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How Darius Fisher Helped Status Labs Repair its Repute

Like any other company, Status Labs has experienced a reputation crisis in the past. This is quite ironic because the firm deals in online reputation management. In its case, it got dragged into negative publicity following disparaging remarks that were made a former executive of the firm. What initially started as local news was rapidly taken up by mainstream media, which turned it into a major and controversial story. This greatly threatened the firm’s reputation.

Status Labs has been of help to more than 1,000 individuals and businesses in their quest to repair questionable reputations. The crisis that faced the company was therefore unexpected and satirical. Those who see the industry as having no meaning were justified, albeit temporarily. The company however proved them wrong when it picked up the pieces and repaired its reputation. In as much as it was a long shot, it has been of great benefit in the end.

How Status Labs Recovered

The firm changed its leadership structure. The executive who had uttered the remarks was forced to resign. This was made known to the media and it played a significant role in quelling the public vilification that existed. Engagement in local community projects in Austin such as Dress for Success, Caritas, Urban Roots and the Capital Food Bank of Texas also helped.

Increasing employee participation was similarly beneficial. Besides this, frequent lunches and scheduled outings also helped restore the firm’s image. Since then, the company has also been cautious when it comes to staff recruitment. Those who are brought on board are vetted to ensure that they have high ethical principles.

Darius Fisher in Brief

He is Status Labs’ co-founder and president. His proactive management technique has seen him offer practical leadership, which has seen the company grow remarkably. At the moment, it has offices in Sao Paolo and New Yorks besides its Austin base. Under his leadership, Status Labs has established networks in 35 countries.

As the firm’s President, Darius has overseen a significant workplace transformation, which has seen it emerge one of the best ORM, marketing and PR firms globally. Additionally, he has helped create extensive partnerships with major players in the corporate world. Fisher is an alumnus of Vanderbilt University.

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