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Shocking Growth Of Handy Home Services recently reported on the growth and profitability model that Handy used in order to gain their recent, unprecedented success with the on demand home services platform they have developed over the years. It started as an idea among roommates who lived in Massachusetts while attending college at Harvard Business School. The idea became a start up company, and that start up company is now one of the most successful home service providers available on the market. The founders, Hanrahan and Dua, tried many different strategies to achieve the results that they desired. Oddly enough, the founders were not always on the same page about what was needed to make Handy head of the market. Handy was not the only company offering home services on demand to consumers, so they had to adjust their strategies in order to stay alive in the fast paced tech savvy business world.

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Their success did not come without long meetings with board members where the founders would discuss certain strategies that others did not have faith in. Even as recent as early 2016, Hanrahan remembers having trouble getting in the right mindset in order to present long Power Point slideshows to financial supporters. One of the ideas the founders struggled to agree about was whether or not to have people sign up online in order to be service providers on platform. They tested this idea in two markets, and they decided it was working. Handy has been able to provide professional cleaning services, home repair services and help with odd jobs ever since they decided to test these new ideas.

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