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Lime Crime Growing Major Instagram Presence With Crazy Color


Lime Crime makeup company with founder Doe Deere at the helm, continues to attract new fans around the globe with its beauty-forward cosmetics. Radical colors, glitter and unicorns are just a few non-traditional aspects to the modern makeup line.

CEO Doe Deere is thrilled with Lime Crime’s growing popularity featuring two million plus followers now on Instagram. Her makeup junkies love posting their chosen Lime Crime palettes and showing off creative cosmetics designs with the hashtag ‘#limecrime.’

Doe Deere is internet savvy, too, and has successfully built her young business through careful strategy, a unique beauty philosophy and incredible lipsticks and eye shadows that scream, “Look at me, I’m gorgeous!”

Doe Deere thinks it’s wonderful to have fans inspire each other with their makeup selections, and that is why Instagram follower photos are also hosted on Lime Crime’s shopping website. Women and men, too, get great ideas on what they can choose, and if it means banana-colored lips, then go for it. Doe Deere wants young people to be fearless through self-expression, something her cosmetics have been developed to do. Social media allows for instant feedback, and she believes that helps develop the brand to the best it can be.

Doe Deere’s original liquid to matte lipsticks have been copied and copied but never duplicated perfectly by the competition. Lime Crime’s Velvetines feature striking shades like Alien (green), Beet It (deep berry-pink) and Bleached (peachy nude) that go on smoothly and dry with a velvet finish that lasts and lasts. Plus, the pigmentation quality is unbeatable.

Doe Deere fondly refers to her fans as unicorns, because she believes it takes a special person to put on her bold makeup colors. She has always been a trendsetter, even as a young girl born in Russia. She was creative, attracted to wild colors and patterns, and that has stayed with her through life. Doe Deere began her own makeup company, because she said she couldn’t find cosmetics that were playful and bold. She then moved to New York City, began honing her craft, and Lime Crime was born.

Doe Deere’s company name is uncommon, but then again, so is she. Lime Crime has stuck and with good reason. Today, Doe has suggested Lime Crime stands for color revolution, breaking the rules, and not being afraid to color outside the lines. By doing that, the company CEO has allowed more women and men to find their own unique standards of beauty.

What looked taboo even a few years ago, is now a piece of beauty culture. Blue lipstick is hot, trendy and hitting the red carpet. Doe Deere has been behind blue lipstick for years now. It’s about time everyone else is catching up.

Watch this interview with Doe Deere on Youtube.

Wengie YouTube Sensation

A recent article in Allure featured a story that is of interest to women as well as men. It stated that brushing one’s hair correctly causes hair growth. The story went on to state that a boar’s hair bristle brush would stimulate the scalp and cause the hair follicles to grow more rapidly. If true, this could cause a revolution for women and especially men who are prone to male pattern balding. Read the full article here. But before you rush out to buy boar’s hair bristle brushes, be aware they are pricey. Out of a sense of research, I found one selling for $230. at Nordstroms. Probably worth it.
There is one beauty expert who knows all the answers to our beauty and lifestyle questions; Wengie.
Wengie is a YouTube sensation. If you are one of the over 1 million viewers of her channel, you’ll know who Wengie is and can probably explain why she is popular. She has created her individual beauty channel on YouTube and her hard work, and creative sensibilities are shown off for her viewers. Her target audience is girls age 11-21. It’s a broad demographic and one advertisers covet. Wengie covers the broad gamut of struggles facing young people in this media-frenzied world. She is appealing in a quirky sort of way, not gorgeous but attractive, not voluptuous but thin and trim. Wengie represents the type of friend everyone from 8-80 wants to have. She is definitely not staid but not outrageous either. Wengie is Wengie.
The facts may offer clues about what lies beneath the persona of Wengie. Her given name is Wendy Ayche. Her parents were of Australian and Chinese descent, She is currently engaged, this year she turned thirty, she, previously, worked in marketing making six figures and has been putting together her channel for almost three years now. She is selective about accepting sponsors and usually holds out for the best offers. Wengie is, in fact, a third millennia successful business person. She is a brand.

