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Jordan Lindsey’s Role in the Trading of Digital Currency

Jordan Lindsey has made some big moves in both Forex and cryptocurrency over the past few years. He founded the wildly successful JCL Capital more than a decade ago in 2005, and is also the founder of some other companies within the industries of both technology and financial services. As a child who grew up in New York, the young Jordan Lindsey was quite interested in sports. His competitive spirit eventually evolved into an entrepreneurial spirit, which led him to the conclusion that he wanted to leave a positive impact on his surroundings. Growing a successful business, he concluded, was the best way for him to reach this goal.

Within the world of algo trading, Jordan Lindsey is an established veteran with years of experience. Impressively, he taught himself computer programming from scratch, and eventually turned that set of skills into career success through working as a systems architecture designer. Mr. Lindsey chose to move from his home in New York to the other side of the country after discovering that he had a great love for San Francisco because of the city’s culture, which encouraged entrepreneurship, appreciation of art and sharing ideas. He was previously a student at both Mount Angel Seminary an St. Joseph’s College.

One of Jordan Lindsey’s more recent accomplishments is that he has complete his work with the development of a special trading algorithm for the foreign exchange markets. He designed this algorithm to attack a very specific problem that many traders of both forex and digital currency face. The problem the algorithm solves is the fact that many traders struggle with separating their emotions from their trading. This can have some very negative impacts, such as selling out of their positions too early in reaction to a slight fluctuation in a currency’s price. Trading based on Mr. Lindsey’s algorithm is a solid solution to the issue of removing emotion from the trading experience for greater profits.

Greg Secker’s Gem Tips to Prospective and Newbie Traders

Greg Secker is a seasoned trader who has graduated to starting and running a trading company. He set up the Knowledge Action Group in 2003 in collaboration with internationally renowned traders. The organizations’ impeccable performance earned it a position in the London Excellence Awards of 2009. It was also enlisted in the 2010 Sunday Times Fast Track 100 awards. Greg Secker’s first financial job was with Thomas Cook Financial Services, an online trading platform. His expertise earned his the vice president’s post in Mellon Financial Corporation and several Fortune 500 investment banks.

Greg Secker recently shared his insights to newbie traders. He understands that nobody likes the complexities of analyzing charts and shifting markets. He, therefore, recommends starting out at Forex which has the support of software that easily analyzes charts according to the shifting data. He declaimed the myth that Forex is a complex market by explaining that anyone who takes the time to sharpen their knowhow in risk management strategies will have an easy time understanding the numbers. Additionally, the available software has innumerable knowledge that guides even the greenest user effectually.

Greg Secker does not have a favorite indicator that he automatically recommends to Forex traders. Considering that they analyze charts and keep tracks of shifts, every user may opt for a different indicator that best suits their needs. He, however, stated that learning the different features of every indicator will provide a clear picture on which one to pick.

Greg pointed out that an economic calendar will help any trader map out any significant news that causes major shifts in the markets. One such event is the 2016 Brexit which caused ripples for the pound. Greg advises every new trader on the Forex platform to take the time to learn the ropes and learn to capitalize even on short situations. Greg believes Forex to be the best channel because one can still earn money with currency drops if they are on the lower side of that particular currency. Apart from finance, Greg is actively involved in philanthropy and public speaking. He is primarily based in London but travels around the world to share his knowledge with the financials arena.