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Lime Crime Instagram Makes for a Good Marketing Tool

Lime Crime, an innovative make up e-commerce company, has reached a milestone in Instagram. They have reached two million followers, but it is no surprise with its trend-setting designs and dedication to customers.

The company uses Instagram as a way to create an interactive shopping experience. This time is not the first that founder, Doe Deere, has paved the way for interactive shopping experiences. She created the “on lip” lipstick swatch, which is a way for the customer to see how the lipstick looks on a real person.

Now in a clever move, this internet based company has once again went back to its online roots for a marketing tool that worked. Real customers are able to post pictures of their looks with Lime Crime cosmetic products. These photos are posted on Instagram, but they are also posted on the company’s web site. This way potential customers have a chance to see how real people look in their products.

Lime Crime dedicates themselves to customer satisfaction and Instagram is a way to do that. Truly satisfied customers are showcased in Lime Crime inspired looks. Lime Crime’s loyal customers are called “unicorns” and it is no wonder. With the sparkling make up, rich hues, and opaque tones, this make up line was inspired to create works of art.

Doe Deere set out to create a make up company to inspire people to bring out the creativity in themselves. She believed that makeup was not just to cover up imperfections but to bring out the beauty in the person’s face. She has accomplished just that. Her official blog shows the make up line is fun, radical, and even magical. With a palette that allows the customer to play with their looks and colors, it is truly an inspiration.  Also be sure to follow Lime Crime on Twitter and use #LimeCrime to share your looks.