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Dr. Saad Saad: his legacy and story

Doctor Saad, a pediatric surgeon born in Palestine in the 1940s, retired after 47 years of medical practice, yet the example he set for people in the medical profession and not only them, for people aiming to be good at what they do and be kind to each other, in general, will stay inscribed in everyone’s minds and hearts. Learn more:



An unlikely hero?



When asked about the choice of his profession, Dr Saad starts telling the story of how he fainted on a construction site he was on, in Kuwait, because he had come to visit his brother, who was an engineer. His father, a petroleum mechanic, who had encountered numerous difficulties in terms of poverty and social status throughout his lifetime, advised Dr Saad to get higher education and study as well as possible no matter what, because this was the only way to get a respectable place in society. However, after the fainting accident, Dr Saad realized he would never be an engineer, like his older brother he admired, because he could not stand working out in the heat. So he set his mind on getting a respectable job that would require conditioned air, which is medicine!



What was the key to his success?



When interviewed about his success and ways to achieve in life, he simply says that hard work, humility and dedication have got him very far. After obtention of his medical degree from Cairo University, where he came in 2nd in his class, he got an internship to the United Kingdom and then worked in the United States. There, he became a pediatric surgeon certified by the US Board. He learned his most valuable lessons as a professional and a human being from Dr. H Biemann Othersen, who taught him to be kind, honest and treat all children the same, regardless of race, color, family background or appearance.



What did he revolutionize?



His primary goal was to ease pain for children. He patented two new medical devices: an endoscope with a suction device attached to it, so that the endoscope is not taken away and reinserted during the procedure, and an electromagnetic catheter which detects inserted catheters in children. This way, time was not wasted anymore with MRI’s and children were not exposed to X-rays. Dr. Saad’s love for children and his profession has prompted him to work a lot throughout time and achieve amazing results. He says that research is very important in his profession and encourages it a lot.