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Sussex Healthcare Company

Started in 1998, Sussex Healthcare is an award winning facility. Situated in the South Coast of England, Sussex Healthcare generates a dynamic network brought out by the vast experience of its chairmen Shiraz Boghani and Shafitk Sachedin in hotel management and medical background respectively.

The company which incorporates over 20 centers, provides distinct care to old people and adults. The old people maybe mentally frail because of Alzheimer’s disease or dementia while the adults may have a failed nervous system which limits their bodily or learning capabilities. These centers also include a daycare, modern gym and residential houses where comprehensive care is provided.

Apart from the Chairmen, Sussex Healthcare Company consists of other individuals in its management which includes:
• Amanda Morgan Taylor-As the Chief Executive Officer, Morgan Taylor’s extensive experience as a mental health nurse and holder of diverse managerial positions in companies such as Craegmoor Healthcare, enables her to understand her staff and also enhance the care given to the patients.
• Corrine Wallace is in charge of marketing. She holds a masters degree in finance, marketing and management. In the health sector she was a registered nurse and has also cared for people with learning disability.
• Serving as advisors in policy issues is Professor Nick Bosanquet who is an expert in health economics and Peter Catchpole who is also an experienced healthcare specialist.

The staff is committed, caring and excellent. They are in-house trained and also supported in management and nursing courses. Their salaries are reasonable and include benefits such as paid vacations, uniform and a pension program.

Facilities and Types of care given
• Old people suffering from dementia are well cared for in order to be active in their lives and communities. There are seven facilities which offer this care including Upper Mead, Clemsfold House and Forest House.
• For adults having special needs, there are 13 centres available operated under sussex group. Some of these are SycamoreLodge and Orchard Lodge.Redwood House day centre is open to patients who live at home and they have access to aromatherapy and other activities.
• People with autism that are aged between 7 to 19 years also access care that is offered at the Treehouse Educare and the children go to school at New Barn.
• Palliative care and care for those having multiple learning disabilities is also availed.
• Sussex also diagnoses and treats hearing loss associated with aging and provides dental care for every age group.

The personalized care given to patients at Sussex Healthcare centres enables patients to live a normal life despite their health challenges.