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Barbara Stokes: Appreciative of kindness

Natural disasters can strike at any moment and are always sure to cause chaos. We always can seem to predict when they will come but we can never completely mitigate the damage they cause. Additionally, the clean up after one strikes can take months or even years to clean and repair from. Barbara Stokes is a person who is dedicated to trying to remedy these problems in a very unique way. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

Barbara Stokes is doing something so beneficial to the community. She and her company Stokes development LLC. Are building what are called green homes. These special buildings are made to withstand and resist natural disasters. She is deciding to do this in a place known as Cullman, Alabama. Her company plans to use a 99,000 square foot building within the Industrial complex area of Cullman as a facility that will be used to create 500 to 600 Katrina style steel homes. These homes according to the Chief Operations Officer Scott Stokes are state of the art, mold and mildew resistant, and are fire resistant. Barbara Stokes received funding from about 16 foreign investors for the project including ones from China and Korea. Visit to know more about Barbara Stokes.

Barbara Stokes humanitarian acts don’t exactly end there. During the construction process her business occupying the area will provide an economic boost for the local citizens. From the beginning she will hire about 89 local workers for the project. By the end of the third year she will have at lest 300 people hired as workers. Additionally, most of the materials that are used to make the steel homes will be locally grown which will drive business further.

Barbara stokes reason for picking this town and doing this type of work is for a very noble and yet essential reason that we can all learn from. Barbara stokes and her husband some years ago lived in or near Cullman on the Smith Lake. She remembered how friendly and well mannered the citizens of the city were and that’s what influenced her to bring the company there. This goes to show if you are nice to others you never know what kind of reward you will receive. Barbara Stokes is “appreciative” to the city of Cullman.

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