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Fabletics Changing The Norms Of Reverse Showrooming

Fabletics has shown remarkable performance since its launch. Their unique approach to fashion e-commerce has set them apart from the competition. With Amazon controlling 20% of the fashion e-commerce, succeeding for other firms is a big challenge. However, Fabletics, a company owned by Kate Hudson, has grown an over 250 million dollar business in a short span of three years. This company uses a subscription mechanism to sell their active wear clothes to their clients. Fabletics has adopted a strategy that is based on an inspirational brand which is complemented by convenience and excellent customer relationships.


Fabletics has likened themselves to the likes of Apple and Warby Parker, a strategy that is paying off for the online shopping service providers. They have vowed to open about 100 more stores in the next three to five years. This is a plus to the current sixteen stores located in places like Illinois, Hawaii, California and Florida. Fabletics has built a modern and innovative version of a high-value brand right from their first day.


Fabletics have been able to use reverse showrooming actually to their merit. While most fashion firms are getting smothered by reverse showrooming, Fabletics has a membership service which is amazingly convenient and integrated into your shopping. Even if you buy a product at a brick and mortar outlet, it reflects on your online shopping cart. This enables them to build relationships with their clients. With these relationships Fabletics gets to know the customers and their unique preferences better; this helps them to enhance their products and services. Today 30-50 percent of people walking through the door at Fabletics are already members and another 25 percent that join membership at a store.


What Fabletics has done is to take advantage of a wave in the marketplace and successfully ridden on this wave to their current leading position in the market. They have used reverse showrooming to make sure that there is no difference between their brick and mortar outlets and their online service. They have integrated their subscription in a way that reverse showrooming has in fact been utilized as a marketing strategy.


Kate Hudson joined forces with JustFab Inc. CEOS to found Fabletics in October 2013. This was after they saw the market niche in the active wear marketplace. They wanted to offer style and top notch quality clothing at a price point accessible to lots of people. Just a year after founding, Fabletics expanded its boundaries to Europe. They launched their services in the UK, France, and Germany. They also made their way to Canada that same year. In 2015, Fabletics was shipping over 1 million orders, expanding their services further to Australia. Later in 2015 hey launched their FL2 men’s line and expanded to Spain and Netherlands.


Fabletics has shown outstanding performance; Kate believes that she was born to inspire others the iconic actress and fashion tastemaker has a passion for supporting women and motivating them to lead healthy and active lives. This was what resulted in the start of Fabletics. This is a cloth industry that is meant to inspire you to stay active and live out your life to the fullest.