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The complexities of cancer approached with a data driven solution with Eric Lefkofsky

When looking for answers or ways to approach cancer, Eric Lefkofsky has been trying to solve this question since 2015. Eric is the founder and CEO of Tempus Labs, which was rated one of the top ten health techs in Chicago. Their motivation is simple: Improve how cancer patients are diagnosed with a data driven and factual approach. Tempus gathers large amounts of cancer patient data and uses it to better personalized care for cancer therapy and treatment. Eric has been a teacher at Kellstadt School of Business, NW University of Kellogg School of management and is currently a professor at University of Chicago’s School of Business.

Eric Lefkosky the philanthropist

Eric and his wife founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation with the focal point on high impact initiatives in human rights, art and culture, medicine and many others. Eric is also on the board of trustees of a Children’s Hospital, an Art Institute, Museum of Science and Industry and a world business; all of these are located in Chicago.

Information about Tempus

Tempus wants to extract patient information from scattered and unorganized records and turn that information into structured and readable data. Putting this data in a more organized manner will help with record access and a better overall understanding of the patients. The main goal is to use the large amount of data in order to move along cancer treatment using the newest science and technology advances. This technology is only one part of the services offered, which also include DNA and RNA sequencing. The max capacity for yearly data is for 50k patients.

Personalized Cancer therapy approach

Tempus was created to help gather all the scattered records and information and turn them into one centralized location by using a machine learning platform. By doing so would bring molecular data and clinical records together. This ideally would create a better cancer therapy approach.

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