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Richard Dwayne Blair Wealth of Financial Market Knowledge

When it comes to investment, one has to be careful where they invest. Many people wait till they are in their 30s to start saving and investing money. According to Richard Dwayne Blair, one has to start investing their money early on so that they can save a huge amount of money for their retirement. Also, when one starts to invest at an early age even if with a small amount, they can benefit hugely from it. Richard Dwayne Blair is one of the top financial advisors in the country who serves a large number of clients in varied fields.

Richard Dwayne Blair is an investment advisor with the company Wealth Solutions. He has helped hundreds of people with their financial problems and also put in an excellent strategy to grow their wealth. He not only believes in helping his clients but also makes efforts to educate their clients so that they too know where their money has been invested. He has excellent reviews from his clients who depend on him for their financial decisions. Richard Dwayne Blair has a simple approach when it comes to creating a strategy for their clients. The first thing that he does is listen to his clients and understand their needs. He is patient and ensures that his clients can share their requirements with them. Once he has all this information with him, he creates different strategies that he discusses with his clients. Once the strategies are confirmed, they are immediately implemented and also monitored over time.

Richard Dwayne Blair went to the prestigious University of Houston from where he received his degree in Finance. He then joined the financial industry straightaway as he was always keen to know more about it. He was quick to grasp how the financial world works and studied more to become an expert that he is today. But, for him, learning is an ongoing process, and he spends time studying the market so that he can provide the best investment options to his clients. He is known for the good investment decisions that has helped his clients grow their wealth to a great extent.

Peter Briger: President and Co-Chairman of Fortress Investment Group

About Peter Briger

Peter Briger works at the Fortress Investment Group where he holds a position as the company’s President and co-chairman. He has a Business Administration degree from the Princeton University and a Masters of Business Administration degree from Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Before joining the Fortress Corporation, Peter worked for several other organizations and acquired skills necessary to help him through his field of work. He worked for Goldman, Sachs & Co for 15 years. During his tenure with this organization, Peter served as a partner. He has managed to accumulate more than 20 years of experience in asset management. He has also served on several other committees such as the Global Control and Compliance Committee. He has been actively involved in the Asian Management Committee.Apart from being a businessman, Peter is also a philanthropist who takes great pride in helping the community at large. He is involved in foundations such as the Silicon Valley Leadership Council for the Global Fund for Children that seeks to help disadvantaged children. He also educates the public on foreign policies and manages to accomplish this task through his position at the Council on Foreign Relations where he is a member.

Peter Briger’s Role at the Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is an investment company that manages other people’s investment. The company reportedly has $43.6 billion assets under its management. Peter Briger joined Fortress Investment Group in 2002 with the aim of spearheading the company into the real estate business, which was a big change from the company’s usual private equity business. His work with this company has been exceptional and has managed to help the company raise $4.7 billion that was directed to a specific fund known as the Fortress Credit opportunities Fund IV. This fund was raised in the first quarter of the year.

Under his management, Fortress Corporation has managed to maintain its position as an asset management leader. Peter Briger’s achievements have not gone unrecognized. He was recently featured on the Forbes list of top 400 business professional. Even though he has dedicated most of his time helping Fortress Investment Group become the successful business it is today, Peter is also involved in several other ventures. He holds a position on the Board of Directors of Princeton University Investment Company. He also supports the Central Park Conservancy. Peter Briger has built a reputation as a highly intelligent leader who is dedicated to his work and his employees.

Mr. Peter Briger of Fortress Investment Group Retains his Leadership Position

Without a doubt, managing the financial structure of an organization so that it reaches its goals and objectives is a smart move towards success. Strategic financial management involves the specific planning and usage of resources in a company in order to attain the objectives. That is where Fortress Investment Group comes in as a financial planner for its clients. Fortress Investment Group LLC prides itself on being a highly diversified company that deals with global investment management. Currently holding about $43.6 billion in assets, the company is run a group of co-principals who share the same vision of ideas in business. One of the co-principal is Peter Briger.

Peter Briger is a leading co-principal at Fortress Invetment Group LLC. He has also been the co-chairman of the board from August 2009 and then the director of the board since November 2016. As the lead co-chief executive officer, Peter Briger oversees the entire operations of the company in various departments. Aside from that, he works as the advisory chairman at Spearhead LLC. Besides, he has also been a substantial contributor to Caliber Schools where he is a lead senior executive. Over and above, Briger has a long career that spreads to Tipping Point as well as Princeton University Investment Firm. As such, it is only right to place him as a lead executive and team leader for many projects within Fortress Investment Group. That is not all for Briger. He is the lead executive for Special Surgery Hospital, but before that, he worked at Goldman Sachs as the assistant cheerleader of Whole Loan Sales as well as Trading Business.

