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End Citizens United Works Towards A Political Future Without Big Money

End Citizens United has been fighting to keep the effects of big money out of politics since they were created on March 1, 2015. They were founded after the Supreme Court made a decision on Citizens United refusing to reveal who financed their campaigns that is expected to have effects on politics in the United States for many years to come. It all circles around a video that was released during the presidential primaries in 2008 that was created to attack Hillary Clinton and her bid for the presidency.

While the political action committee insisted that the feature-length release was intended a movie, End Citizens United and the Federal Election Committee believed otherwise. To many, it was nothing more than a 90-minute political campaign ad and thus the organizations and people that financed the project should have been revealed to the public.

While the FEC may have decided that Citizens United needed to reveal their sources based on the laws that were currently being enforced, they took the case to the Supreme Court where it was eventually overturned well after Barack Obama had been elected president. They argued their right to not have to reveal sources by invoking their right to the freedom of speech as an organization. End Citizens United hopes to eventually have a constitutional amendment put on the books that states the freedom of speech is only to be extended to individuals and not organizations or any other legal entities.

The reality is that this will be quite difficult to accomplish to End Citizens United as it requires quite a large majority in the House and the Senate to agree on the amendment. In the meantime, they are supporting other campaign finance reform efforts that are more likely to be accomplished in a shorter length of time. In order to achieve their goals, they are specifically taking part in efforts to overturn the ruling and Citizens United as well as supporting the candidates running for office that support campaign finance reforms. End Citizens United is mainly supported by Democrats and other progressives with only a few individual Republican politicians agreeing with their goals.


George Soros And Other Democratic Leaders Are Reinventing The Democratic Party

George Soros, the 86-year-old hedge fund genius, humanitarian, and Democratic Alliance founder never walks away from the principles that define him. Some right-wing press articles say Soros is a danger to the American political system. They say he is a man with archaic and just plain dumb ideas and what George Soros knows. Those articles call him the radical left-wing sugar daddy because he gives huge sums of money to Democratic candidates. Soros gave Hillary Clinton more than $12 million in 2016, but that wasn’t enough to score a presidential win. Soros has a history of giving money to Democrats who believe in the Democratic process, individual rights and human dignity. The Trump defeat put a dent in the Democratic Alliance, but that Alliance is stronger than ever now. Soros and other wealthy Democrats and political leaders are fighting back, and they will be for the 2018 primary elections and read full article.

The right-wing press likes to put Soros under a microscope. He’s an easy target. Soros is the 29th wealthiest person on the planet, according to Forbes Magazine, and his Open Society Foundation is a fund-giving phenomenon. The Open Society is responsible for giving organizations in countries around the world more than $12 billion since its inception in 1979. That money comes from Soros earnings, and he makes sure it makes an impact on governments that disrespect human rights and freedom. The Open Society Foundation is not on the “Favorite List” in countries like Hungary, and other tyrannical, nationalistic governments. But the foundation keeps moving forward, and it spreads the word that no ideology or philosophy has an exclusive on the truth and learn more about George Soros.

The Democrats still can’t seem to get over the Hillary Clinton’s loss in 2016. So Soros and other wealthy Democrats paid for a study to find out why white voters didn’t vote for Clinton. The Soros study, “The Other America: White Working-Class Views on Belonging, Change, Identity, and Immigration” is giving the Democratic Party new insight because the information points to one critical Democratic Party mistake and more information click here. The political culture in America is changing faster than the Democrats expected. And the Democrats were pushing a political agenda that didn’t resonate with voters. In fact, that agenda wasn’t radical or different enough from the Republican agenda to attract the free-thinking Millennial voters or the baby boomers who are tired of being fooled by political knavery. Even though Trump is the essence of a political knave, his message was more direct and more forceful than the Clinton message. Soros and the Democratic Alliance are changing the way the left-wing of American politics will operate in 2020, according to some political analysts. And that change could include some of the programs Bernie Sanders stood for in 2016 and Follow him at

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