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What Makes Organo Gold’s Coffee Exceptional from the typical Coffee?

The world coffee production in the year 2009 and 2010 came to about 125.2 million bags as per the statistics of National Coffee Association. This made coffee the second most consumed beverage all over the world after water. As a result of these numbers, a Canadian firm Organo Gold company makes use of these facts by offering multilevel marketing structure to those coffee sellers who want to promote their coffee. It is important to understand that Organo Gold does not use retail stores or coffeehouses to offer their products. What happens is that distributors come to purchase the products from the company and through their efforts; the distributors sell the products to earn a 50% commission.

The firm blends gourmet coffee beans Ganoderma lucidium which is a traditional Asian herb which is best known  to control cholesterol. The herb which is also known as reishi is known to contain antiviral qualities which make the Organo Gold coffee healthier than the typical coffee. Apart from the coffee, the company also produces Ganoderma blended green tea, Ganoderma-infused latte blend; Ganoderma blended hot chocolate as well as Ganoderma supplements. According Business for Home which is a multilevel marketing news website Organo Gold raised revenues of about $35 million worldwide in 2010 alone. This is after the sales of its products to the U.S, Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Peru, Philippines, Canada and Jamaica.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua who is a veteran when it comes to the network marketing industry. Mr. Chua together with co-founder Shane Morand works in harmony where Morand is in charge of the company’s direct selling boards. The firm works with a Scientific Advisory Board with Dr. Irma Prado as its chief medical consultant. Li Ye is the founder and heads the Organo Gold’s partner company. Dr. Li Xiaoyu is the one who certifies the organic ingredients that are put in the coffee. The firm has operational offices both in Canada and the United States.

UK Charity Sightsavers on their International Work

There are a number of things able-bodied people may take for granted on a day-to-day basis. When it comes to our sight, individuals with healthy eyes do not have to think twice about how they will complete daily chores. Those who are visually impaired, however, need access to resources that help them manage these seemingly effortless tasks. In a lot of instances, these individuals may not be afforded the time, energy, or finances that it may take to obtain the things that are necessary for an adequate quality of life, but Sightsavers is looking to change that.

The variety of conditions that can affect our vision may appear later on in life or affect us in the earliest stages of childhood development. Providing visually impaired children with the necessary tools can be a challenge for their families, for reasons we previously mentioned. With the help of Sightsavers, six local Atlanta families were able to obtain the machines needed for them to complete things like homework and reading. The machine itself is the Onyx electronic video magnifier. This machine can magnify text and images up to 131 times and can adjust the contrast of objects, making them easier to see. These machines not only provide a visual aid, they have the capability to give these children independence.

Sightsavers has committed to donating these machines annually in thirteen different states, something that has the potential to change the lives of a number of visually impaired children. In addition to the initiatives Sightsavers has taken here in the States, they have offered their aid to a number of people in India by assisting with things like cataract surgery, and training to help secure employment for adults who deal with blindness.

The people who were afforded these resources have no doubt had their lives changed forever. None of us can truly appreciate the difficulty of navigating important milestones in our lives when receiving less than reasonable accommodation at work, school, or in home environments. The road to equal opportunity can be more muddled for some of us than others. With the help of resources like this, we can enrich the lives of millions of people. With the aid of companies like Sightsavers, ensuring success for the differently abled is not such a far-off dream.

The Progressive Actions of Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot is a medical care business expert who resides in Denver Colorado. She learned her studies while attending Southern Illinois University and got a bachelors certificate in nursing. Deirdre additionally went to Loyola School of Business in Illinois for her MBA. Colorado University is the place she achieved her PhD. Deirdre Baggot began her work in 1997 at Northwestern Memorial. At this healing center she was the asset organizing and medical attendant of all staff. While she was working there, she additionally filled in as the chief of Hospital Administration. Deirdre Baggot would remain with the doctor’s facility for a long time and continued to migrate to Michigan to join Michigan University’s wellbeing framework. Amid her time at Michigan, she was the business examiner and furthermore held the situation of Administrative Manager. Her diligent hard working attitude and empathy earned her the honor for Outstanding Leadership. Learn more about Deirdre Baggot on Ideamensch

Amid 2006, she moved to Denver, Colorado turning into The director for Cardiac and Vascular Institute. Baggot drove a group of more than 450 individuals while at the foundation. A portion of the targets she had were paid were contracting, showcasing and business improvement to give some examples. She would remain with the organization for a long time; opening up 11 new center areas previously proceeding onward.

Deirdre, at that point moved to California. While here, she turned into the senior VP at GE Healthcare accomplices. She has shown up on in PR appears all through her profession. She expresses that the Affordable Care Act Policy resulted in much better outcomes for patients all over. This demonstration gives Americans less demanding access to precaution mind and dire care also. Baggot additionally says that human services chairmen shouldn’t run with their gut, however rather roll out improvements in light of cautious thought. Doing so will show more compassion and yield better results

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Brian Torchin, a Staffing Guru

Finding the right replacement in an organization can be hard. Different people can possess a similar educational background and similar experience in terms of exposure and years. The USA workforce is going through a period of massive retirements (due to the baby boomer generation) and there is a huge need to replace the vacant positions. HCRC Staffing as a company has been the solution provider for the last number of years. Founded by the ambitious Brian Torchin, the company has been the best option for (especially short time notice) replacements.

