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Shervin Pishevar predicts 6,000-point drop in the Dow Jones

Within the world of high technology, one named stands above all others. Shervin Pishevar has been involved in the tech space since the late 1990s. He has personally founded a number of highly successful tech startups, including Ionside, WebOS and Social Gaming Network. He’s also the CEO and founder of Sherpa Capital, one of the most important venture capital firms in Silicon Valley. Sherpa Capital has been behind the formation of some of the top names in tech today, including Uber, Airbnb and Virgin Hyperloop.

When Shervin Pishevar is not busy running his technological empire, he often finds time to address his more than 100,000 Twitter followers. His Twitter feed is filled with insightful analysis on everything ranging from the role of tech monopolies to the ways in which central banking policies can affect the overall economy.

Recently, Shervin Pishevar has taken up the issue of heavy-handed central banking interventions. He says that a generalized asset bubble has formed. Shervin Pishevar believes that in the coming months and years, there’s going to be a serious correction in the equity markets as well as a matching crash in both real estate and bonds. Shervin Pishevar says that the quantitative easing programs that the central bank has followed over the last 10 years have led to so much easy credit and excess money supply that a generalized acid bubble has been inflated that rivals anything that the country has ever seen in the past.

Specifically, Pishevar predicts there will be a 6,000-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. He believes that this may happen as early as 2019 but that it could also occur as late as 2025. But he says that he is almost certain that such a correction will eventually materialize when the central bank decides to begin raising benchmark interest rates and winding down its balance sheet back towards normal historic levels.

He says that there may not be any traditional safe havens for investors to park their money in when this asset winddown of the central bank begins to occur. Shervin Pishevar recommends that investors hold cryptocurrencies, gold and currencies outside of the U.S. dollar.

Jordan Lindsey’s Role in the Trading of Digital Currency

Jordan Lindsey has made some big moves in both Forex and cryptocurrency over the past few years. He founded the wildly successful JCL Capital more than a decade ago in 2005, and is also the founder of some other companies within the industries of both technology and financial services. As a child who grew up in New York, the young Jordan Lindsey was quite interested in sports. His competitive spirit eventually evolved into an entrepreneurial spirit, which led him to the conclusion that he wanted to leave a positive impact on his surroundings. Growing a successful business, he concluded, was the best way for him to reach this goal.

Within the world of algo trading, Jordan Lindsey is an established veteran with years of experience. Impressively, he taught himself computer programming from scratch, and eventually turned that set of skills into career success through working as a systems architecture designer. Mr. Lindsey chose to move from his home in New York to the other side of the country after discovering that he had a great love for San Francisco because of the city’s culture, which encouraged entrepreneurship, appreciation of art and sharing ideas. He was previously a student at both Mount Angel Seminary an St. Joseph’s College.

One of Jordan Lindsey’s more recent accomplishments is that he has complete his work with the development of a special trading algorithm for the foreign exchange markets. He designed this algorithm to attack a very specific problem that many traders of both forex and digital currency face. The problem the algorithm solves is the fact that many traders struggle with separating their emotions from their trading. This can have some very negative impacts, such as selling out of their positions too early in reaction to a slight fluctuation in a currency’s price. Trading based on Mr. Lindsey’s algorithm is a solid solution to the issue of removing emotion from the trading experience for greater profits.

Brazilian Stocks Make a Great Investment

Investing takes a great of skill. People must be aware of the many aspects of investing and how to work within the confines of the world stock markets. Many people are encouraged to invest in the market via their employer. Doing so can be a great way to have a nice nest egg that can grow and expand as the person gets older and starts to think about being able to retire. The right kind of investment can be key. This is one of many reasons why investors need help from skilled outside advisers who know the market both here in the US and abroad as well.

Working closely with a skilled investor such as Igor Cornelsen can be an ideal way to learn about the best way to invest in the market. Cornelsen is a native of Brazil who knows a great deal about the market both in the United States and in Brazil. He knows that one of the keys to any successful investment is making sure that the investor has done their best to diversify. A capitalist who has done much to diversify is one who will be able to usually enjoy an impressive rate of return on their capital.

Cornelsen knows that one of the best places to diversify in that of the Brazilian stock market. The Brazilian stock market has seen incredibly growth in recent years as investors have flocked to this part of the world as they have been able to be part of a vastly expanding market. The government of Brazil has also done much to help invite new people to invest here both at home and those who are living abroad and wish to invest in this part of the world. The result has been that advisers like Cornelsen know that they can assist their clients in finding the right kind of investment for any specific need they have in mind as they look here.

The current investment market for many Brazilian stocks is very good. Investors can expect the chance to be able to invest in many kinds of Brazilian industries when they choose to invest here such as the real estate market and the Brazilian transportation system. Just like many American stocks, many Brazilian stocks are designed to help produce growth that the investor can enjoy and see grow. Many Brazilian stocks, just like American stocks, also pay a nice dividend that the investor can use as they wish. They can choose to invest the dividend right back into buying more stocks or they choose to take the dividend they have been able to earn as a capital gain and thus use it for other important budgetary purposes at home.