Doe Deere Breaks the Rules and Wins

Doe Deere is someone that loves to break the rules. She has made a name for herself as a person that knows how to elevate her brand, Lime Crime, by actually going against this grain. This is unorthodox, but in the makeup industry it really works to her advantage to stand out as the rebel. The reality is that consumers like what Doe Deere represents. She is the person that people look to when they are interested in finding some lip gloss, eye liner or makeup that is unlike what everyone else is wearing. Doe Deere has always been unique and she has clearly presented herself as the lightning rod for controversy that women love to follow on social media.

She isn’t using any high profile celebrity names, but she still manages to give the bigger companies a real run for the money as a small company with an increasingly large customer base. Lime Crime is certainly becoming an organization that is worthy of attention, and many females are spreading the word about it.

If there was a cosmetics bible it would be safe to say that Doe Deere has never read it. She doesn’t have any celebrity endorsements. She hasn’t done much advertising in print media, and this is where a large majority of the big companies advertise. Doe Deere has also failed to present commercials, and this is another method of marketing that has become an essential part of the equation.

With Doe Deere she chose to put her time into marketing indirectly through social media. She didn’t follow the cosmetics handbook, but she realized that she didn’t have to. Doe Deere was breaking the rules, and she realized that this would be the only thing that would actually work in her favor. She wasn’t traditionalist so she could not take the tradition route in this journey and survive. Doe Deere was mindful of the fact that she was a loner in an industry that has been dominated by the same few companies for decades.

It is possible that her Unicorn makeup was audacious enough to inspire more people to go against the grain with their makeup choices. It is very possible that she was able to look out at the new line of makeup products and develop something that would stand out from the competition. That is what has allowed her unique brands of lipstick to sell well. The names are unique, and there colors are bright and totally unpredictable. She is breaking the rules, but her fans are loving it.

There is one other rule that Doe Deere breaks, and this seems to be the thing that has nourished her success the most: she is marketing her own makeup. For so many years the CEO for cosmetic companies have led from the background. No one saw them. No one knew them, and consumers definitely did not see these corporate leaders trying on their makeup products. Doe Deere, however, connects with customers.

Break Fashion Rules With Help From Doe Deere

Fashion is about many things. Some people think that fashion is about being yourself while others love the idea of fashion as a great art form. Most people agree that rules are fashion are rules that we can all use to best advantage. While one person may find that breaking fashion rules allows them to be able to decide on the kind of clothing they want to wear each day, another person may aim for fashion rules that are their for a specific and special occasion. All those who are interested in the subject will want to find a mentor they can copy.

One such fashion mentor that many people have come to admire over the years is fashionista Doe Deere. Deere is someone who knows fashion well and loves it very much. She has chosen to make fashion her entire life’s work. In doing so, she has helped inspire others to do the same and follow in her footsteps. Deere understands that clothing has power and that this power can be used effectively. In a recent interview for Bustle Magazine, Deere shares her secrets to an ideal fashion look with readers of the magazine and her fans. In the interview, she talks about her own personal fashion rules and how she likes to break prior rules that have been set up over time by others. Her own knowledge of fashion is quite vast. She draws on this understanding to talk about her own sense of style in the article.

For example, she points out that rules such as never mixing patterns need not be a hindrance for someone who loves such patterns. The same is true to her for someone who loves to work with all kinds of colors. Just because the rules say not to mix multiple kinds of colors does not mean that anyone should follow rules. One should not let their love of color dictate such rules. Many people have discovered that Deere is right to suggest and that that doing so can help them feel free and elegant at the same time.

Deere started her own cosmetics company, Lime Crime, because she loves such vibrant colors. She knows that the use of such colors is an ideal way to help anyone have makeup that is fun. Her company was founded after she began experimenting with all kinds of makeup and bright colors for own look.

