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Doe Deere’s Work Has Been Copied Without Attribution

Artists have long sought the ability to express themselves to others. Many artists know that they are able to show to others what it is that they are thinking in a highly powerful way. Such is the case of Doe Deere. Deere is someone who is capable of demonstrating how she can take her own ideas about color and create images of startling power and intensive beauty. Her many fans have been able to see what she does. One apparent fan is Richard Price. Price is a fellow artist. He came across an image that she placed on her own account. Unlike some of her other fans, however, Price decided that he could literally take her image and use it for his own purposes. Price brought her image into his own world, changed it a bit, then sold it his own fan without telling them that she had been the person to create it in the first place.

Her Own Voice

As an artist herself, Deere has been all about using imagery in her own way. She has been able to take a personal vision and turn her own voice into a company that is one of the most successful on the net today. Her voice has been translated into a company that is all about selling makeup products to those who like what she has to offer them. She is about being able to take an idea and turn this into products that look great. She has taken these ideas and make an entire makeup line from them. Her makeup ideas are entirely original and very much about being able to use all kinds of color at the same time.

Makeup For A New Society

In creating Lime Crime, Deere wanted to help investigate the kind of makeup that she could use in her own life. She knew that it was possible to take ways of seeing the world and then use such ways to make her own kind of fine makeup products. Her products are all about being in color and bringing that color to every area of life. She wants everyone to enjoy color as much as she done. Her fans know they can work with her as much as possible to have their own makeup that is all about their own use of color. This is one of many reasons why she is so popular today.

Crystal Hunt Moving to the Big Screen

Magic Mike XXL was made after the unexpected success of its predecessor Magic Mike in 2012. The release of Magic Mike XXL was on July 1, 2015. It made over $66 million at the box office.

The movie is of course a sequel to the original Magic Mike, and it is a story about how Mike is duped into rejoining his dance troupe, the Kings of Tampa, into performing one last big dance, and going out on top and performing at a dance competition. The story is about the journey to get to the competition with the occasional dance or tease to engage the audience who wants to see men dancing.

Along the way, Mike runs into Zoe again, who had already broke up with Mike after she refused his marriage proposal. She joins the Kings of Tampa as they head to Myrtle Beach. They also get Rome to emcee for them, who is also able to get the Kings of Tampa into the dance competition. The group performs their new routine and everyone celebrates in the end by watching the 4th of July firework celebration.

Actress Crystal Hunt, who plays the character Lauren in the movie, has slowly been making her jump from daytime soap operas to the big screen. Crystal’s most notable roles include a recurring role as Lizzie Spaulding in Guiding Light. She was nominated with a Daytime Emmy for her role as Lizzie.

She later took on a recurring role as Stacy Morasco in One Life to Live which she played the role well enough that after they killed off the character, they brought her back as a ghost in the show. Crystal has been trying to make the leap from day time soaps to the big screen for several years now and is starting to see some success in small roles like in Magic Mike XXL. She also had a role in 23 Blast.

Crystal’s most recent role was as herself in the mocu-drama reality series called Queens of Drama. This scripted reality show follows former soap opera stars as they try to produce their own new pilot for a television series.  Check out her photography work on her website.