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SOLVY is Set To Transform The Way Students Learn Math

SOLVY is an innovative, new online platform that has emerged to improve student’s math skills. With SOLVY, teachers pick math problems that students can access. The platform can be easily accessed on any device. Currently, conventional math classes attempt to teach mathematical concepts using unrealistic scenarios.

The way that math is taught in the modern educational system only prepares students to use math in exams and not real-world application. Modern math classes do not fully address the need of a student to develop a creative solution on their own, before they are “told” how it is solved. Every student is different and individual needs must be addressed better.

With SOLVY, one student can answer a question with a focus on finance, while another student has a math question that focuses on science. Teachers will be able to view the work done by the student on the platform, so the teacher can understand how the student arrived at that problem. Philanthropist and entrepreneur Alexei Beltyukov became the CEO of SOLVY and is the founder of many logistical, technological, and financial companies.

Assignments are chosen based upon the child’s interest and needs. If the student needs more assistance in a particular area, the teacher receives notifications about their performance and areas of weakness. The free software tracks the progress of the student as they’re learning math problems.

It’s an excellent tool for collaboration, as multiple students can work together to solve a problem or they can work independently. SOLVY is the ideal place a student can go to get help from a tutor, teacher or fellow student.

SOLVY allows students to develop multiple ways to solve a problem. It is different than the conventional method of teaching which is based around lecturing and testing. Plus, the software delivers feedback on each step of their problem, just as live teacher would.

Teachers benefit from the software by the automatic reports it generates on the student’s progress and gaps in knowledge without pouring over student tests for hours, making tedious notes. SOLVY is a solution for students to learn math in a way that they can apply to the real world.

Alexei Beltyukov has a far reaching background stemming from being a doctor in the Soviet Union. He received a scholarship to attend INSEAD College in France where he completed a business program. He founded Brunswick Rail Leasing, a company that leases freight cars. Alexei Beltyukov also began A-Ventures which invests in Russian companies in need of growth capital. Alexei Beltyukov also created Endemic Capital and New Glass Technologies.