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Lime Crime: Doe Deere’s Tough Rise to Success

The American dream is not just for Americans — it is a dream that can be realized by people worlds over. Doe Deere, founder of Lime Crime, is a prime example. She came to America at the age of 17, and by the time she was 27, she launched her own business. This young entrepreneur is a testament to how hard work and determination pays off. She is an inspiration not only to her followers, but to the world.

Born in Russia, Xenia Vorotova was a young girl with a dream. She had always admired American culture and dreamed of one day travelling across the ocean to see it first hand. She knew, without a doubt, that becoming a fashion designer was her calling, and that America was where her dreams would begin.

Imagine Vorotova’s surprise when her mother announced that America was going to become their new home! Vorotova packed up and came to America with her mother and her sister and they started their new lives. It was a frightening yet incredible experience, and one that Vorotova will never forget and will always be grateful for.

Their time in America didn’t start off as they had hoped. Due to paperwork mishaps, Vorotova’s mother was unable to start working the positions she’d hoped to work. She ended up having to work odd jobs to make ends meet. It wasn’t long after that Vorotova and her family ended up checking into a homeless shelter.

While living in a homeless shelter doesn’t seem positive, for Vorotova and her family, it was. For it was at this homeless shelter that they met a social worker who introduced them to a local nonprofit. The nonprofit, Sanctuary for Families, helped immigrant women in tough situations. The leader of this organization helped Vorotova get into the Fashion Institute of Technology where she began her career.

This was the beginning of a new life. By 2008, Vorotova adopted the name Doe Deere” and launched Lime Crime, a cosmetics brand. She is also the founder of Poppyangeloff, a fashion brand. Doe Deere’s dreams were realized when she came to the United States. She put in the hard work and her efforts paid off.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Grabbing More of Amazon’s Customers

When Kate Hudson introduced her Fabletics company to the world, many though she was going to have a rough time since Amazon already commanded 20% of that fashion market. She has been making believers out of many people in these past years, surpassing $250 million in sales in less than three years. The secret to her success is more than just the fact her name is attached to the company, the unique shopping experience is blazing a new trail that might just move her company to the top spot in time.


Talking with Hudson, she explains why her athleisure brand has become so popular in such a short time. It is a combination of a number of key factors that is setting the tone for her success in the fashion world. To start, when you walk into one of the Fabletics retail stores, it is not your typical shopping experience. Women are encouraged to open free accounts to get all the benefits of being a member. Customers are allowed to try on as many pieces of active-wear they like, with no pressure from sales associates. These women are free to window shop as long as they like.


So how does the Fabletics company make money if everyone is window shopping?


Hudson goes on to say that once these women are home and relaxed, they return to the Fabletics website where they see all those items that had been trying on in the store. From here, they can buy the items with free shipping, add more items, or shop around for items in the sizes that fit. Shoppers are also encouraged to fill out a Lifestyle Quiz, which affords them even more benefits. Now you get a personal shopper who uses the answer to your questions and recommends a new piece of active-wear each month for your consideration. Your shopper already knows your sizes, taste, and simply gets you to consider new releases even before they hit the retail stores.


The Fabletics name has been gaining in popularity, and not just because it is attached to Kate Hudson. This is more about a shopping experience catered to each woman, providing high-quality at low prices with free shipping. This appears to be a win-win for women too busy to ht the malls each day to update their wardrobes. This reverse-showrooming combined with a membership profile seems to be a winning formula that is slowly dominating a space only Amazon held for so long.

Fabletics is a Unique Online Shopping Experience for Women

What is it about the Fabletics website that is drawing in thousands of women around the country? To start with, their introductory offer of anything on their website for $25 with free shipping. Take a look and compare many of the yoga pants or workout apparel, you could easily spend over $100 for the same items on other apparel distributors sites. Fabletics and co-founder Kate Hudson bring to you a one-of-a-kind online shopping experience that will leave you shocked.