Since that time, her company has gone to do well in the market. She has used her own insights to garner a base of fans who seek to follow in her fashion wake and find the best way to use color to help them get a look they want. Her advice helps bring people to her site who want to be able to demonstrate their own love of color and their own sense of play in everything they wear. She knows that her customers look for inspiration to express their own inner creativity and their own personal true style sense.

Making Makeup with Doe Deere

When you look at all the brands of makeup out in the stores it can be very overwhelming. Famous names popping up as the face of the brand or the names of celebrities as the brand. So when you think of going out there and starting up your own line of cosmetics it’s probably not what your financial planner would call a good investment. However, sometimes there is that one name and that one face that steps out from the darkness and lights up a room. Now meet Doe Deere, with her cosmetic line “Lime Crime” a huge contender in the field.

Doe started her business in 2008 with her amazing belief that color needed to be brought to the masses, and the masses would respond. She was right. Using the internet to it’s fullest potential Doe started her line ‘Lime Crime” using her favorite color and her extensive imagination. She works hand in hand with a chemist when creating her products and makes sure to test all of the new products on herself first. A strong belief in that all of her products should inspire her and move her show we are dealing with an artist and visionary.

One of the most admirable stances of Doe Deere is her belief in throwing out the rules society has imposed on women and their makeup and fashion choices. She has even referred to her customers and followers as unicorns and she herself is referred to as “Queen Unicorn“. Together with her unicorns she is changing those rules. There are color rules we’ve all heard, like don’t wear more than one pattern, don’t mix too many colors. Look at some of Doe’s outfits and you’ll see that not only does she manage to break those rules, but she manages to do it with feminine and classic results.

As for the makeup, the rules of not accentuating more than one part of your face with makeup, or what colors to wear with what hair color are out the window in the Queen Unicorn’s world. It’s all about finding what makes you feel good, what moves you. When you look in the mirror you have to feel as if you are being authentic.

Doe Deere is not your everyday CEO, she rules her life with her creative spirit. She shares her visions with her customers and is constantly trailing the way for new colors and new ways of expression through makeup.

The Value of Doe Deere Logic

Sometimes the big tycoons in the corporate world don’t have a clue as to what they need to do next. Doe Deere is the president of her company, but she isn’t the head of a huge cosmetics company like Cover Girl or Mary Kay Cosmetics. Yet, she has become something of an industry veteran in the world of cosmetics. She has managed to really influence some of the bigger companies because she had a plan, and she implemented it with such great force.

While the rest of the cosmetics world was plotting how customers could be reached through television commercials, Doe Deere had already move on to greener pastures. I am amazed by the fact that Cover Girl spends millions on makeup ads with celebrities and Doe Deere doesn’t use television marketing at all. It shows that Doe Deere is trendy and her Unicorn Makeup is almost like being linked to part of an exclusive club. She can be mentioned in the same breath with the large companies because she has somehow made them take interest in her methods.

The world of cosmetics will never been the same, and we all have Doe Deere to thank for this wonderful transformation. She has made her way into a tough industry, but tough people like Doe Deere are best suited for penetrating these types of markets. She had a quiet rise to popularity, but that is often the way of the social media world. One night a person with a few followers could get a couple of thousand hits. More people have become fans of social media, and Doe Deere is milking this. She knows -without the shadow of a doubt – that her fans are going to stay wired in to her social media accounts. This eliminates any need to spend money on commercials or big names like Katy Perry for advertising. There are many people out there that do not even have cable. They build a world through social media and get all their updates through this.

Doe Deere recognizes the future of advertising, and she hopped on the social media band wagon quickly. This has proven to be the best way for her to stay connected with her fans. I admire what she is doing, and I believe that everyone that is watching her is aware of the success that she is destined for.

There are a lot of fans that have found Doe Deere interesting over the years because she is just like them. That may be the biggest selling point for her makeup brand. People don’t want to buy from leaders that do not believe in what they are selling. They want someone that will embrace the products that they are putting out there. This makes the Lime Crime brand a hot topic. People that see this brand are amazed about the way that Doe Deere markets this brand. She is a real advocate of her products, and she makes the Unicorn makeup look cool to customers.