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Bumble Founder Whitney Wolfe Interesting History

Whitney Wolfe is a very young woman doing a lot of things in the world of technology. He started his career back while at the age of 19 years and had continued to invest in skills and also technology. She has been known in the dating apps industry. She has what it takes to move the world forward and possess excellent skills in the industry. Whitney Wolfe has managed to come out stronger despite many challenges. The field is dominated by men, and she happens to be among the most successful woman in the industry. She has received several awards because of her contributions to the industry. Read more about Whitney Wolfe at

Whitney Wolfe is the chief executive officer and founder of Bumble. It happens to be one of the most famous companies in the industry and has been able to receive recognition globally for the innovation it has been able to incorporate in the business. It is the fourth most popular dating app in the field and happens to be dominated by very progressive people in the career.

Whitney has a long history in her industry. She has been able to encounter so many hurdles aimed at distracting her normal operations. Bumble was established in 2011 but in 2014, she partnered with the CEO of Badoo, and they managed to develop very useful verticals in the field. One of them is Bumble BFF.

Whitney Wolfe has been able to move masses in a bid to promote his career and has a lot of motivation. She is also a great marketer, and that’s her profession. She is a former student of Southern Methodist University where she pursued a bachelors degree in International Studies. She has been able to work with commitment and also passion towards driving her agenda forward.

She is also an instrumental figure in the industry, and before founding Bumble, he worked as a co-founder of the most famous dating app, Tinder. She participated in its early stages of design and later was the key figure in marketing. She was the marketing manager and helped to take the brand to all the campuses in the United States Universities.

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Popular Fashion Podcasts – Academy of Art University

The Academy of Art University, founded by Richard Stephens, opened its doors in 1929 in San Francisco, California. It is said to be the largest privately owned art and design school in the United States. They have established a variety of departments, including the School of Fashion.

Fashion School Daily is an online blog ran by the Academy of Art University School of Fashion. One article, in particular, struck my interest that was titled “7 Best Fashion Podcasts of 2018.” In the world today, podcasts are growing rapidly in popularity and are available in almost any interest categorey. As the author of the article states, she believes that listening to podcasts help pass the time on her morning drive to work. As well, podcasts continue to help individuals find new fashions trends that are becoming popular in the industry. Podcasts seem to interest and inform people in a variety ways.

For a good breakdown of the article, the 7 podcasts listed are as follows: i-D Magazine’s “Fash-ON Fash-OFF”, American Fashion Podcast, Man Repeller’s “Oh Boy”, Glamour’s “What I Wore When”, Pop Fashion, The Glossy Podcast and Refinery 29’s UnStyled.

i-D Magazine

This podcast describes great fashion tips, fashion news and the ups and downs from fashion week.

American Fashion Podcast

Contains in-depth interviews with a variety of experts in the fashion industry, discussing current issues facing the industry.

Man Repeller

Discusses a large range of topics within the industry, including an added diverse point of view.


Inspirational and entertaining storytelling from leading women in the fashion industry.

Pop Fashion

Talks about a variety of fashion and pop culture news with an added sense of humor to the issues discussed.

The Glossy Podcast

Discusses the technology within the fashion industry, as well as the business side and how it is changing in today’s society.

Refinery 29

The podcast contains women’s success stories and inspirational storytelling.

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Jeunesse Plans for the Coming Years

Many people are tired of living an unhealthy lifestyle. Changing health habits is not an easy process. There are few people who eat a healthy diet and exercise each day. There are some people who move as little as possible throughout the day.

Living a healthy lifestyle has been proven to have numerous benefits. Living a healthy lifestyle reduces the risk of developing a chronic disease. In addition, a healthy lifestyle also increases energy levels throughout the day.

Jeunesse is a health company that sells multiple supplements to help people reach their health goals. Over the past few years, the company has done a great job helping clients in a variety of ways. Jeunesse employs several health coaches to help customers with meal planning.

Healthy Diet

Eating a healthy diet is not easy. With all of the processed food options for people to choose from, few people eat natural food at every meal.

Supplementing meals is a great way to get additional vitamins and nutrients in the diet. There are many people who enjoy drinking a healthy smoothie each morning. Smoothies are the most popular products that Jeunesse sells. Jeunesse makes it easy for customers to prepare a healthy smoothie that tastes great.

Growth of Jeunesse

Jeunesse is a company that was started just a few years ago. Since that time, Jeunesse has grown rapidly. Not only does the company offer numerous products, but Jeunesse also works hard to meet the needs of customers in a variety of ways.

In the coming years, the leaders of Jeunesse want to continue investing in the growth of the business. There are many people who are excited about all of the changes taking place at the company.

Direct Selling

Jeunesse also offers a direct selling program for people who are interested in increasing their income. This program allows people to purchase inventory at a reduced cost. This inventory is then sold to other people for a profit. Hundreds of people have already started taking advantage of this program.

Southridge Capital is About More than Just Investing and Capital

Southridge Capital LLC can help your business in a plethora of different ways. Whether it is helping companies to eliminate debt and enhance their credit or helping them find innovative out-of-the-box financing solutions to gain the capital they need Southridge Capital LLC has helped hundreds of companies succeed. Southridge was founded in 1996 by its current CEO Stephen Hicks.

