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The Kind, Creative and Tech Expert, Eric Pulier

Majority of people are fond of saying let’s make the world a better place, though very few walk the talk. Eric Pulier is a technological genius who solves problems affecting communities through technology. The venture capitalist was born in New Jersey and has worked his way up the success ladder. Pulier was a gas station worker before he ventured into the corporate world. His passion for technology started at a tender age having built his computer in the 4th grade.

The serial entrepreneur’s journey began with the foundation of People Doing Things. The organization was involved in the creation of solutions for challenges in the healthcare and education sector. Since then he has continued to create, mentor and sell several ventures. Some of the enterprises he has founded include Desktone, Media Platforms, Digital Evolution and vAtomic. vAtomic was established after Pulier saw how emerging digital goods would impact the economy.

The Harvard alumnus believes in technological growth and innovation. This belief leads him to help new entrepreneurs raise fund. He searches for bright ideas from budding entrepreneurs and invests in their ideas that can change the world. The optimistic venture capitalist appreciates the struggles he has undergone as they have helped him develop and thus can withstand the ups and downs present in the tech industry.

As a business person, Pulier emphasizes the importance of maintaining high customer service standards. He enjoys mentoring young and new entrepreneurs and encourages them to be persistent, flexible, to think bigger and to be creative. The author and father of four has considerably been influenced and inspired by Peter Diamandis, the founder of XPRIZE. For more info about us: click here.

Eric Pulier is a person who dares to dream, and in so doing, he brings change and benefit to the community and the world as a whole. The philanthropist has worked with various organization, and his technological innovations have been used to help many around the world. Some of the organizations that he has supported include Multiple Sclerosis Society, ACE Foundation, XPRIZE Foundation, Painted Turtle and Campaign For Free College Tuition. Children hold a special part in his heart, and this is visible through his contribution and donation to the Starlight Foundation.

Bob Reina: His Mark Is Everlasting

Bob Reina has talked about leaving his mark on the world, and that is not meant as arrogance or being overconfident. He knows he is in a unique position in life. He wants to take advantage of it in a positive way. He is not interested in buying things for himself or getting toys. It is the opposite for Bob Reina in fact. He wants to use all of his goodwill and all of his fortune to help out those in need. That is why Bob Reina stepped up and made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society. This is not something he did to get his name in the newspaper or a pat on the back.


That is one the greatest things about Bob Reina: he is genuine and he is organic. There is nothing phony or fake about this man. He is out to make a real difference and he is out to leave a mark that will hopefully inspire other people. Too often, people sit back and they say to themselves or others, “I wish I could do more to help. I wish I could do something about this situation.” They don’t realize that they can help and they have the power to help. The only thing stopping them is themselves. Learn more:


With Bob Reina’s Talk Fusion, people can have a stay-at-home business, which is the true definition of a win-win in life. When people have that at their disposal, they are making money and they are happy. While it is true that money does not buy happiness, it does buy freedom, which buys happiness. It is a great feeling for someone to wake up, do their own thing, and start working whenever they feel like it. They are still motivated and determined, but they work on their terms and their hours.


In many cases, people are working in their pajamas or they are working in comfortable clothes. There are no rules except working hard, having fun, and making a better life for both the person and their family. Those don’t feel like rules at all! Learn more: