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EOS Crystal Lip Balm Review

Lip balms are something that many people use everyday. But most people don’t know what the ingredients are in their lip balm and some really aren’t beneficial to your lips. However, EOS lip balms have changed the game ( The Evolution of Smooth company has come out with several different lip balms that are made with more natural ingredients, and less additives.

Specifically, the EOS Crystal lip balm line has intrigued many people, as it looks like no other lip balm with its crystal clear appearance. EOS has made it their mission to create not only good products, but ones that are unique and made with carefully selected products(Allure).

According to Kayla Ann of PurpleStars02 on Youtube, this is a great product, especially for someone who prefers to use all natural, vegan, and cruelty free products. At almost 100,000 views, Kayla has said it all for this product. The scent she chose to buy was the Hibiscus Peach scent and she says that it smells just like fresh, natural peaches. She also informed viewers that the product not only looks marvelous with its crystal clear balm, but also glides on the lips smoothly with no tugging. Another great quality this product has it that it feels hydrating which is the most important part since that is the reason why most people buy lip balms.