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Avi Weisfogel: More Than Just a Family Dentist:

After receiving his dental degree from New York University’s College of Dentistry, Avi Weisfogel returned to his hometown of Old Bridge, New Jersey to set up his own practice. He became so successful that he won best dentist awards several times. But Avi Weisfogel has branched out into other areas besides his usual dental work. One of his passions is the charity group Operation Smile. This organization began in the early 1980s, going to the Philippines to perform surgery on people with deformities such as cleft palates and cleft lips. Today, Operation Smile helps people in need in more than 80 countries. To aid the group’s efforts, Weisfogel has established a GoFundMe page for them.

Not many people would think a dentist interested in the science of sleep, but Avi Weisfogel is. Along with his first business, Old Bridge Dental Care, Weisfogel’s other endeavors include “Healthy Heart Sleep,” Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients, and Dental Sleep Masters, all designed to use dentistry to help people with sleep disorders. This is a subject Weisfogel has lectured on for more than 15 years. He has shown other dentists how certain oral devices can be used to help patients sleep better.

To further show his interests extend beyond dentistry, Weisfogel received degrees in both Psychology and Biology from Rutgers University. Even with all his diverse businesses and projects, Weisfogel does make time for fun. He is an avid skier and a huge sports fans. His favorite teams are the Los Angeles Dodgers, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Rangers, and the Cleveland Browns.