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Why Peter Briger is a billionaire with a golden heart

Currently one of the billionaires on Forbes list and a principal at Fortress, Peter Briger is an individual who the world has watched rise from a place of humble beginnings to a place that most dream of every day. His success can be attributed to the stable foundation that his education helped set for him and a little push from his mentors. This is perhaps why he always goes out of his way to help budding entrepreneurs through the Princeton entrepreneurship program, a charitable initiative which he, together with two other alumni of the facility helped form a few years ago.

About the Princeton entrepreneurship program

Through this program, Peter Briger and the other two associates go out of their way to help young entrepreneurs who graduate from Princeton and who have impressive business ideas but lack the funds to make them a reality. For one to qualify, he/she must have graduated from Princeton within the last five years. Depending on their startup ideas, those who are eligible get funds of up to $100,000. Besides being funded, the qualifiers also benefit from one on one mentorship programs organized by Briger and his other associate. Since its inception, the third associate has always insisted on being anonymous. Check out to learn more about Peter Briger.

Other charities that Mr. Briger supports

As noted, Peter Briger always goes the extra mile for his community, which is why besides the Princeton Entrepreneurship program, he also supports a string of other charitable programs. For instance, he is part of Silicon Valley leadership council’s global fund for children, a platform created with the primary aim of bettering the lives of kids who hail from disadvantaged backgrounds. He also donated to the Central Park Conservancy management team to facilitate the conservation of the park. Peter also serves as a board member at Tipping point, a non-profit organization known for offering assistance to low-income households.

A glance at his academic profile

As noted, Peter Briger is an alumnus of Princeton University which is where he pursued his BA. He also holds an MBA from the University of Penn’s school of business. Mr. Briger has been in the finance arena for over two decades now. He kickstarted his career in this realm at Goldman Sachs where he worked for 15 years, before moving to Fortress in 2002, where he has been serving as principal since then.

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Jason Hope, A Perfect Blend Of Business And Philanthropy

Jason Hope is a well-known entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor from Scottsdale, Arizona. He is also famous for his unrelenting interest technology, which he views as the cornerstone of future investments.

Jason Hope studied graduated from Arizona State University with a degree in Finance. He later enrolled in the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, where he attained a master’s degree in Business Administration. After graduating, Hope ventured into business and achieved tremendous success within a short time. His remarkable business skills have made him an internationally recognized consultant in almost every sector.

Along with his interests in business, Hope is also a renowned philanthropist. He is currently based in his home state of Arizona, where he is involved in numerous charitable activities. As a technology enthusiast, Hope is mostly interested in philanthropic endeavors, which make use of technology to improve the lives of people in the world.

One of the organizations which Jason Hope supports is the SENS Foundation, which is based in California. The not-for-profit organization has broad interests in the development of rejuvenation biotechnologies to slow down age-related ailments.

Recently, Hope donated a total of $500,000 to the organization. The money is intended to aid in the development and promotion of broader access to rejuvenation biotechnologies to counteract the onset of illnesses which come with old age. Such ailments include Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, and atherosclerosis among others. The announcement of the funding was made during a philanthropy event, which was held at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco, courtesy of Thiel Foundation.

Speaking during the occasion, Aubrey de Grey, the CSO of the SENS Foundation thanked Jason Hope for his generous contribution. He also noted that the leading cause of hypertension among the elderly is arteriosclerosis, which in turn accelerates the onset of other contributors to aging. According to Aubrey de Grey, the accumulation of molecular bonds in the arteries also causes long-sightedness, which contributes to skin aging.

Apart from the SENS Foundation, Jason Hope also supports other charitable organizations like T Gen Foundation, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, and T Gen Foundation. He also supports other not-for-profit organizations like The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, The Tony Hawk Foundation, Family Health International, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, and International Foundation for Education and Self Help.

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Ara Chackerian, an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and investor

Ara Chackerian is one of the managing executives at the ASC capital holdings. ASC primary focuses on investing in the healthcare care facilities. Mr. Ara also serves on the board of management that runs the TMS health solutions. This health facility stands to help clients struggling with chronic ailments like resistant depression. Before he started his career at the TMS, most of his involvements had been revolving around the investment and entrepreneurship.




Boiled down since time immemorial, Ara has been interested in taking part in the development of the health-tech sector, services sector as well as other related fields. Following his interest in the health-tech, he has helped to incept various health-tech companies that have helped to reach many clients. While Ara Chackerian, has spent many decades developing some of the most established healthcare services, he is also focused on mutual partnership with other stockholders so that his haunt for excellence will be a bliss.




Foundation of the TMS Health Solutions




The foundation of this entity was inspired by the search for excellence and provision of certificatory healthcare services. To this end, Ara Chackerian spent some quality time trying to come up with linking networks to unite some of the most outstanding health facilities mainly in northern California. As such, through various researches particularly in the technology sector and treatment options, Ara realized that TMS Health Solutions had incredible potential to change the scope of the healthcare for the better. This way, since its inception, this firm has been phenomenal in all aspects. You can checkout for more details.





Trends that Healthcare Entrepreneurs need to look out for – Ara Chackerian




According to one of the proxy studies that were conducted in 2017, the United States is said to be spending more than $ 3.5 trillion on the healthcare services. This is approximately 18% of the total GDP, and for healthcare entrepreneurs, this might appear like a fertile ground to venture in. However, Ara Chackerian advocates that the healthcare sector is one of the most challenging units and for an entrepreneur willing to invest here should take extra precautions. Boiled down, he advocated that it is vital to consider most of the factors that are rapidly shifting from quantity to value. For more details you can visit their facebook page.




