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WEN by Chaz Products have Revolutionized the Hair Care Industry

Women are bombarded with advertisements and infomercials from hair product manufacturers. The QVC advertisements are usually based on women with TV-worthy and gorgeous hair. Primarily, this is usually an effort to make prospective customers develop an interest in the product. Emily Mc Clure, a beauty products enthusiast, decided to test the WEN Cleansing Conditioner in a bid to see if its infomercials painted a true picture.

Experimenting with the WEN Conditioner

Mc Clure began her experiment after leaving work with an urge to take a shower. Since her hair was already unruly or greasy, she opted to see how the WEN product would solve her hair issue. In the course of applying the hair conditioner, she took note of the amount recommended for each type of hair size. Short hair required 10-16 pumps while medium and long hair are required 16-24 and 24-32 pumps respectively.

After applying the WEN product severally for a span of seven days, she got used to it as it gave her a clean and shiny appeal. She even changed her showering routine by day six from night to morning in order to apply the product before leaving for work. In addition, her friends also noticed the change and shy look of her hair. The original information was posted on Bustle

Information about WEN by Chaz

Chaz Dean came up with the idea to develop the Wen cleansing conditioner out of a need to eliminate the use of shampoo products, which he considers dangerous to the scalp and hair. The WEN products cleanse the scalp and hair without lathering. This is unlike the shampoo products.

WEN products on sephora are able to preserve the hair color and boost blood circulation in the scalp. The cleansing conditioners by Chaz represent a combination of styling treatment, shampoo, and conditioner. For effective results users of Wen products are recommended to repeat the routine of cleansing and rinsing while using the half the number of required pumps on the first cleanse and the rest on the second wash.