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Lime Crime Has a New Bundled Set for the Holiday Season

Lime Crime is launching new colors of their famous Velvetines line of liquid lipsticks just in time for the holiday season. Five new neutral tones of liquid lipstick have been released. This liquid lipstick is one of a kind. It starts as a liquid lipstick and dries to a matte finish. This lipstick lasts for hours and is velvety soft on lips, unlike other lip products on the market that suck the moisture out of your lips. This unique formula was inspired by founder Doe Deere’s favorite flower which is a red rose. The formula leaves your lips rose petal soft, and are also highly pigmented and long wearing. The formula is infused with French vanilla. The lipstick has a vanilla frosting scent to it, which fades slowly after the product has been applied. The scent is loved by many fans and is one of the things that make this product line unique.

Lime Crime also has gift sets of Velvetines available for the holiday season, which is a great way to stock up on some of your favorite colors. Many bundled deals are offered, and there is sure to be a color collection to suit everyone’s taste. Four different bundles recently became available. The “Burgundy” bundle which has five different color choices in the burgundy and plum family is also one of the limited edition bundles offered this holiday season. The “Girls Girls Girls” bundle that features five different shades in the nude family. These bundles sell for $75 on This is a $100 value and a savings of $25. Stock up before they sell out.

There are also two smaller bundles available for the holidays from Lime Crime. The “Get ur metallic on” bundle which features three metallic shades is also an exclusive lipstick set offered for a limited time. This bundle is available in two different color selections one is a collection of metallic nudes the other is a collection of metallic purples. These bundles sell for $44 on which is a $60 value.

Online personality and beauty blogger Celia Leslie is a huge fan of the Velvetines line. She has a YouTube video where she swatches 24 colors of this liquid lipstick. Her video is very helpful to see what all the shades look like on. She among many other beauty bloggers is a fan of this line.

Lip Balm Purchase Considerations

Buying lip balm is more confusing than ever before. There are now more choices than ever before and lip balms sell in a variety of different price points. Consideration of what constitutes a quality lip balm should involve the following factors.

Lip balms form a protective barrier on the skin of your lips that protect them from dry air and the outside elements. A thick topical layer of a lip balm will help to prevent the lips from drying out and will create a situation where they can retain the limited moisture that your lips do produce. Some brands such as the Evolution of Smooth have a very rich lip balm application, as demonstrated in the brand name, which goes on thick and prevents the seepage of moisture from the lips. This formed barrier can greatly reduce the chapped or dry nature of your lips and protect your lips from damage, particularly during the dry winter months. Make sure that the balm you choose can create an effective barrier to the elements.

All natural ingredients will also make a difference in the lip balm that you use. artificial additives will tend to dry out your lips and natural and organic products can make a real difference in your lip balm. Burt’s Bees and Evolution of Smooth excel here put a focus on keeping their products natural and have excelled here. That is why they want flavorful lip balm. These products are available on both Walmart and Ulta.

Finally be aware of the flavor options. Many people like lip balms that have a tasty yet subtle flavor that doesn’t overwhelm the lips and taste buds, particularly when they reapply the lip balm many times throughout the day. Other people like fruity or menthol flavors. Avoid peppermint oil and camphor as it dries the lips though and can be counter productive as a result.

Be selective but experimental with your lip balms. Sometimes it takes some time searching around to find the right lip balm for your needs.