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The World Of Dog Food With Beneful

Beneful comes in dry dog food, wet dog food and treats. It is produce by Nestle Purina is manufactured to keep your dog health in check. You all know by now, a healthy dog is also a happy dog. Beneful is Purina’s most successful brand to date. It has already made the company $1.5 billion in revenues. Also, it is the fourth most popular brand for Purina. It also has a 5star Amazon customer rating. The dry dog food come in beef, chicken and salmon. All the meats are farm raised with added whole grain and just the right amount vegetables. The beef product contains spinach, peas and carrots. As you open the bag, you can smell the freshness and the love. This comes in a 3.5 lb to a 44lb bag. In the chicken product your dog will have a mouthful of carrots, tomatoes and avocado. This is blended just right, so his taste buds will be ignited. It comes in a 3.5lb to 31 lb bag. In the salmon bags there are sweet potato, green bean and carrots. All this is packaged to give your best friend an awesome experience.

For you who have a slightly over weight dog, you will find products for healthy weight. These are designed with ten percent fewer calories from the original but, still having the same great taste. Your dog will never know the difference. Healthy puppy with farm raised chicken is for growing puppies. It has DHA which aids in a healthy brain and helps support puppies vision.

There is also playful life. It too have farm raised beef, blended with eggs for protein. It aids in keeping your adult dog’s muscle strong, which will in turn keep them very active. The Beneful IncrediBites are for Small dogs. You will find the same nutritious taste of farm raised beef and grain, along with carrots and peas. The chicken has the same wholesome goodness but, with carrots, sweet potatoes and spinach. So delicious for the most discerning appetite.

Beneful wet food [see,] is described as “mouth watering taste in a can”. Your small will have a balance meal, just chopped into small pieces so he can manage the food and really enjoy all he/she savor. Comes in flavors of beef, chicken and salmon. With added carrots,tomatoes and wild rice. They are also treats made with meaty center and parsley. It helps to reduce plaque and tartar. Their bones stay strong and it allows for fresher breath. You can buy these and more products on Walmart, on line, or visit any pet supply store.

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