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Jason Hope: The Technology Entrepreneur

Jason Hope acquired his MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business, a finance degree from Arizona State University leading him to be one of the most known entrepreneurs with a clear understanding of hi-tech, he has gained acceptability as a skilled futurist.

Jason has however engaged himself in supporting his local education programs where he supports students who are less fortune for he believes that education is the best reward he can offer in the community. Jason Hope also focused on scientific research on his community where he has lived to make sure they acknowledge his efforts for he grew up in Tempe, Arizona.

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In Jason Hope has played a role in supporting and even donating up to $500,000 which made the contribution support in eradicating diseases which cause early death by providing the best cure. Alzheimer’s, heart and lung diseases interfere with body functions, where traditionally they have been treated, but Jason with SENS company are ready to diminish the disease.

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In SENS have equipped their laboratory with the best equipment to do research leading to eradicate glycation end products in human tissues. Jason Hope has spared time to innovate technology, backing researchers to cougar and provide the best to the community and be there for his people.