Besides, he also spread his skills into Fixed Income Principal Group of Investment while serving at Asian Distressed Debt business as well. For Briger, the service delivery involved more than just revenue generation as he worked with clients to achieve their financial goals.Briger is one of the co-principals that shall retain their seats as Fortress Investment Group moves to Softbank Group. Since the business has been sealed, it is only healthy for the management to take a new dimension. Even so, since Peter Briger has been instrumental in building the company to the top level that it now enjoys, he shall move to Softbank Group still, as a co-principal.Mr. Briger served a business advisor for International Finance Corporation in which he offered his advice on matters regarding distressed debt. Alongside with being a dedicated board member of Linktone Ltd, he is an alumnus of Wharton Business School.

Louis Chenevert: The CEO and the Chairman of United Technologies Corporation

Louis Chenevert is the CEO and the chairman of United Technologies Corporation (UTC). He was elected the chairman in 2010 and as the CEO and the president in 2008. Before joining the UTC, he had served as the director, COO and the president of United Technologies. Previously, he was the president of Pratt and Whitney. In 1993 before joining Pratt & Whitney, he spent 14 years working for General Motors as the general production manager at St Therese Operation General motors.

Louis Chenevert studied at Montreal University where he earned a degree in Bachelor of Commerce in Production Management. In 2011, he earned an Honorary Doctorate from Montreal University. He is the Montreal International Advisory Chairman and also the chairman and the founding director of Friend of HEC.

His idea of UTC was brought up by a small team of executives in a small group who had a profound understanding of clients’ needs and hunger to deliver quality products. Louis brought many ideas to the company. For example, he introduced a GTF engine that was game-changing as it would reduce fuel burn by 20%, reduce noise by 50% and reduce some parts by 30%. This contributed to very lower cost all through its life cycle. He developed new x2 machinery at Sikorsky that would increase the speed and adjust the noise signature of a helicopter.

Louis used to bring ideas by focusing on engineering and operational talents which are essential for delivering concepts that produce results that gather revenue and exceeds the expectations of the clients. He focused on preserving an effective leadership team which was provided with autonomy, funds, and tools to achieve game-changing products. It could also be followed by an intense review to make sure the main objectives were achieved. Some of the habit that made Louis Chenevert productive as a businessman is a restless follow-up, being optimistic and passionate, tremendous focus, investing his time on pushing agendas, providing operational executives with everything they need and ignoring internal politics. All these practices have played vital roles in his professional and personal success. Louis focuses on thinking big and eliminating roadblocks.

Technology and fashion: An uncommon and unique union of the 21st century

The fashion industry and the technological industry has gone through massive changes since they became a part of the human culture. Today, fashion and technology that we know of are miles ahead of what it used to be. With times, technology has become the new fad and fashionable while fashion has become technologically fashionable. Chris Burch has presented a brief glimpse into the past and the present which affects the immediate future of the two entities.

The recent past and the current now

Technology grows with the popularity of what one considers fashionable which holds the truth. The mating of technology and fashion in recent times has given rise to their new lovechild which Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht proudly incorporates into her designs. Anouk has been known to design styles like a drink making-dress, the Daredroid and Pseudomorphs, the self-painting dress which garnered much attention on fashion ramps.

The future

Fashion and tech are also advancing towards making the human race safe with certain unique inventions like a system that was made for one to wear around the neck called an airbag for cyclists. The aim was that in the case of a fall, an airbag emerges and saves the cyclist. There is another invention called the frontline gloves that will be used by firefighters which would allow them to communicate with simple hand gestures. Designers also seem to be using recycled materials to make t-shirts and jackets out of them.

Can technology and fashion work cohesively with each other?

Chris is of an opinion that technology and fashion can work very well with each other for instance, the introduction of Google’s glasses.  For more of his insights, check one of his past interviews on   It seemed plausible from a geek’s point of view and not otherwise. Add to that the cost of the product and we had a failure. Fashion came along to help in this regard with top fashion designer Diane Von Furstenberg incorporating those very glasses on the ramp with her models.

The fashion world and technology have a lot to contribute and can certainly work in unison with each other. Technology doesn’t just help create beautiful fashion but helps in creating functional fashion. Likewise for fashion. The two can come together and help create a better world.

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is the founder of Burch Creative Capital. He started his career as an undergrad at Ithaca College after the completion of which Chris and his brother started the Eagles Eyes Apparel which grew to $165 million which was ultimately sold. Chris has a diverse investment portfolio and has been instrumental investing in various businesses most notable of them being the real estate ventures spanning across North and South America. For a glimpse of his diverse investment portfolio, head over to

Here’s a look at one of his awesome investment, click on this.

The year 2011 saw Chris Burch venturing into the fashion world with investments in TRADEMARK. He is currently supporting various consumer product brands ranging from apparel to organic food industries. Apart from being an entrepreneur, Chris also spends his time in philanthropic efforts like research and other initiatives in Mt. Sinai hospital in New York and the Henry Street Settlement.

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