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A look at Fortress Investment Group’s investment strategy.

The Fortress Investment Group has been able to reinvent itself over the years to become one of the most prolific asset management firms. The firm was started by three partners who had worked in different financial firms before and had risen through the ranks to become influential people in their respective organizations. Wes Edens, one of the founding partners, had previously worked for the Lehman brothers before moving to BlackRock financial services where he was a partner and managing director. Randal Nardone was a managing director at UBS and while the third partner Rob Kauffman was also a managing director at UBS. Their combined experience in the financial services sector had given them an opportunity to study and understand various investment vehicles and the options they offered.

The firm was able to raise four hundred million dollars that used be used as the initial investment for the firm. At the time the Fortress Investment Group ran a tight ship, but within the first five years, they had been able to grow their assets to over four billion dollars. This growth meant that the group needed more people to join the team to help it manage and sustain the new assets and investment vehicles. They would bring in Peter Briger to establish a Credit business and hopefully grow it into a division capable of competing with others within the group. The fortress investment Group today has one of the most solid credit business divisions which has been able to do business worth more than one hundred billion dollars over its lifetime.

They recently introduced the special opportunities credit facility that was meant to make special investments in industries that may not yet have hit the mainstream ear. In 2010 Fortress investment Group acquired AIG, America and were able to turn around the subprime lender from a failing entity to a fourteen billion equity fund. The fund is now known as Springleaf Financial Services. This and other investments continue to be the building blocks of Fortress, even at a time when the private equity fund seems to be slowing down. Softbank Japan recently acquired the group.


Peter Briger is a Titan in the Finance and Investment Game

Highly lauded for his acute business acumen, Peter Briger, a graduate of Princeton University, is almost universally recognized as a titan within the world of finance and investment. It was after leaving Goldman Sachs & Co., where he was a partner during his 15-year career, that Mr. Briger really made a name for himself, as he joined Fortress Investment Group, quickly changing the trajectory of the company. Today, Mr. Briger currently acts as the President and Co-Chairman of Fortress Investment Group, which is recognized as one of the most prominent private equity firms in existence, as well as the first of its stature to issue an initial public offering in 2007. Mr. Briger is a member of the elite Forbes 400, and his daily responsibilities at Fortress Investment Group revolves around directing the real estate, as well as credit fund business sectors.

After graduating from Princeton University, Peter Briger garnered an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, where he attended the Wharton School of Business. Mr. Briger’s time at Goldman Sachs represents the most significant jump in terms of his career, as it was during this fifteen-year period that he garnered an expert understanding of investment banking, while also fine-tuning the set of skills that would allow him to flourish in his later endeavors. Specializing in real estate, loans, and distressed debt, he would utilize his strong skill and dedication to move up within the company, eventually becoming a partner at the prominent bank. With Peter Briger at the helm, Fortress Investment Group has quickly risen to become one of the faces of the industry, currently managing nearly $70 billion in assets.

Catering to investors of both the institutional, as well as the private variety, Mr. Briger’s role at the company, which deals with converting financial instruments that are distressed, into dollars, has placed him squarely in the spotlight, due to the volatile economic issues around the world. In recent years, he has been increasingly involved with helping foreign markets that have been riddled with debt, to raise capital. An active philanthropist, Peter Briger has donated in excess of $600 million to the maintenance of New York City’s, Central Park, and also dedicates much of his time to ensuring that impoverished areas receive improvements in regards to their education. Today, at the age of 51, Peter Briger is a billionaire who’s contributed significantly to the world of investment and finance, and he continues to push for the relief of debt-laden nations across the globe.

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