A Proven Track Record

Since being founded the team has helped to finance over 250 public companies globally. They have also through their Structured Finance team made direct investments totaling almost 2 billion dollars into growth companies worldwide. They believe that it is their expertise and their ability to customize financing plans and execute those plans without failure that has allowed them to see the success that they have today. Some of the services offered buy Southridge Capital LLC include credit enhancement, financing solutions, and securitization.

Additional Advisory Services

They also offer advisory services such as balance sheet optimization, mergers and acquisitions, legal settlements, bankruptcy advice, restructuring analysis and more. Their first-hand experience with helping finance over 250 companies gives them a unique and thorough understanding when it comes to the issues that companies face such as going public and creating their individual financing plans. Southridge LLC is based out of Connecticut, however, they also have a fund management office located in New York.

Southridge and Daystar Foundation Philanthropic Efforts

Southridge Capital LLC doesn’t just invest in companies they also invest in communities. Through the combined efforts of Southridge and the Daystar Foundation which was created by the CEO and his wife Mary, they have donated thousands of dollars to many different organizations. Some of the organizations that they have helped include but are not limited to the Bridgeport Rescue Mission, the Walnut Community Hill Church, the Ridgefield Fountain Landmark, the LounsBury house and the Ridgefield Community Center. Check out their website to learn more.

Learn More About Southridge Capital

The principles of social responsibility through philanthropy is something the team at Southridge strongly believes in. Volunteer work, leadership, and community involvement are strongly supported throughout the workforce. To learn more about Southridge Capital LLC and how they may be able to help your business succeed check out their website today. You can visit their Facebook page.

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NY Times and JPost Discuss George Soros

George Soros is an interesting man. He’s not the traditional elderly billionaire. Most billionaires become more generous as they get older, fearing the moral consequences of their younger selves. Mr. Soros became a philanthropist more than 30 years ago. His philanthropy comes from a place of genuine concern for humanity.

All those decades ago, Mr. Soros decided to create the Open Society Foundations. Open Society is Soros’s go-to organization. It’s his personal weapon against tyranny and hatred. Over the years, he’s donated much of his wealth to fund his organization. Recently, his donations were figured at $18 billion.

Even though he’s donated more money to a single organization than almost anyone on the planet, he plans on donating billions more before he leaves this earth. With his funding, Open Society’s become of the largest and most effective philanthropic organizations in the world.

Open Society is the love child of Soros’s kindness and passion. Its primary mission is to democracy and human rights wherever it can. To date, the foundation’s operated in over 120 countries. It assists like-minded organizations with a variety of issues, regardless of domestic tensions. For the past few months, Open Society’s been focused on the United States, and follow his Twitter.

After the 2016 election and Donald Trump became president, America was overwhelmed by hatred. Hatred and ignorance have always been a part of America, but Trump’s victory woke a sleeping monster. Now that it’s awake, it’s raining havoc and violence on any group not prepared to face that level of rage.

Open Society spends a lot of time in the United States helping programs designed to protect the LGBT community and reduce police brutality. Naturally, as hate crimes swept across the country, Soros donated more money to prevent these atrocious acts.

It also goes without saying that George Soros is a supporter of Democratic leadership. He’s supported Democrats his entire career. He gives to dozens of politicians, including Hillary Clinton. His political views made him the target of some much-unwanted hate. A lot of right-wing extremists began publishing horrible stories about him, in an effort to discredit and belittle his kindness, and

Of course, these stories are fake. Of the most shocking is an accusation made to Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore, who alleged that Soros hired women to accuse him of sexual assault.

How Talk Fusion’s CEO Bob Reina is Using his HuffPost Articles to Inspire People to be Successful

In the tech world, Bob Reina is known for creating a video marketing company called Talk Fusion. Besides serving as the company’s CEO, Reina is also a prolific writer. His articles are available on The Huffington Post website. One article, which he posted early this year, gives entrepreneurs tips on how they can understand their target audience. The most recent one advice them on how to survive in a society consisting of quitters.


The Huffington Post currently operates under the name the HuffPost. According to its chief editor, Lydia Polgreen, HuffPost is offering a platform where individuals who miss out on the conversation can tell their story. Bob Reina’s views as a writer and an executive at Talk Fusion resonates with HuffPost’s initiatives.


According to Reina who is a strong believer in innovation, growth in any business establishment can never be complete. He believes that this is the reason he is always on the verge of setting individuals up to succeed. Reina is also certain that these individuals can attain success regardless of their geographical location or story. He expresses his views on how people can succeed in his articles.


Reina’s articles started appearing on the HuffPost in 2016. His articles revolve around self-development, entrepreneurship, skillful selling, lifestyle and video technology trends. Reina looks forward to creating more appealing content for HuffPost. He is also hopeful that these articles will engage over 200 million readers of HuffPost.


About Talk Fusion


Talk Fusion came to reality as a video marketing brand in 2007 thanks to Bob Reina. Since then, Reina works with the brand to assist business ventures in growing their customer base and increasing profits. Talk Fusion achieves these objectives by offering these ventures video solutions for making marketing persuasive, memorable and more engaging. The brand adopts a person-to-person marketing strategy to get its innovative solutions to clients worldwide.


Talk Fusion also offers 30-day free trials of its flagship all-in-one product known as the Video Marketing Solution. With this free trial, one does not require a credit card to gain access. In addition to serving the business community, Talk Fusion also serves animal charities, families, friends and communities across the globe through charity work. Learn more: