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Wes Edens made it to the Forbes Billionaires list, and as per 2008, he was ranked position 962. He co-founded Fortress Investment Group with Michael Edward, Robert Kauffman, Peter Briger, and Randal Nardone in 1998 and was the firm’s Chief Executive officer up until 2003. From 2009 August, he has served Fortress Investment group as the chief investment officer for Private Equity, principal, private equity’s president, co-chairman of the board of directors and head of private equity. For a year (201-2016 may), Wes Edens was the chairman for Fortress Transportation and Infrastructure, investors. Since 2017 December, he has been serving as the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Fortress. Alternative investment businesses that are publicly traded and private equity are his responsibilities.

Edens attended Oregon State University and graduated in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Business Administration. His career life started at Lehman Brothers in 1987 where he was a partner in Mortgage Trading division and the managing director up to 1993. He then moved to BlackRock Asset Investors and served as the managing director and partner up until 1997 under the division of BlackRock’s private Equity before co-founding Fortress Investment Group in 1998 with the experience he had gained. The employee’s take on working at Fortress is that it is a great working environment that is constructive and it offers them various opportunities to grow themselves in several different sectors. They also have a good image of their employer, Wes Edens.

Edens Wesley is also interested in sports. He purchased the Milwaukee Bucks in 2014 together with Marc Lasry. The purchase of the National Basketball Association (NBA) licensed team in Milwaukee, Wisconsin was at $550 million from Herb Kohl. In early 2017, a team by the name FlyQuest in eSports was created by Fortress. It contains the team League of Legends owned by Edens competing in the League of Legends Championship Series in North America (NA LCS). From BizJournals, Wes Edens takes home an annual pay of $54.4 million including the shareholder dividends and the benefits from Fortress Investment Group. With this, he is generous and gives back to the society mostly focusing on initiatives that art related, health and education.

Peter Briger in Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger in Fortress Investment Group

Peter Lionel Briger also known as Peter Lionel Briger Jr. is the President and the co-chairman at Fortress Investment Group. Fortress investment group is based in New York in the U.S.A. According Forbes he is among the top 400 billionaires in the world. He also assumes other leadership outside Forbes such as he is a member of board of governors at Hospital for Special Surgery. Due to this great success his story is definitely an interest to many. So what is his story like? He studied Bachelors of Art in the Princeton University, he then proceeded to get a Master of Business Administration at the University of Pennsylvania.After graduating Mr. Briger joined the Goldman, Sachs &Company. While he was working there he demonstrated great leadership skills and was appointed to sit in several committees such as the Global Control and Compliance Committee. He also headed various groups in the company such as the Asian Distressed Debt business.

These achievements paid him handsomely as he became a partner in this company in the year 1996. Peter Briger served in Goldman, Sachs &Company for 15 years and then left for greener pastures.Peter joined the Fortress Investment Group in 2002. Due to his exemplary performance in his previous job he joined the management team immediately. In the year 2006 he was appointed as a member of the Board of Directors in The Fortress Group. This was a great step in his career. He has continued with his exemplary service and this has seen him through his journey and now serves as the principal and co-chairman at Fortress. His main responsibilities are overseeing the Fortress Credit business and the real Estate.

Peter Briger relates well with the employees at Fortress Investment Group.His leadership capability has been appreciated outside Fortress and he holds other prestigious positions in other organizations. Some of these positions are he is a member of the board of governors in Princeton University Investment Company, Central Park Conservancy and the Global Fund for Children. He is interested in the Princeton University Investment Company since he studied in the Princeton University. Global Fund is a non-profit organization that funds organization based in communities all over the world to care for children. This is his way of giving back to the society. Peter Briger serves as a good example to the young ones that success is a step by step journey. Learn More.

The Competitive Community Bank in Dallas Texas, NexBank

NexBank is a community financial depository institution that is worth 5.3 billion dollars in assets as at March of this year. The products that it delivers are commercial banking, mortgage, institutional services to large corporations and facilities like schools. They also help people who are into real estates.

To execute their services to the clients, they bring industry expertise and good will that will serve the customers well. The strategies will, in turn, lead to the company being capable of serving the customers well.

NexBank has made a lot of milestones since it was started. As at now, they have acquired the College Savings Bank of Princeton in New Jersey. They are focused on carrying out a 529 plan college-savings programs. The College Savings was to keep its brand name and the logo too. The current operations would be maintained but as a division that is under NexBank.

The bank is part of the NexBank Capital Incorporation a distinct banking entity that provides financial services to clients across the USA. The mother company has three core businesses, commercial banking, investment banking and mortgage banking that are all carried out in the branches that they have in the whole country.

In June of 2016, they completed a 24 million common equity capital raise that was to expand the company services and other corporate reasons. The company was able to develop opportunities to the American people. Matt Siekielski who is the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer had said that with the capital raised, NexBank was going to grow its business too.

They now have an adamant capital level, an excellent liquidity profile and make good profits too. They went up in ratings having a stable position according to Kroll Bond Rating Agency. They have had upgraded ratings in senior unsecured debts.