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Beneful Grain Free Dog Food Delivers the Taste and Nutrition Your Dog Needs

Purina is constantly developing new and healthy dog food recipes to add to their Beneful line of products, and the new Beneful grain free is a unique addition. With a recipe that includes no corn, wheat, or gluten this food focuses on real meat with hints of fruit and vegetables. Best of all, this healthy blend meets 100% of your dog’s nutritional needs for a complete diet. Real farm raised chicken will provide a taste your dog loves, and hints of blueberry, pumpkin and spinach enhance the flavor profile while adding nutritional value. After all, healthy dog food won’t help much if your dog doesn’t want to eat it!

Beneful grain free is intended for adult dogs, and can be purchased in 4.5 lb and 12.5 lb bags. Coupons are frequently available online, in stores, and in your local newspaper. If you are looking for a natural dog food with simple ingredients, Beneful grain free will deliver. You can trust Beneful grain free to provide complete and balanced nutrition to your pet with a taste they will love, but you always have the option to mix it with one of Beneful’s wet dog food recipes to meet your dog’s preferences. Purchase Beneful grain free dog food with confidence, knowing that all of Beneful’s dog foods meet the nutritional guidelines established by the AAFCO.

Try a bag of Beneful grain free dog food today, and surprise your pet with a delicious meal dense in protein and nutrition!

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OSI Group is America’s Leading Food Company

The most popular meat processing company of the US is OSI Group. The majority of the food service industry and retail outlets choose this company. OSI is headquartered in Illinois. The company has several plants in different cities of United States. They include Chicago, Riverside, West Chicago, Fort Atkinson, West Jordon, and Oakland. The plants operate under the name of OSI Industries, LLC. The company has transformed into an international organization at with over sixty-five facilities in seventeen countries of Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific region.

OSI Group received the 2016 Globe of Honor Award from British Safety Council. The reason was OSI’s outclass management regarding environmental risks. The ceremony was held on 25 November 2016 at Draper’s Hall in London. A few months ago, OSI Group bought Flagship Europe from Flagship Food Group. It was a major food supplier to the UK. OSI also bought a plant that was located right next to OSI Group’s plant on The area was a two-hundred-thousand square foot with a storage warehouse and food processing facility. The former owner of this facility was Tyson Foods. This addition to OSI Group will help the company to meet growing demands.

From the very first day of OSI Group, the company is working with an entrepreneurial mindset instead of corporate. The company always look for the people who want to do the best. OSI’s managementbelieve that their company’s success is due to their brilliant workforce. It is also the reason why the company has an environment where people find support and encouragement. With the passage of time, OSI Group is offering a variety of products like breakfast sausages, cooked beef and pork products, pizza and dough products, kettle and smoked products, bacon, hot dogs, raw and processed chicken products, sandwich assemblies, frozen and cooked beef patties, and specialty sausages.

Recently, OSI Group bought Dutch manufacturer Baho Food which sells deli meats, convenience foods, and snacks to retail segments and food services. The purchase on Bloomberg took place in December 2016. This move will help OSI Group to expand its business in European countries. In the Forbes list of America’s Largest Private Companies, OSI Group now stands on the fifty-eighth spot. The revenue of the company for FY 2015 was over six billion dollars. The company is growing internationally under the leadership of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin. Now OSI Group is one of the top hundred food companies in the world.