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Sentient AI is at the forefront of the E-commerce paradigm shift

AI is the silent giant that is fueling an E-commerce boom. Its role is an assistive technology. Whether you realize it or not there is a high probability that artificial intelligence is already interacting with you daily! Even for non-technical savvy everyday people, AI is in the background autonomously solving our problems. AI is gaining traction in web monetization, e-commerce lookalike audience generation, predictive e-commerce recommendation engines, and so much more!

You can build AI by finding a company like Sentient AI. You could also leverage machine learning by using a social media advertisers who use AI to develop similar audiences. It’s all based on machine recognizable patterns in a given dataset. For example, Facebook and Twitter have a retargeting pixel that collects data from the visitors of your website. The media platforms first finds patterns based on your website visitors. It could be visitors to a specific blog post or someone who bought a given product. It then de-isolates itself from the websites dataset and starts working with other data to find an audience whose interests correlate with your website’s audience.

Sentient AI is a leader in artificial intelligence. I find their SENTIENT AWARE™ customer powering experience algorithms to be very ingenious, especially for B2C E-commerce! Like how social giants predict audiences, Sentient AI predicts future well-defined outcomes. It has image pattern recognition built in. They track purchases, views, and image patterns of particular products that were appealing to the shopper. For example, if the shopper is searching for a black dress and clicks on a dress with black stripes on it. It might show more dresses that have black stripes rather than showing only solid black dresses.

For mid-large storefronts, their solutions are smart enough to analyze a given viewer/customer product database, and respective data, and then predict other products a user has a high probability of purchasing. Their predictive algorithm uses deep learning to continuously optimize its own problem-solving capabilities. This allows them to autonomously find and query products even when basing queries on very little data.

Also as you scale your business, the company has plans for exponential growth. They’ve got an array of other impressive artificial intelligence services to help you fulfill the requirements of your project. Sentient AI will be the foundation that your company can build a thriving empire on.