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EOS Review Natural Lip Balms

EOS lip balms have achieved enormous popularity that is due to their unique shape and that they are natural and organic products. A video review by Nilla Watson discussed all the great things that the consumer should know about this wonderful lip balm product. The reviewer in the video admits that she is totally obsessed with the natural and gluten free products. She knew that a lot of people would like to know more about the product and shared her thoughts on the product in the video.

EOS Lip Balms

The reviewer states that EOS lip balms are a wonderful product. She’s totally obsessed with the lip balms. They are organic, natural, and contain plenty of anti-oxidant ingredients which are very good for your lips. This is especially important for anyone that has very dry lips and would prefer an organic product to treat and soothe their lips. It’s quite easy to see that the reviewer is a big fan of the Evolution Of Smooth lip balms because she shares her collection, which probably contains several of the top flavors or scents.

Highly Recommended

The reviewer highly recommends the EOS lip balms. The lip balms unique shape make it super easy to carry them around in your pocket or in a handbag. It’s even easy to open up the little round orbs with the twist of a finger across the top of the orb. Inside, you will see a round shape of lip balm that is absolutely perfect for applying to your lips. Most lip balms in containers require you to dip your finger in the container and use your fingers to apply the lip balm to your lips. However, the EOS lip balm is easily applied straight out of the container. Simply smooth the lip balm across lips and close the container.

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Its trending EOS lip balm review

Finding a lip balm that works can be hard; especially when your lips are chapped from hash weather. EOS has just released a Medicating Pain Reliving Lip Balm which id made with real chamomile ( The best part is the price tag, it only costs three dollars. Chamomile has phenolic compound, which can work as antioxidants. The balm also contains menthol, which is what giving it the nice cooling feeling. The balms has many other good ingredients some are; aloe, cocoa and shea butters and even olive oils. You can find this balm at any local drug store and it is very affordable. I encourage you to give this a try you will be satisfied.

EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth, they have created many fun and stylish lip balms in many colors and flavors. EOS has a website that is very easy to use and shows what their balms offer. They also make hand and body lotions as well as shave creams. The website offers an option to create an account that you can link to social medias, that way you can always stay up to date on new balms. The website also has a search engine so you can locate where to buy the balms nearest to you. Usually they can be found at local drug and super stores.  Check

Famous people like Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian have been spotted with EAOS products in their bags. EOS is a 250 million dollar company, and second best selling lip balm in the country. EOS created its lip balm to favor women’s taste ( ¬†They saw a huge opportunity when pot balms became popular; however women did not like to apply balms with their hands. EOS was able to create something to fulfill both aspects. EOS is popular balm that keeps up to date but making new flavors and colors, which means they have a little something for everyone.