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Brazilian Rally Racer Rodrigo Terpins

Brazilian-born race car driver Rodrigo Terpins is part of a family that has a passion for sports. Along with his brother, Michel, he participates in his country’s Bull Sertoes Rally, which is held annually. His exceptional talent as a rally driver, as well as his perseverance and hard work, is what leads to his successful completions and winnings at these yearly rallies.

The Sertoes Rally is the largest off-road racing event in Brazil, and the Bull Sertoes team that Rodrigo and his brother formed in 2015 is said to be one of the best in the challenging sports event. Rodrigo Terpin’s strong interest for the sport of speed racing began at a very early age, and since then, he has entered many competitions and won a number of awards. In the Sertoes Rally, he races with his team aboard a vehicle known as the T-Rex, which was built by the MEM Motorsport company. You can search on google to see more.

The greatly skilled rally driver graduated from Saint Hilaire College, where he studied Business Management, and he has been the Senior Director of a company named T5 Partipacoes since 2008. Aside from his brother, Michel Terpins, also being an expert rally driver, his father, Jack Terpins, who is currently a real estate investor, was a professional basketball player in the 1960s and 1970s.

He has, so far, completed 5 of the physically challenging Sertoes Rallies, which consists of 7 stages and 2,600 kilometers. Alongside his brother, he won the 2nd stage of the 24th edition of this popular rally that attracts many established race car drivers each year. He was also a participant in the 2011 Mitsubishi Cup Championship. For more details visit mundodomarketing to see more.

Before entering the world of racing, he was once the President of a company named Lojas Marisa, which is a seller of women’s clothing. But his passion for sports led him to pursue his lifelong dream of being on the race track. The decorated and highly celebrated driver has a large fan base, and in order to stay connected to them, he has profiles on several social media websites, and Rodrigo Terpins tries to maintain a respectable online presence.

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