After your initial purchase, you visit the Fabletics website and attain VIP status by simply filling out the Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz allows the team at Fabletics to better understand your buying needs. As soon as you are approved, your VIP membership kicks into action and you are locked into a $49.95 price point from here out. That means if you have your eye on that three-piece yoga pants set for $130 on the site, it is yours for $49.95 and the shipping is free.


As a matter of fact, once you become a VIP, your shipping is free on any size order for as long as you stay with Fabletics. Starting next month, the team at Fabletics will hand-pick one piece of sports apparel that closely matches the answers in your quiz, and you can either accept or decline the suggestion. If you do not like the item, simply shop on your own and take advantage of the discount pricing and free shipping.


If at any time you don’t want to shop for any given month, all you are required to do is simply check the “skip a month” box and you don’t buy anything. Also, if any items are chosen for you, nothing ever ships without your permission, so you don’t have to ever fear clothes are being shipping without your say.


Here are some comments satisfied customer around the web left on various review websites.


Tami says at Trust Pilot, “I have been shopping at Fabletics for months and each outfit is better than the next!”


Lisa remarked at A Foodie Stays Fit, “I have Fabletics chose my workout apparel, and it is like Christmas each time I log in to see what I am getting this month!”


Melanie replied at Krazy Coupon Lady, “I still am amazed how I get these outfits for under $50! I have already sent all my workout buddies to this site and they love the clothing too.”

Fabletics Changing The Norms Of Reverse Showrooming

Fabletics has shown remarkable performance since its launch. Their unique approach to fashion e-commerce has set them apart from the competition. With Amazon controlling 20% of the fashion e-commerce, succeeding for other firms is a big challenge. However, Fabletics, a company owned by Kate Hudson, has grown an over 250 million dollar business in a short span of three years. This company uses a subscription mechanism to sell their active wear clothes to their clients. Fabletics has adopted a strategy that is based on an inspirational brand which is complemented by convenience and excellent customer relationships.


Fabletics has likened themselves to the likes of Apple and Warby Parker, a strategy that is paying off for the online shopping service providers. They have vowed to open about 100 more stores in the next three to five years. This is a plus to the current sixteen stores located in places like Illinois, Hawaii, California and Florida. Fabletics has built a modern and innovative version of a high-value brand right from their first day.


Fabletics have been able to use reverse showrooming actually to their merit. While most fashion firms are getting smothered by reverse showrooming, Fabletics has a membership service which is amazingly convenient and integrated into your shopping. Even if you buy a product at a brick and mortar outlet, it reflects on your online shopping cart. This enables them to build relationships with their clients. With these relationships Fabletics gets to know the customers and their unique preferences better; this helps them to enhance their products and services. Today 30-50 percent of people walking through the door at Fabletics are already members and another 25 percent that join membership at a store.


What Fabletics has done is to take advantage of a wave in the marketplace and successfully ridden on this wave to their current leading position in the market. They have used reverse showrooming to make sure that there is no difference between their brick and mortar outlets and their online service. They have integrated their subscription in a way that reverse showrooming has in fact been utilized as a marketing strategy.


Kate Hudson joined forces with JustFab Inc. CEOS to found Fabletics in October 2013. This was after they saw the market niche in the active wear marketplace. They wanted to offer style and top notch quality clothing at a price point accessible to lots of people. Just a year after founding, Fabletics expanded its boundaries to Europe. They launched their services in the UK, France, and Germany. They also made their way to Canada that same year. In 2015, Fabletics was shipping over 1 million orders, expanding their services further to Australia. Later in 2015 hey launched their FL2 men’s line and expanded to Spain and Netherlands.


Fabletics has shown outstanding performance; Kate believes that she was born to inspire others the iconic actress and fashion tastemaker has a passion for supporting women and motivating them to lead healthy and active lives. This was what resulted in the start of Fabletics. This is a cloth industry that is meant to inspire you to stay active and live out your life to the fullest.