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Being A Part Of The Traveling Vineyard May Be Just What You Are Looing For

Visiting the Napa Valley is being in the heart of the wine country. You will find that tasting wines at different events will be fun and interesting for you. Since the Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides know a lot about the area, they have suggested that you visit these places too:

A Cooking Class At The Silverado Cooking School

When you are in the area, it can’t hurt to take a cooking class at the Silverado Cooking School. While you are making your dish, you will also learn which wines will go with it.

Take the Napa Art Walk

The Napa Art Walk is a nice time for many people. You will get to appreciate different 3-D artwork. Spend some time doing this, and you won’t regret it.

Visit The Robert Lewis Stevenson State Park

Are you in the mood for a picnic? If so, the Robert Lewis Stevenson State Park is a great place to go. It will be fun and enjoyable for you and the group you are traveling with.

Join Others For A Visit To The Napa Valley Historical Society

Making a personal visit to the Napa Valley Historical Society will make you very pleased. You will leave with a lot more information than you came with. Get to know what kind of people lived there and how they made a living.

The Auberge Spa Will Make You Feel Great

When you just want to relax, take some time at Auberge Spa. At the Auberge Spa, you will be able to get massages that will allow the tension to roll off of your back. You can also get a bath that will give you even more muscle relaxation.

Looking At A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide Position

If you like wine and people, a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide position may be just right for you. It will give you the opportunity to have wine parties events to show others what wines go with what dishes.

What Can You Expect When You Become A Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide?

You can expect to set up your own schedule when you become a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide. It is also your ability to create as much of an income as you want. It will all be up to you. For more info about us: click here.

You will have the benefits of a large group of people that know what they are doing. If you have questions, they will be answered. The Traveling Vineyard also has a great social media presence to add to your exposure. It might just be the kind of opportunity that you are looking for.