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OSI Group: Expanding into the Spanish Food Market

The OSI Group through its subsidiary of OSI Food Solutions recently acquired a new facility thus increasing the operations in the chicken production. The OSI Food Solution in Spain which operates in Toledo made innovations in chicken processing.

The firm introduced the new high capacity production line which increased the annual chicken production to 24,000 tons of chicken products. This is twice what the OSI Group produced previously. The latest expansion move of the OSI Food Solutions Spain aims at increasing the chicken, beef and pork products.

The expansion is set to cater for the rise in the demand for chicken products both in Spain and Portugal. The new building with the production line is set to meet the changing needs of the consumers. The facility is also inclusive of refrigerated rooms catering for waste container storage, employee lounge, supply storage unit and shipping and receiving units and a fully catered for production hall.

The OSI president, David McDonald, commented that the expansion plan is set to increase the firm’s portfolio of products. It is also seen to increase the growth of the food service and the retail account services.

Another major responsibility that the OSI Group is paying attention to is sustainability in its operations with regard to the environment. The firm has shown a vested interest in sustainability depicted through the expansion project in liaison with the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund. The efforts by the OSI have also been recognized by the Chambers of Commerce.

Sheldon Lavin is the acting CEO of the OSI Group. He has been with the firm for over four decades. He has witnessed the consistent growth of the firm from supplying to one client to operating on a global scale with many clients.

David McDonald hails as the Chief Operating Officer of the OSI Group. He has been involved in different roles in the firm, making him gain pivotal experience when it comes to the international business area.

Due to their visionary approach to business, Mr. Sheldon Lavin was awarded the Global Visionary Award. Among other accolades attained by the OSI includes the recent 2017 International Safety Award awarded by the British Safety Council.

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OSI Group Leading the Way in the Food and Beverage Industry

OSI group in the UK were proud to be the winners of the prestigious Globe of Honour Award in the year 2016. This award was presented to the food company by the British Safety Council for the splendid job they kept doing in the management of the environmental risks. The ceremony for the presentation of the award to the winners took place at Draper’s Hall in the City of London on the 25th of November, 2016. OSI Group was one of the eighteen organizations worldwide to get presented with this award. This award is only given to companies and organizations that demonstrate excellence with regards to environmental management. A minimum of a five-star rating by the British Safety Council’s environmental audit is required for any organization to get nominated for the award. Winning therefor, only proves that the company holds the environment with the highest respect and is doing it’s very best to make it better. Additionally, a nominated organization has to prove their worth to an independent panel of experts.

The chairperson of the British Safety Council congratulated the food company before presenting them with the distinguished award. The Chair went on to commend the institution for the excellent job they are continually doing in proper environmental management and the company’s management for providing quality leadership. This company has been operational in the UK since 1989 has won the Globe of Honor award two times before.

OSI Group has rapidly grown to be one of the world’s largest food supplier. This company currently operates more than sixty-five facilities in seventeen countries and boasts of more than twenty thousand employees under their employment program. The company is now one of the largest privately owned organization in modern America with relations to other food-related organizations with global reputations.

Over the years, OSI Group has been able to solidify its claim on the market and food industry through the acquisition of or entering joint ventures with many food processing plants farms and facilities. The company is tirelessly working on becoming a premier global food provider to lead organizations in the world. It is on this prospects that the company recently doubled its chicken processing capacity in Spain. This development got done through the investing of seventeen million Euros that saw processing capacity double from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons of chicken.

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Incredible Entrepreneurial Prowess of Sheldon Lavin

Success in business is not that easy, but calls for a lot of dedication and passion in order to make it. It is such passion and dedication that has seen Sheldon Lavin succeed over and beyond his peers. He has proven his critics wrong with impressive success in all that he does. It is for this reason that he remains a great mentor for young people, who look up to his success. Sheldon Lavin has taken leadership roles throughout his career life, where many have benefited from his impressive leadership skills.

Sheldon Lavin started off his career as an entrepreneur and a banking executive. It was then that he formed a consulting firm, where he would offer sound financial advice. These many years of consulting ensured that he gained a lot of experience, which has seen him excel at positions assumed later on. Sheldon was requested by OSI Group to take up an ownership position, where he could offer financial support to the company. Even if he was interested in his engagement as a consultant, Sheldon agreed to take up the position of CEO with OSI Group.

