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OSI Industries -Expanding and Winning

The OSI Industries is the cutting edge of the retail food industry with decades of a successful business that started in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. The Otto and Sons transited to OSI Group becoming the global corporate business with 65 production plants and boasting of a workforce of 20,000 employees and having a notable presence in 17 countries. The operations of Otto and Sons stopped in 1975, and the OSI Industries took over the company 75 years of existence and offering high production food products.

In 1975 Lavin Sheldon joined the company as a significant partner and later controlled 100% of the share making him the sole owner, and he became the president, director of boards and the company Chief Executive Officer. Before that Lavin was the investment consultant, who played a significant role in 1970 capitalization of Otto and Sons. The ramping up of the production saw the OSI engage in latest manufacturing capabilities and mostly in response to the continued growth of the McDonald. In 1977 under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin it stated the first facility in Utah Western Jordan and later expanded first to North America and then globally.

The global growth of OSI Company has been tremendous with Sheldon Lavin using his sophisticated negotiation and capitalization skills to achieve high levels of return. Lavin has vast expertise in banking, investing and executive. The OSI Industries according to Forbes is no 58 among the most significant and robust private companies in America. It has revenue sales of $6.1 billion.OSI Industries has also expanded its products gaining leadership for its quality protein products from the sausage links to hamburger patties to pizza among others. It has branched in various new territories both figurative and literally and gaining momentum and impressive rate in Europe and increasing its product banners also to include the non-meat products. In Europe, the OSI Company has embraced the environment developing facilities certified by Leadership in Energy and the Environmental Designs (LEED).

OSI Industries introduced the Global Trade with the core aim of creating and taking control of the company chain of supply starting from its employees, suppliers and ending with customers. It also embraces the cutting-edge technology of using the cryogenic food processing’s, and it has two Culinary Innovations Centers and even a research and development center making it circle of supply more production. The center’s core tenet is to ensure OSI Group partner with its clients to develop better and new products that satisfy their needs and also wants, and also it helps in interacting with the latest technology in quality and food safety.

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