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Here’s Exactly What Rocketship Education Learned

Rocketship Education, sometimes shortened to the acronym RSED, is a nationwide group of public charter schools, founded all the way back in 2007 by Mr. Preston Smith. Having been involved in public education for more than a decade prior to Smith’s foundation of Rocketship Education in the late 2000s, he already understood lots of what it takes for schools to succeed. Since, he’s learned even more. Here are several of the sentiments Mr. Smith has learned throughout his 10-plus years of administrating RSED’s 18 facilities.

Bring special needs students to their regular classrooms

Special students often spend hours of every day at school in special education classrooms. Rocketship typically keeps them in their “regular” classrooms with non-special students because it boosts their morale, social development, and eagerness to learn. All schools should follow this lead, making special needs students feel better about their schooling.

Solicit and value the opinions of community members’, pedagogical experts or not

As a charter school, Rocketship often takes donations from people outside of government agencies. This means investors and donors often provide their personal opinions. Whether they’re formally involved or trained in education, or not, it’s important to value their opinions.

Never be ashamed of the title “public school”

Even though Rocketship Education is classified as a public school, its students’ test scores are consistently higher than a majority of nearby public and private schools. While it’s true that public schools aren’t often as good as their private counterparts, everybody associated with public schools should be proud of their publicness.

The San Francisco Bay Area, known for loads of innovation in businesses the area produces, is home to Rocketship Education, co-founded by current chief executive officer Preston Smith in 2007. Since the network was founded over a decade ago, RSED has since expanded to eighteen schools. While the majority of these reputable institutions are located in its home state of California, there’s one in Wisconsin, three in Tennessee, and two in Washington DC, ordered by years of foundation. Rocketship Education consistently pays its hard-working, quality instructors an average of nearly twice what’s standard in the United States of America, maintaining its students’ unmatchably high test scores, year after year.