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Why Brazil Needs Felipe Montoro Jens

With the rapid economic growth in Brazil, the country has various construction needs. In rural areas, there is a massive need for new infrastructure projects. Many small cities do not have modern roads or electricity. The government of Brazil has encouraged investments in these areas.

Felipe Montoro Jens is a government contractor who owns a business. Although he started in the real estate industry, he found more financial success by completing government contracts. He is proud of his work so far, but he knows that his business can improve in the coming years. Read more about Montoro Jens at

How Felipe Started His Company

When Felipe was young, he thought he would become a farmer like his parents. However, he noticed how much his parents struggled to earn a consistent income. Farming can be a volatile business for multiple reasons.

He decided to attend college instead of becoming a farmer. He graduated and began working at a large company. After several years of work, he left the company to start a construction business. The first few years of managing the company were challenging, but the company is now thriving.

Why More Roads?

The economy of Brazil is changing. Although the economy was once based on agriculture, more manufacturing companies are moving operations to Brazil. With this shift, the country needs more roads to help transport products to various places.

Constructing new roads is tedious for multiple reasons. The weather in Brazil can be unpredictable, and it is hard for companies to complete projects without interruptions. Felipe has to watch the weather before planning a project.

Future Plans

The latest construction projects assigned to Felipe Montor Jens will take years to complete. In the construction industry, it is difficult to hire workers who will stay with a company for longer than a few months. Felipe is continually recruiting and training new workers.