As an integral part of the staffing industry, the company has more than 200 companies as clients. These companies are scattered in the USA, Europe, Canada, and Australia. The consistency of the company is giving companies the best replacements is the reason the company is competitive. The company’s clients include private hospitals, urgent caregivers and all medical practitioners in the private sector. View CNN iReport about Brian Torchin

According to Brian Torchin, their recruitment process is different from philosophy to structural details. Unlike the mainstream staffing and recruitment, the company goes further to give companies, not just replacements but the best replacements. Recruiting is matching abilities to the vacant requirements. For them, however, it goes beyond replacement to help the companies get the best candidate aligned with the company dream and vision. The company helps the companies hire health workers, physical therapists, podiatrists, dentists, nurses, and doctors.

Brian Torchin has had one of the most exciting career paths: from a chiropractor to a CEO of a staffing company. As a chiropractor from 2007, he was always interested in getting the best from potential employees. From his Twitter account, he is an interactive person and a regular user of the platform. He mostly tweets about employment opportunities and links. With over 1000 followers and over 68,000 tweets, his account is always full of opportunities.

According to him, the best piece of advice for an entrepreneur is to be constant awareness of trends. Read his Articles:


Why Waiakea Water is 2018’s Hottest Trend

Waiakea Water is special beyond its embodiment of Hawaiian culture. This volcanic water company started in 2012 and have been making a name for themselves in the industry as one of the most innovative and environmentally-conscious companies in the game. “Wai akea,” meaning broad waters, is the perfect way to incorporate Hawaiian culture on the companies surface. On top of its unique name, Waiakea Water is going to fully switch to the world’s first fully degradable water bottle in 2018. Making them one step ahead of other companies. The reason behind why the water is called “volcanic water” is because of its filtering process. Waiakea Volcanic Water is filtered by running through 14k feet of porous volcanic rock of the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii on the big island of Hawaii.

If all of these three things combined aren’t enough to convince you, let’s talk the benefits of drinking volcanic water. Waiakea Water is enriched with tons of natural electrolytes and minerals that are crucial for your body’s health. It has a natural alkaline level of 8.8 pH; this means that this volcanic water instantly reverses pepsin–acid reflux. The consumption of volcanic water may even have therapeutic benefits for those who struggle with acid reflux.

Waiakea Water are not only environmentally conscious and the first of its kind, but also hold numerous ethical, sustainable, and charitable attributes. For each liter Waiakea sells they donate 1 weeks worth of water to those in need. Their mission is to sustainably provide naturally healthy volcanic water while promoting and participating in clean water distribution for people all throughout the world; making it as accessible as possible.

Waiakea Water has won six awards for their creation of ethical and sustainable water bottles. They’ve been featured in over 10 different magazines, TV shows, and competitions. Waiakea is the most award-winning bottled water and beverage in the US. Waiakea works with over 14 distributors to bring its volcanic water to: Whole Foods, Wawa, Gold’s Gyms, Albertsons, and hundreds of other retail, foodservice, and fitness locations in over 30 states.

Eric Lefkofsky and Tempus Lead the Medical Community in New Cancer Research

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder and CEO of Tempus, Inc and graduate of University of Michigan Law School. His company focuses on cancer research and is in collaboration with the Nation Cancer Institute. The company is just under 4 years old, but somehow they have made several advancements in modern medicine and raised 130 million dollars in funding for cancer research.

Even though the company devotes most of its attention to cancer research, the company is responsible for a few of the newest breakthroughs in medicine.

Since the company was created in 2015, they have accomplished groundbreaking work in gene therapy and gene editing and have created biotechnologies that can be used to treat diseases that were believed to be untreatable prior to the biotechnologies creation.

In 2017, Lefkofsky and company were delighted to hear that the FDA approved their new medicine for use with patients that have a rare form of inherited vision lost.

Tempus are behind new pathogen sequencing technology that allows for rapid sequencing of pathogen genomes. These tools allow for rapid public response, should an unknown disease suddenly appear in an isolated location.

Tempus has created the worlds first smartwatch meant to monitor blood pressure.

The most impressive thing on the list of accomplishments by Tempus may be new immunotheraphy for cancer. Axicabtageneciloleucel(marketed as Yescarta), treats the patients refractory aggressive B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma and a drug marketed as Kymriah is for pediatric and youg adult patients with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Both of which have recently been approved by the FDA.

When Lefkofsky isn’t leading the world in cancer research he is working with his charity, The Lefkofsky Family Foundation. He established the foundation in 2006 and has been working to expand cultural initiatives, propel medial research, and work for expanded human rights for women and girls.

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Why Everyone Should Take Advantage of Lifeline Screenings’ Easy Test Process

Lifeline Screening offers several different screening tests that you can take in order to find out more about your health.

