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Dog Owners Love Beneful

Beneful is the dog food brand made with wholesome and nutritious ingredients keeping dogs strong and healthy. Beneful has created 8 different types of dry dog food, 6 options of wet food and 11 different types of dog treats. Beneful has created their product line available on Wal-Mart to cater to the specific dietary needs of their furry customers. From their incredibites for little ones. to healthy puppy, to playful life, to original, you are able to provide your dog with options that is nutritionally best for them. Between the different ingredients offered of chicken, beef, salmon, turkey, rice, and a variety of vegetables, the options are sure to be a pleasant treat for even the pickiest dog.
As a parent of 3 dogs I really like to take the time and care with their health through the food I feed them. I have found that Beneful is a great brand as they love the options with different flavors of food as well as the health benefits with wholesome ingredients and the different options for the needs of my dogs. I like to be creative with feeding them the different varieties of Beneful by alternating the different types of food, Beneful has provided an easy option in doing this as their wet food is able to be balanced with the dry food with alike flavors. My dogs have physically benefited from as it has provided a higher rounded nutritional balance keeping them strong and their coat healthy. My dogs love their feeding time, and I am confident in feeding them knowing that I am providing them with highest quality of dog food.
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Beneful: The Real Gourmet Dog Food According To Dogs

As I read about the many new brands of new gourmet dog food, I decided to do some research on the subject, especially after I read that premium dog food account for half of all the dog food sold. Turns out, there’s no criteria for calling a dog food product gourmet or premium. While some new brands have blends that sound impressive, such as Game Bird, which makes pet owners think of pheasant, the only thing that premium dog food manufacturers must do for FDA compliance is to label the ingredients correctly, therefore, the only way to know if a dog food product is really premium is to read the list of ingredients. Because I care about feeding my dogs food with nutritious ingredients, I choose Purina Beneful. Many of the new brands recently in the news also have high quality mixtures, however, my dogs believe Beneful is gourmet. I can tell because they prefer Beneful to any other brand that I have tried, including premium and store brands. Gourmet is an ambiguous term anyway, what I believe is gourmet food may not taste like gourmet food to another person. It’s the same with dry dog food; manufacturers can label any product as a gourmet blend as long as they accurately list the ingredients. I feed my dogs Beneful Originals with real chicken. Surprisingly, chicken flavor Beneful Originals contains avocado, nevertheless, my pooches love it. It’s nutritionally complete for all stages of a dog’s life; my veterinarian told me that feeding my dogs based on their age is more important than worrying about whether the food was a premium blend. She also said to buy dog food manufactured in the United States, so Beneful Originals meets all of her criteria. I would recommend Beneful dry dog food to any dog owner; two of my dogs are twelve years old, and after eating Beneful for many years, there are still healthy and acting like mischievous puppies at times.