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Police Using Securus Technologies to Prevent Crimes

Part of my duties as a police officer is making use of any and all resources to help keep the streets of our city safe. Each day that a violent offender is able to get away without being taken into custody, then innocent civilians are going to be in harm’s way. When the call came in that we had a repeat offender who was just released from jail already back to committing home invasions, I knew we had to take action fast.


One of the things that I will do is go right to family and friends to see if they are willing to cooperate and help close this case. In this particular situation, no one wanted to come forward because they feared the suspect would be able to figure out who told and he would be back for revenge. When you have even family or friends that terrified, it is extremely urgent we get the suspect into custody fast. I decided that I would return to the jail he was released from to collect my evidence.


Knowing that inmates are less likely to talk than close family, we decided our presence in the jail would get these inmates excited enough to run to the phones to call family and friends. We knew Securus Technologies installed the telephone monitoring service here in this prison, and we know that the LBS software can instantly pick up chatter on a number of key search terms.


It wasn’t long after we arrived that a few inmates were already on the phone warning their families to get a message to the suspect we were looking for him. These inmates are aware we can hear them, so we assumed they thought by all talking together we would miss something. The Securus Technologies doesn’t miss anything and lead us right to the location.


Securus Technologies: BBB Confirms Their Excellent Reputation

I recently read an online article published on The article announced that Securus Technologies has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of Texas. Securus is a premier leader in civil and criminal justice technology solutions, says the article.


Their Vice President of Operations, Danny de Hoyos, was quoted as saying how hard they have worked with the Lone Star State to get such a high rating. Hayes also said that Securus has received formal accreditation in print. The article listed all of the requirements that a business must do before getting a high rating from the BBB.


First of all, the company has to build trust with customers. They need a good history in the marketplace. Their advertisement must be honest, and they must keep with the standards of selling and advertisement, says the article. Being honest means that the business must tell the truth in representing their products and services.


A business also needs to be transparent, says the BBB. All of their policies and procedures should be clearly disclosed. They should also honor any promises that are in written or verbal agreements. If there are any disputes, they should be resolved promptly and professionally. The article also says that the BBB requires businesses to safeguard the privacy of all of their client’s personal and financial information.


The business should be an example of integrity in the community, says the article.

I also read that Securus now has one of the largest customer service departments in the industry. They have 220 representatives in their domestic call center. Since this improved the control over how customer service is handled, the BBB standards were met for accreditation says the article. With the large volume of calls received in customer service, the article says that Securus’ call center has a 4.3 out of 5 for a customer satisfaction score. It represents the company’s commitment to its clients and to the standards of the BBB, says the article.


Hoyes says that the BBB has confirmed that Securus meets their standards. He also says that they confirm the fact that Securus is the largest facility provider with the most solutions and the largest team. Richard A. Smith, CEO of Securus, says how glad he is that the company got BBB accreditation. He says that it is proof that his company really does what they say they do. Smith says that they appreciate the scrutiny of the Better Business Bureau, says the article.

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How Technology Helps With Law Enforcement

While people do have all different types of feelings and ideas about technology, they must admit that it does help with law enforcement. Securus technologies has demonstrated that technology is good about helping officers solve cases. Among the uses of technology is DNA matching as well as video surveillance. However, there is one weakness that has plagued law enforcement technology up until recently. The technology that has been available have only been able to catch people after the crime. For instance, people that have committed certain acts like robbery, assault, and acts of violence were only caught after they have committed these acts. Fortunately, JLG Technologies has come up with something that enables law enforcement officers to actually prevent crimes from occurring. This is a software called Investigator Pro 4.0.


Investigator Pro uses a lot of technological advancements that help law enforcement officials act before a crime is committed. Among the advantages that come with the new technology is the ability of law enforcement officials to be able to select a voice sample. This is a huge step from just using an ID or a phone number. Therefore, inmates or perpetrators will not be able to use alternating numbers to avoid getting caught.


With technology from Securus, law enforcement officers are more able to serve and protect in a more efficient manner. Securus is also putting together inventions that are designed to help inmates during their prison term. For one thing, prison is not just meant to be punishment for crimes, but also an educational rehabilitation center that is meant to redirect the inmates so that they can be more productive. When inmates are given something to work towards, they will find themselves with a greater ability to work towards a better and more productive life. Securus is one company that is working towards a better life all around.


Securus Video Visitation – Everyday from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.