OSI Group is a company that supplies meat. Sheldon’s input to this company was immense, especially as he was able to help them expand internationally. He literally took the company to another level. His great leadership skills saw him take advantage of opportunities to the companies benefit. It was through him that the company was transformed from just a simple burger supplier into a respectable worldwide food products supplier. These supplies were to various retail brands as well as foodservices. McDonalds has gained amazing reputation in America and worldwide, with everyone walking in for a quick meal, thanks to the effort of Sheldon Lavin.

The entrepreneurial successes of Sheldon have seen him being awarded various awards. He has received an award for community involvement, business production, his integrity, and much more. Sheldon received the Global Visionary Award because of his strength and passion as an entrepreneur. He also believes in giving back to the society, especially considering how his life is blessed. He actively supports and takes part in Ronald McDonald House, where he has been able to assist many families leave the streets. It is acts like these that make Sheldon a real role model to many. People not only gain from his entrepreneurial skills, but also from his philanthropic deeds.

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OSI Inc. Industries Expands Internationally

Do you wonder where your food products come from in a local grocer, or restaurant? Get to know where your food comes from, and what’s in it with true public disclosure. OSI Inc. is a popular food processing company based in Zurich, Illinois, and headed by COO, and president David A. McDonald. His stockholders are proud of their estimated $24 billion dollars in assets. Furthermore, one of their most successful international partnerships is worth $7 million dollars. They have proudly been established since 1992, and continue to be committed to the top food brands available in the food processing industry.

McDonald has played a frontrunner role in the international expansion of OSI. It is important for PRN Newswire readers to know, says McDonald, OSI Industries is an amazing food processing company answering to a stabilized food industry. Their Europe Flagship partnership is estimated to be worth $7 million dollars, and has contributed to the successful of European business. They will operate their food processing plant responsible for processing their condiments, pie fillings, and frozen poultry. OSI has celebrated success with China for over 20 years. They also have a successful partnership with the United States, and Asia, and mimic their international success to their business with the two.

You can find out exactly what’s in your food, and where it comes from. OSI feeds thousands of families without them even being aware they’re being fed an OSI diet. They supply a well balanced meal plan to thousands of families who eat at a restaurant. deli, supermarket, grocer, or meat market. They promise to feed your family by the strict regulations set forth by the government. Their motivated to prompt employees on the safety regulations regarding food processing. Choose the top organic vegetables for your family as a part of OSI Inc.’s food products.

Learn how to become a part of their amazing food processing plant by visiting their website to inquire about one of their unique employment opportunities. They also offer international employmwnt at OSI. Their food products have proudly fed millions of families worldwide with the superior ingredients packed in each food item being processed through their plant.

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Career and Experience of OSI Group’s CEO, Sheldon Lavin

Mr. Lavin Sheldon is broadly known for being the Chairman as well as the CEO at OSI Group. He is known to have an outstanding leadership due to his ability to plan and put in place tactical activities to ensure success alongside the OSI International Foods Ltd. Sheldon occupies the General Trustee’s position at Rush University Medical Centre. Earlier on, he held the directorial position at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

Having been among the managerial committee, he established more than twenty thousand job opportunities universally. The reason behind his success OSI Group style of leadership which is very inclusive and not dictatorial in any way. Those under him, therefore, follow the decisions agreed upon as they are engaged in coming up with them.

He has an experience exceeding forty-three years of service at the meat firm. In the application of his experience, his management of the OSI Group has resulted in positive results. Being a venture capitalist, he efficiently manages the assets of the firm to facilitate smooth operations of the business. In addition to his earlier service as a banker, he provides financial consultations at a personal level. He promoted the transformation of the OSI Group to a higher level and made it attain international ground in supplies of food products for restaurants and hotels. He also serves as the manager alongside the worldwide satellites belonging to the OSI Group.

Having secured the financing of OSI, the outcome was that he received some percentage of ownership in the company. His competency alongside leadership is what the rest of the leaders should make decisions to execute.

For his determination, the business expansion to different regions across the globe has been attained. It was in the year 2016 when he earned himself the Global Visionary Award. This was from the India’s Vision World Academy. The reception of the award earned him increased recognition for his competency.

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