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Clay Siegall talks about a Total Eclipse that will sweep across America on Monday 21st Aug

Clay Siegall is the CEO at Seattle Genetics and the official blogger of his WordPress page where he writes on an array of issues. Very recently, Siegall highlighted a story on the upcoming total eclipse that will sweep the United States in August. A lot of people are eagerly waiting for this once in a lifetime phenomenon.

The total solar eclipse is expected to occur on Monday, 21st August and it will be visible across America. The last time America experienced total solar eclipse was in 1979. The forthcoming total eclipse will be the first of its kind as it is expected to cover coast-to-coast. There has never been a coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in the last 99 years.

According to info released by NASA, a partial eclipse will be visible throughout the U.S., but within a band that NASA calls path of totality that stretches from Oregon to South Carolina, a total eclipse will be visible. As of now, the Eclipse industry is already booming in these areas.

Some towns have already spent millions of dollars preparing for the phenomenon. One such county that has made a massive investment in the last ten years since the announcement was made is the Hopkinsville. The town is one of those that are in the path of totality. Currently, the town has an eclipse coordinator.

The Charleston Post and Courier hearsay that more than a million people are expected to visit Carolina in August when the eclipse will be happening. Charleston’s visitors’ bureau has already launched a website with a listing of viewing events and hotel packages. The full eclipse is expected to occur at precisely 2:48 p.m. ET, according to reports by NASA.

About Clay Siegall

Clay Siegall’s award-winning efforts in the fight against cancer have been built on a firm foundation. Clay earned his Ph.D. in Genetics from Washington University. Since his graduation, Clay Siegall has accumulated many professional accomplishments.

Clay started his career Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute where he served as a senior research investigator. Due to his commitment and hard work, Clay was promoted to serve in the capacity of Chief Researcher before he launched Seattle Genetics