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Freedom Checks – Are they real?

There has been a commercial airing for a few months talking about the Freedom Checks. The commercial speaks about how people are getting their share of $34.6 billion in Freedom Checks. The commercial also states that you must be invested by a certain date which was February 1st, but then it changed to May 1st that you have to be invested by to receive your Freedom Checks. Learn more about Freedom Checks at


People have been wondering if the Freedom Checks are real. There are several google search results about the Freedom Checks and reviews from people who are trying to get you to sign up. An investor named Matt Badiali has a video out giving details about these checks.

There are also testimonials from a man who received $160,923, another man received $24,075, and a woman received $66,570. It has been said that those testimonials are fake which makes it difficult to believe if the checks are real or not. The checks appear to be an investment and are in fact real. Visit the website to learn more.


You receive these checks when you invest into a MLP (Master Limited Partnerships) company. The MLPs are usually gas and energy companies. The checks are also tax free.

Investing in a MLP company is the same as investing in any other company except the MLPs must have 90% revenue in natural resources. There are 568 companies that are a part of the MLP. The more you receive in these checks depends on how much is invested in the MLP companies.

Matt Badiali’s video is also trying to get people to sign up for a membership to his newsletter about real wealthy strategies, and then he goes into details about the MLPs and the checks. So the checks are in fact real and not a scam as most people thought or still thinks as some are still skeptical.