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New Tools Arrive to Support Reputation Management Steps

Businesses have to stay on top of their online reputation. If they fail to keep tabs on what is occurring online, they quickly fall behind on what potential customers see. Bad reviews are somewhat easy to track. Comments on message boards or social media, not so much. By the time these things turn up in Google, a couple of weeks may pass. By that time, scores of followers on the social media site or members of the forums have seen the damaging content.
To curtail any problems with concerns over what is being published online, it would be wise to purchase special tools designed to warn those in need of a serious “heads up” about something obnoxious or damaging published online.

Google Alerts is one such tool as it sends immediate messages the second a match to a particular pre-programmed phrase is caught. The phrase/words could be a business name, a personal name, or more. Twitter also have its own unique tool that allows a member to search through tweets for anything that matches a particular name.

There are also unique tracker sites that can be employed for more customized searches. One automation tool allows for the creation of “recipes” – variations of phrasing or names – that can be utilized by the client to search to those things that could be causing problems.

No one can stay on top of something as massive as the entire internet without some form of automated help. The available tools provide that much-needed help in an affordable package.