First, there are the blood tests. Lifeline Screening realizes that many people detest taking blood tests, pardon the pun, because they do not like blood being drawn from them. However, Lifeline Screening offers a new method that does not have the regular issues involved with blood tests. Their blood tests only require a simple prick on the finger, which you will hardly feel.

There are also ultrasound screenings. They have unique and advanced technology that can be used in order to detect various cardiovascular issues.

There is also the electrocardiograph. They are also known as EKG. EKG is a great way to detect if you have an irregular heartbeat. An irregular heartbeat can indicate the risk of a stroke or various other problems.

Perhaps you are wondering why it is important to take tests. The truth is that cardiovascular problems play a role in twenty five percent of all deaths in the United States among both men and women. Not only that, but twenty percent of deaths can be prevented by changing your lifestyle and improving your eating and exercising habits. Heart disease is among the leading causes of death, yet you hardly find people who are aware of what is going on in their hearts.

The truth is that heart disease often goes undetected for a long period of time. It may not show any symptoms, but it may be there. The only way you will know if it is there is if you take screenings. Otherwise, you may end up waiting until a heart attack occurs, God forbid. Heart attacks can be fatal, and even if they are not, they often cause long lasting damage. The only way to make sure that there are no hidden problems in your heart is by taking a screening test.

Fortunately, Lifeline Screening offers a screening process that is easy and affordable. You can register and take your test one-two-three, and you will be in a better position overall regarding your health. In addition, studies have shown that people who take screening tests, even if it ends up that they did not have any problems, are usually more aware of their health and more likely to take better care of themselves. They are more likely to eat healthier and exercise more.

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Oncotarget, the Trusted Medical Journal

Oncotarget is a weekly medical journal that publishes research papers on cancer research and various aspects of oncology. It also publishes papers on endocrinology, immunology, physiology, age-related diseases, and pathology as these all affect tumor development in one way or another. Anyone can access the journal for free. It is peer-reviewed, ensuring that all the information published is accurate.Ever since 2010 when Oncotarget published its first paper, it has done a great job at enlightening the public and those with any kind of interest in developments in the field of oncology and cancer. Andrei Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny are the editors in chief of the journal. When authors submit their manuscripts for consideration, the editors review them and either accept them, recommend a few changes to be made, or reject them. This is all in an effort to ensure the information published in the journal is of high quality and is accurate. The journal has a Creative Commons license, proving its legitimacy.

Effect of Nutrition on Cellular Rejuvenation

One article published by Oncotarget discusses the effect of nutrition on cellular rejuvenation. Nutrition is known to be one of the major factors that affect the rate at which people age and their life expectancy. This is because good nutritional habits decrease the rate of cellular degeneration, and significantly slow down the rate at which people age. A number of tests were done on mice and the findings were consistent with the above. The findings also show why many people in Western societies are suffering from diet-induced health problems. The conclusion drawn from the studies was that restricting daily food intake can greatly decrease the rate of cellular degeneration and significantly extend one’s lifespan.


Oncotarget has been lauded for making it possible for the public to access accurate information on developments of oncology. The journal is a trusted source of information, and is even used by medical students and professionals in their research. With professionals like Oncotarget on the editorial team, it has managed to ensure that its publications are always of the highest quality.

Lifeline Screening Provides Preventive Healthcare Screenings To Help Save Lives

Lifeline Screening is a leading provider that offers a series of preventive health tests. It is community based and involves hands on screenings. The screenings are meant to detect health problems early on. The tests will detect the signs for things like strokes, abdominal aortic aneurysms, carotid artery diseases, and much more. Often times there aren’t any symptoms. It is important to detect health issues ahead of time before they get can get worse and even become terminal. Usually, they can be prevented if they are caught in the early stages.The screenings performed at Lifeline Screening are 100% safe and non-invasive. They are usually fast and painless as well. They have fully trained professionals and the same quality equipment found in hospitals. Results are kept confidential and only shared with the physician. Therefore, the physician and patient can discuss treatment options and handle the problem firsthand.

Some of the tests performed at Lifeline Screening are:

Ultrasound Screenings (Sonography). A test that uses sound waves and images inside the body. It is most reliable for abdominal aortic aneurysm screenings, ankle-brachial index screenings, carotid artery disease screenings, and bone mineral density screenings.

Finger-stick blood screenings. It is one of the more popular screenings provided. It is used to detect problems like diabetes and heart disease. It involves sticking the soft side of the finger and collecting a few drops of blood for testing.

Lifeline Screening provides numerous blood tests such as glucose testing, elevated liver enzymes (ALT/AST) screenings, complete lipid panel testing, and high-sensitivity C-reactive protein (hs-CRP) screenings.All screenings are made to be affordable to patients. They are more focused on providing the best information possible in order to make the process much smoother and easier.Since their beginning in 1993, Lifeline Screening has tested almost eight million people. They are currently screening close to one million individuals every year at more than 16,000 screening events all over the nation. Read full article: Here.