Adam Milstein Shares His Passion For Advocacy

Anyone of the Jewish community that is looking for an advocate will find one in Adam Milstein. He is very passionate and diligent in what he does for his community. For one thing, he enjoy being an entrepreneur and even takes valuable lessons from his other jobs that he had on his way to his current position. For one thing, he loves to work. One of the reasons that he enjoys working is that he makes sure that his work is directly related to philanthropy. While other great entrepreneurs do their type of work and then put their money towards philanthropy, Adam Milstein makes sure that his philanthropy work.

He not only loves to work but also likes to teach people on what they can do to reach their goals. He sees a deep need for his people that he is willing to meet. He has done so much work towards his community that he is considered one of the most influential Israelis. He not only wants to work with Israelis and Jews in Israel, but also throughout the world. He is always hard at work with the solutions that he can come up with. Among the things he has done for the Jewish community is build a foundation to help and advocate for his people.

The Adam and Gila Milstein is one of the most significant works of Adam’s career. This has enabled young students to learn all they need to know about their heritage and their traditions. One thing that different groups of people need is a sense of history. As people learn about their history and the great examples of people that came before them, they will be more inspired to take on great responsibilities and make contributions to building their community for generations to come.

George Soros and his philanthropic activities

Besides being a very successful person in business and finance, Soros is known for his philanthropic gestures on His first proverbial test of the philanthropy was in 1979, but it was just a small one. After his first test of being a philanthropist, he took it seriously five years later when he launched the Open Society Foundations in his country of birth. The name Open Society Foundation (OSF) was influenced by the concepts that Karl Popper advanced as a philosopher. Karl Popper is a philosopher that he was introduced to when he was studying for his graduate studies at the London School of Economics.

The reason for George Soros venturing into philanthropy was mainly because of the concept that Karl Popper advanced. The concept was to find a way which citizens could hold their governments accountable. His ideas advocated for having vibrant and tolerant democracies. A close look at his organization, the Open Society Foundation, it is very evident that he supports these concepts that Karl Popper advanced. The Open Society Foundation on is involved and supports several organizations around the world that are directly or indirectly involved with matters that are related to politics.

Despite him starting being seriously involved with philanthropy in 1984, it is not until 1987 that he began giving out large sums of money. In 1987 alone, he spent about $3 million on philanthropic activities and kept increasing the amount each year. George Soros On politico is quoted saying that in 1992, he spent over $300 million on his Open Society Foundation. Between 1987 and 1992, his established a series of foundations mainly in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Today, his presence as a philanthropist is felt in more than 100 countries. His philanthropic activities and extraordinary wealth have made him get a massive attention from many powerful political leaders.

The Soros Fund Management had become successful by 1993, and George Soros decided to establish the Soros Foundation network which was based in New York. He named the organization Open Society Institute. The Open Society Institute has a presence in several countries around the world. However, it is primarily focused on putting more money into American based organizations. In one of his books, “Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism,” Soros has explained what open society means on Using his words, he says Open Society is one in which there is freedom, democracy, a rule of law, social justice, human rights, and social responsibility. These are the reasons he gives for his philanthropic advances.

Soros appointed Aryeh Neier to serve as president of Open Society Institute. He was entrusted with the task of championing the agendas of OSI. The reason for appointing Aryeh Neier was because of his involvement with Students for Democrats in the early 1960s. The SDS shared the same ideologies with Open Society Institution and had aspired to overthrow America’s democratic institutions and reconfigure the government. He also worked for America Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) for fifteen years and 12 years he was the director of Human Rights Watch.


Unfolding the DeVos Philanthropy

DeVos is amongst the richest of all the clans in Michigan, its huge accounts matched only by its giant-sized charity. Richard heads the family and is probably the one who carved a path of philanthropy for himself and his children. Giving away about 50 million US dollars for the establishment of a hospital for children is just one of the many examples that Mr. and Mrs. DeVos have set together. 

The couple is also famous for their generous funding of the schools, especially those which sport a religious edge. A charity organization, which they named after themselves, is operated privately by the couple and has made quite a name for itself by funding institutions like Potter’s House and the academy of Aviation in the region, one of the very few institutions that refuse to charge tuition from their students.

Dick DeVos, the proud son of the proud father, also holds great interest in charity works, operating a similar charity organization with his wife. Currently holding the seat of President at the company of Amway, Dick DeVos began his career at the very same company, holding a degree from Northwood and attempting, although without success, to live up to Harvard. The hitch, however, seemed not to have affected him, for Dick still managed to conduct business successfully, escalating him to his present astounding worth of about 5 billion US dollars. Click here for a complete biography of Dick DeVos. 
One of the greatest things that I find about the family of DeVos is that every single person has had separate influential contributions. Betsy (wife of Dick DeVos), for instance, has her own history of political influence in the circle of Republicans. Dick DeVos, probably influenced by his wife’s ambitions and for the love of Michigan that matches none, stood up in the Michigan elections, hoping to win the post of governor. He, however, did not succeed in this regard. 

Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

Another very different and yet highly respectable aspect of DeVos is that no member of the family announces his or her works to the world. The charity goes mild on the media and the family does not make an effort to advertise the good things they do. This only speaks out for the honesty of the clan and that the ideology behind all they do is simply love. 
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