Top 100 Workplace Designation.


Standard Performance Training Package Offering


On September 28, 2016, Nationwide Title Clearing confirmed the establishment of a new innovative service intended to supply comprehensive training on the basics of residential mortgage finance. After several years of development, the new service presents the best standard performance training package for investors, lenders, and mortgage services.


This couple of day training program will be delivered to client locations or at the NTC Training Center located in Palm Harbor, FL or Dallas, TX.Dave LaRose is the company’s Technical Excellence President; and was crucial in the development of this new service. The company has experience of 30 years; Dave is NTC’s quality and training resident expert. He says that,

“The training they offer makes people understand what they are teaching no matter where they are in the life cycle of the loan. When they know what everything means, It is hard to make mistakes.”


Dave LaRose also says that technical excellence presents the company with actual perfection standards and that the training is planned to make the residential mortgage lending industry evident and reasonable to the investors. Furthermore, the new service will clearly explain why all the NTC’s production process is crucial in maintaining the US land records honesty in County level.


NTC Opens a New Data Center Office in Dallas, Texas


NTC announced the opening of a new agency in Dallas, Texas. This new office will feature a new data center that will host Scotty McEntire, NTC’s Chief Information Security Officer. John Hillman the NTC CEO pronounced that the new Dallas facility would allow the company to react promptly to customer needs with the staff remaining fully operational and without any loss of data.



Wessex Journals UK

The Wessex Institute of Technology is a highly regarded institute of higher learning that is involved with research. The educational institution is located in picturesque Ashurst Lodge in the New Forest National Park, which is located in the South of England. This is a wonderful setting for the exchange of knowledge between educators and those in various industries that are linked to the Wessex Institute of Technology. Wessex is also involved with publishing. In fact, the WIT Press publishes several highly sought after Journals.


The Wessex Journals

The Wessex Institute of Technology currently publishes several journals that are subscribed to by an International audience. The journals are in diverse categories and provide an exchange of topical information that is currently trending in various industries. The journals are available to download or in a print version. The quickest way to get a journal is to visit the Wessex publishing page and download the desired journal for immediate reading.  For full text of information, visit


Subscribing To Wessex Journals

Of course, one does not have to subscribe to the Wessex Journals. However, subscribing is the ultimate way to receive first notice of all the new journals that are available. Subscriptions run for a year and are easily renewable.

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